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Oracle Report 9/4/21

By Archeia Faith

Now that Humanity has undergone neural pathway correction = connection within the brain, The Divine energy that is BEing pushed through can now flow through the correct channels. This illuminates the pockets of density that were not released/surrendered in the recent Brain Surgeries preformed by Mother Of All Creation.

What obstacles remain are under an intense Atomic pressure as Divine Energy presses up against the opposing lower frequency, The Block. With the neural pathway cleared the being must remove the corresponding physiological energy, The Block. Any physical symptoms experienced in the body now are the symptoms of this process. Symptoms but not root causes.

Your body is your map, it is your navigation system. If you are experiencing a sore throat or noticeable trapped energy in the throat area, you are experiencing blockages in your TRUE expression and the correct outward flow of your energy. Having gone through recent removal of several layers of my own throat chakra blockage opened more Space for me to begin / resume these updates!

The physiological symptoms requires a CHANGE IN BEHAVIOR. These alchemical changes within us are pushing for the changes in thought, word and action. For the first wave Earth Angels, or the "type one," humans symptoms will persist from now until the change in Behavior occurs, thus ensuring evolution.


The first principle in metaphysics refers to the absolute simplest Truth in any thing. The First Principle, is the base frequency. A practical application can get you far, as the example with the throat shows. Understanding that each chakra has an energetic REQUIREMENT, the throat BEing Divine EXPRESSION, One can navigate their physical symptoms through this system.

Root chakra ~ energetic REQUIREMENT = Trust

Sacral chakra ~ energetic REQUIREMENT = Creativity

Solar Plexus chakra ~ energetic REQUIREMENT = Divine Empowerment

Heart Chakra ~ energetic REQUIREMENT = Unconditional Love

Throat chakra ~ energetic REQUIREMENT = Divine EXPRESSION

Third Eye Chakra ~ energetic REQUIREMENT = Divine Intuition

Crown chakra ~ energetic REQUIREMENT = Divine Non Attachment

Symptoms presenting around any one Chakra, correlates to a dishonoring of the requirement. This is one of millions of systems of determination!!! Have you uncovered a pattern within your experience that allows you to translate your bodies communication?? Feel free to Share it below!!

Love you All!!


In eternal Service to Mother of All Creation and the Ascension of Planet Earth, Archeia Faith


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