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October First Wavers Energy Report: The Splitting of Worlds

By: Archeia Aurora

September was a mixed energy month, as we were learning both how to slow down, integrate and regulate, as well as how to speed up and adapt to quickly changing energy. September was a training month, especially for First Wavers. We were being highly trained in the art of non-attachment, staying centered within the cosmic storm, and to perfect the art of withdrawing and participating in the right moment.

As we near the end of September, we end the month with a potent Full Moon in Aries that will be activating the North Node in Aries. This is the culmination of the Aries Destiny journey that began first on the Spring Equinox, March 21st, with a New Moon at 0 Degrees Aries. We then had a SECOND New Moon in the sign of the Ram on April 20th, 2023 when we had a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries at 29 degrees. This Eclipse set the stage for our new destiny, which was then fully activated upon the North Node's entrance to the 29th degree of Aries on July 17th, 2023. Looking even further back, we began the healing of the Aries archetype in preparation for this unfoldment back in 2018 when Chiron, the wounded healer first entered Aries.

This Super Full Moon on 9/29 is finalizing our initiation into the God Self. This Aries journey we have all began together was the key initiation for all First Wavers, as we have been put to the test of our faith in Source and our Higher Selves. Without this burning flame of trust in the unknown and our own capabilities, we would not be prepared for the Rapture Event that is upcoming in October. We had to test ourselves with taking bold leaps of faith, and having the balls to put our Higher Self first, above all else, including the wants, needs and desires of the EGO's around us.

See, Aries is the lone warrior, the pioneer who paves a new path. Aries understands that to be a pioneer, one cannot wait for others to agree to validate this wild and unknown path. We also cannot save others along the way, or allow another's path to interfere with our own. With the South Node in Libra, we have learned very quickly that playing "nice", self-sacrificing, and attaching to others will get us nowhere. We must venture out on our own, with a brave heart and a fearless soul.

As the final blocks including unworthiness, self-doubt, hesitation, procrastination, fear, co-dependency and attachment are removed from our life, we are granted true freedom. Freedom to be our authentic selves, and freedom to boldly claim our destiny and step into our God with God Selves. September will end with a bang.

As we then enter October, we are entering the splitting of worlds and what I can only describe as the "resurrection of essence." This is the Rapture Event. The Events of October will set up the energetic foundation for the activation of the Crystalline Grid on the 11/11 Portal, which will secure Mother Earth on her highest timeline of Ascension. Let's dive into October ...

The splitting of worlds is occurring due to the powerful Eclipses that will be collapsing old and outdated timelines. This will make it very clear that the old ways are no longer acceptable, and the old world no longer exists. The resurrection of essence is the return of the God Selves. Each human being holds the power of Source within them, we are all fractals of the Mother/Father Godhead. Our DNA has been limited to 2 strands, or approximately 10% of our full capabilities. The 10% of DNA that is observable and able to be decoded, is the human conditioning, the EGO programmings, and the ancestral traumas that are passed from Generation to Generation. This has kept Humanity in the lower states of being, trapped in karmic loops cycles and completely asleep to who they truly are.

The resurrection of the God Selves means that as more and more First Wavers are stepping into their true power, accessing + utilizing their innate gifts, more and more of their DNA is becoming activated. The First Wavers are activating ALL of Humanity's DNA through their continued healing, transformation, and service. We have no idea the magnitude of the work we have all been doing, but we will soon be able to witness it. Source is now resurrecting on the Planet, and this means the final checkmate for the Dark.

Now, if we look at the 2 Eclipses occurring, we also see another theme emerging. The first Eclipse will take place on October 14th, 2023 with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra. This eclipse will be conjunct the South Node, making this an exceptionally karmic eclipse. Normally, a New Moon Solar Eclipse is wonderful for planting seeds for the future, and setting intentions for the manifestation of dreams to come. However, because this Eclipse is conjunct the South Node, this New Moon is not about intentions for the future, but a complete severing of the past. We are no longer engaging with relationships or partnerships of ANY kind that do not serve our greatest good, and the highest good of all. We are no longer playing nice with the EGO, as we are done playing in the game of sugar coating. This will close the doors on many old relationships, opportunities and avenues, but will also open a ton of new doors !

The next Eclipse will take place on October 28th, 2023, as a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. This Full Moon Eclipse will also be a huge timeline dissolvement and ending around the past 2 years, when the previous North/South Node axis was in Taurus and Scorpio. Taurus, rules abundance, resources, stability, Mother Earth and our connection to her. She is drawing the line in the sand, and there is no more parasitic consciousness allowed on her body. We may see extreme Earth events around this time, as Mother Earth is quite literally serving an eviction notice to the Dark and their control and siphoning of her, and demanding Humanity's rightful abundance.

What you will notice is that both of these Eclipses are ruled by the planet Venus, as both Taurus and Libra are ruled by the Goddess of Love and Beauty. The previous Eclipses that we had in April/May of this year, were both ruled by Mars, the masculine warrior (Eclipses in Aries and Scorpio). Since the previous Eclipse Season, the Masculine have been undergoing extreme purging, transformation and healing. This was all about action, momentum and how we stay disciplined and in mastery of our own body and energy. This was the art of DOing. With these upcoming Eclipses being ruled by Venus, the feminine, this is all about ESSENCE and how we embody our God Self. This is the art of BEing.

