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Oracle Energy Update 9-19-21

By: Archeia Aurora

This week coming up is going to be a wild ride! We start off Monday the 20th with a Full Moon in Pisces. As Q would say…watch the waters. Pisces is the ruled by Neptune, and the archetype is Poisedon, the ruler of the seas. With a Full Moon in the watery oceans of Pisces, we can anticipate water events as well deep emotional cleansing.

Pisces is the ruler of the etheric realm and so our spiritual bodies are getting healed and upgraded. There is currently ancient energy coming through the Collective Consciousness. Our DNA is physically purging out ancient lineage programming and trauma, and this is allowing our spiritual and energetic bodies to heal and become whole.

This is causing massive physical symptoms such as extreme fatigue, nausea, nerve sensitivity, increased hunger & thirst, headaches, root chakra pain. Virgo Season has been detoxifying our systems and now the Full Moon is detoxifying our spiritual selves.

The Full Moon will occur at 28 degrees, a very potent degree that will effect the collective consciousness path. Neptune, the ruler of Pisces is just 7 degrees away from this Full Moon, playing a very active role here. Neptune is the angelic realm, our spiritual connection, deep empathy, inspiration & divine intuition. However, Neptune can also create a fog, a lack of clarity as everything seems to be swirling around and we can easily become ungrounded or gift into fantasy.

Stay very grounded during this Full Moon, do water ceremonies if you feel guided, and let go of all emotions or thoughts that keep us in denial, avoidance, and delusion. We still have the Sun in Virgo, bringing some grounding energy and healing. Mercury & Mars are moving through Libra, bringing a focus on relationships, tactful communication, & harmony. Finally, we have Venus in Scorpio, bringing through the raw feminine power of transformation. The feminine energy is getting a purging as ancient feminine wounding begins to heal. The ancient timelines of feminine who have been banished, persecuted and killed for their spiritual gifts, are finally being healed and the divine feminine is rising from the ashes.

All of this just before we hit the Fall Equinox the following day on Tuesday, the 21st. This marks a potent energetic day with the perfect balance of light and dark. All that is not in balance within the vessel and spiritual body must be purged. This also marks the beginning of Libra Season where the focus will be on coming into energetic balance as well as balance within our relationships.

We are potent Co-Creators and Source is calling on us to stay vigilant about our frequencies and focusing on the higher timeline, creating from our hearts & fully letting go and cutting chords with the old timelines. Many old timelines and ancestral energy is playing out right now but we DO NOT have to keep repeating these energy loops. The lower Piscean timeline of victim/savior/suffering/struggle/scarcity is DONE. Mom dissolved it and took this old timeline with her. We are free to let it go, to purge it from our selves & to stop giving it energy.

This old timeline is complete illusion, it truly does not exist except within our minds, and within our fears, assumptions, belief systems, and judgements. We can learn from the past without becoming attached to it. We can stop judging the present based on past experiences and we can let go of our resentments and belief systems about people and events and allow the fresh, new perspective to come in. View everyone as their higher self, see only the New Earth timeline, & most important forgive yourself, all others & all experiences so that we can hold the vibration of worthiness to allow the miracles and abundance that are coming.

This coming week will be a massive wave of purging, healing, balance & clarity. We recommend for this week the following:

-extra water & plasma water



-Colloidal Platininum: this plasma elixir holds the precious metal of platinum which is essential for DNA activations & cell healing

-Plasma Coasters: use your plasma coasters to charge up any water or beverage you drink to increase the amount of light that can enter your cells

-Holistic Healing Sessions: these sessions are custom for each being and will focus on specific healing tools & techniques for your body’s needs, as well as working through core emotional energetics that are creating any pain, illness or disease

For products & Sessions:


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