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Oracle Report 9/3/21

By: Archeia Faith

Hello beloved Brothers and Sisters!!

3 days into September and so much consciousness and unconsciousness has been traversed. The pendulum has already done its full swing from one polarity to the other, how extreme that was experienced but you will depend on your level of Mastery to handle incoming energies and transform the resulting energetics that are unearthed.

The laser is being shone on those stuck in loops of projection. Absolutely EVERYTHING that you are experiencing IS YOU. Your victim Consciousness attracted you BEing fired so your could complain as a victim, your internally held blame is attracting others around to blame you, so you can blame them

Stop! Step out side the control drama, SEE BEYOND THE NARRATIVE YOUR EGO IS FEEDING SO IT CAN SUCK OFF THE LOW VIBRATIONS CREATED. Full accountability is essential now. September is the Completion, the end of cycles... If you're holding on to cycles that the Divine is trying to transition out prepare to have your ass kicked! By yourself!!

Nothing is happening TO YOU, it's All because of you. How deep you go with that dive is up to you, the deeper the better, don't be afraid to get uncomfortable. The rug is BEing pulled out from underneath those who have been DOing rather than BEing. Allow a lot of space for yourself and truly reflect, on every interaction if you have to.

Mother of All Creation is pulling humanity through recalibration, that requires every facet of the human experience to be illuminated, cleansed and rewritten. You're doing that! Or not! Dysfunction is not a necessary part of your experience, we can live in absolute heaven flow.

Love you All


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