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Organ Regenerator -The Bio-Organic Machine

Dear sisters and brothers of planet earth, we have some fantastic news for you!

We are ready with our spaceships. We are excited about landing on your planet! We cannot predict a date but we want you to know that we are positioned and ready for it.

We are prepared to share our technologies that will help you evolve. Our first mission is to improve human health on earth with advanced technologies. Our goal is to make you healthier and happier.

The economy is strained on earth by an aging population because people's productivity declines as they age and their reliance on the healthcare system increases. Nobody is to blame, but growing older raises the risk of developing major diseases that diminish the quality of life and are costly to treat.

So, what will our advanced technology do for older citizens? He or she will be 20 again in a matter of minutes!

This age reversal is accomplished by reprogramming the chemical markers that build up on DNA as cells age. Our technology will bring the cells back to a more youthful state, allowing them to repair and replace damaged tissue.

They'll reclaim the energy they've lost. Using their experienced brains, they can perform everything with more vitality at the same time. Their mental abilities will be sharp. What they have learned throughout their lives will add value to them. If they desire, they can have children and start a new, happier family!