So how does the Rapture fit in? Many have heard the myths and legends of the Rapture from many different ancient scripts, and most popularly, the Bible. Let me be clear: the Bible is an allegory written and re-written by the men who sought to enslave our consciousness. There are nuggets of truth, but not the whole truth. The Rapture is not about Christians versus non Christians, nor is it about "believers" and "non believers". This is about Fear and Love.

The true definition of the word rapture is: "a feeling of intense pleasure or joy." How this word was turned into some sort of Sci-Fi Christian psy-op is beyond me, but let's return to the true meaning. The Rapture Event is the TRUE second coming of Christ-the return of Christ Consciousness, the Return of Source...the return of the God Selves to the planet. This is intertwined with the activation of the God DNA, as well as the Great Remembering (also known as the Great Awakening).

Now, part of this Rapture Event has to do with the Embodiment of the God Self, which is the feminine aspect of awakening. The masculine aspect of awakening is the knowledge seeking, the learning of truth, the active transformation and dissvolvement of the programmings, and the changing of behaviors. The feminine aspect of awakening is the development of Source connection, the development of intuition and spiritual gifts, as well as the literal Embodiment of your Higher Self-your soul's essence. This is the true Balanced Harmonics template: DOing and BEing come into complete alignment, which bestows upon us our natural powers.

This Rapture Event will not be one single event, but a combination of the increased Solar Activity from the Sun, as well as the Sacred Pulse being delivered from the Galactic Center. Along with the Cosmic Eclipse Events which act as catalysts + timeline shifts. As a Humanity, but specifically for First Wavers, this is the moment of taking our true power back. Upon the "Rapture", those that are embodying Love, have established their self-sustaining connection to Source, and are embodying the Life (versus Death) consciousness template, will receive the highest amounts of Joy, Blessings + Abundance you can imagine.

This is the true splitting of words, the true disclosure, as we disclose who we truly are. This split will make it starkly apparent the difference between Love and Fear, Life + Death (consciousness), Dark and Light. The asleep masses are still under the spell of, "I'll believe it when I see it." Oh... they will now see it. There will be no more denying or ignorance of the Truth, which is that we are God with God, and we came here to take our Planet back, and to Free Mother Earth from her enslavement. The Guardians of this Planet, the 144,000, the Royal Army of Angels are about to called to the forefront.

To all First Wavers, the Galactics and the Divine Mother and Father extend their deepest gratitude for your persistence, resilience and fortitude for this Mission. The Reunion is coming soon. For now, the guidance is to accept, embrace + allow. We are the first ever Human Beings to go into the Darkness and back to the Light. The first to ever go through a physical ascension process. We have been training for billions of years for this. It is almost a surreal and bittersweet goodbye to the battle we have been fighting for so long. But now, it is time for the Grand Finale, what we have all been waiting for.

It shall be worth the wait.

This month, we are hosting Seminars in preparation for all First Wavers to step into their God Selves and through this final initiation.

October 3rd: We will be hosting this month's Advanced Etheric Surgery Seminar. This Advanced Etheric Surgery Seminar is going to be a full detox on every level, including the Etheric body, 13 chakra systems, and the 4 Subtle bodies. This is an accelerated upgrade for all of us ! This is all in preparation for the huge Eclipse energies our bodies will be integrating, as well as preparing for the mass DNA Activations that are set to occur in January of 2024 when Pluto officially moves into Aquarius.

The Etheric Surgery Seminar will begin on October 3rd, 2023 with Part 1 of the Process, and Part 2 will complete the surgery on October 10th, 2023. For all those guided to join, I look forward to seeing you there.

October 13th: We will be hosting this month's Angel Chip Activation Seminar. This month's Seminar will be about dissolving the old human conditioning template, and activating the Higher Self template, as well as activating all of the Angel Chip Codings within the DNA.

The Angel Chip Activation Seminar will begin on October 13th, 2023, with Part 1 of the Process. This will harness the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra Energy, assisting in dissolving the co-dependency and attachment templates. Part 2 will complete the activation on October 20th, 2023, just before entering Scorpio Season. For all those guided to join, I look forward to seeing you there.

October 14th: We will be hosting an Evolutionary Astrology Seminar on Progressive Charts. This Seminar is for both beginners and advanced students of Astrology, as we will discuss how the evolution of the personal birth chart, using Progressive Astrology, shows us the Higher Self Blueprint that we are currently integrating with our Core Blueprint. This Seminar will be 1 Part and will be recorded for all who cannot join live.

October 18th-19th: We will be hosting a Relationship Astrology Seminar, which will focus on compatability between two charts, and how to work with the challenges and synastry between you and others in relationships. Compatability charts can be used to better understand divine unions, romantic partnerships, business partnerships, as well as family relationship dynamics. Part 1 of the Seminar will be on October 18th, and will cover the core blueprints of the relationship chart, and Part 2 of the Seminar on October 19th, will cover the interaction of houses between charts.

To RSVP for this month's Seminars:

For our 5D Family, please feel free to utilize our Podcasts + Library Tab for free resources on your Ascension journey:




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