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October 2023 Energy Report

By: Jennifer Hoffman


I know it feels like we’re in a never ending cycle of chaos, confusion, and calamity. The world feels dark and we’re ready for the light to come in and brighten away all of the darkness away. That is happening now although not as quickly as we would like for it to. Although we know chaos is a by-product of dis-integration and confusion is part of the 4D bridge transcension it isn’t helpful when you have been standing on the 5D side of 4D waiting for the bridge to be rolled up so we can get on with the rest of our ascension journey.

It is happening and we have seen a lot happen since May and even in the past 3 years, although much of it was not exactly what we thought would be included in our ascension experience. We did not expect the tyranny, control, and yet we should not have been surprised at this outcome. Now we’re entering October and we’ll see some movement of light over dark. Are you ready? It may get a little wild and you may wish you still had the days where ‘nothing seemed to be happening’. No matter, it’s all going to turn out well so let’s talk about the October energy Report.

I think that we have collectively been wishing for 2023 to be over because it has been a tough year. It’s been a year of awakening and realizations, of smashed illusions at every level, and of trying to put our lives back to normal after the past 3 years of turmoil. But in spite of the challenges this year seems to have flown by and here we are at the beginning of the final quarter. October is going to bring much anticipated change and it’s a wild card month with 2 eclipses, Pluto goes direct with another US Pluto return, ascension expansion and acceleration, a growing crowd on the 4D bridge, a lot of pent up energy waiting to be released, and an expanding collective awareness that is accelerating our ascension path and the 3D/5D integration. October can be a barn burner or a page turner and maybe some of both. It’s definitely going to be interesting, and we may even get the opportunity to say ‘I told you so’ a few times.

If you watched my Autumn Equinox September 23 broadcast we did a collective release and clearing of the souls, grief, and trauma energies of those who have fallen in battle in our communities, those whose lives have been taken from them, and those who died suddenly and violently. I was told by my guides to do this in my area as it has been the site of many battles since the mid-1700s. Those of you who did it noticed a big release and a change in the area you live in. This has been a release of a portion of your Portal Keeper missions, your energy anchor assignments, and your karmic connections to locations and the people in them.

This clearing was something we did to facilitate the arrival of new light, energy, and frequencies. It also helped close some very ancient low frequency portals in those areas so new, higher vibe portals can open. It’s going to help start the flow of new energies now so those of you who want to go can leave, new people can move in, and it prepares the areas you will be moving to if that is what you want to do. It had to be done by the people who live there because they hold the energy codes and light keys that are specific to those areas, and they are the energy anchors and portal keepers for those areas.

There is so much we have already done and there is still some work left to do but we are making progress. We’re still moving through the rest of this year and October is a turning point in that process.

If you remember I have been saying for many months that the period from May through August and into September would be quite energetically active and that has been the case. With the end of September we move into October’s 10 energy of completions and beginnings, of potential and realization, and its theme of catharsis, so buckle up and pay attention because you want to benefit from every iota of this energy.

October is the tenth month and in a 7 year (2023) its numerology value is 8 but October means 8 and it was the 8th month of the year before the calendar was changed in 153 BC and the year began with the month of March. So, we could consider that technically October adds another level of energy to this month’s numerology.

Eight is the fulcrum, the Zero Point where pure equilibrium exists. 8 is the mirrored reality, ‘as above, so below, as within, so without’. It is the perfect balance of light and dark, spiritual and material, human and divine. Once we can achieve that balance on the earth plane we can step into the spiritual realms as whole, congruent, and working in perfect synchronicity with spirit. Note the use of the phrase ‘with spirit’.

We do not get more spiritual and then eventually rise into unicorn and fairy land. We become more integrated within our human and divine aspects, not more spiritually and materially polarized. That’s why we must be aware of the difference between polarity and duality because they are not the same. Pay attention to the people who do not know the difference and listen to what they say with a lot of discernment. There are a lot of spiritual charlatans out there right now.

10 is the number of endings and beginnings, it represents pure potential and potential real-ized. 1 represents matter and 0 represents potential. A number 0 is not nothing, it is no thing, pure potential, energy that exists in its purest, most open form, waiting for intention to give it a pathway to become matter.

With the October 10 numerology value we have an option for new beginnings, fresh starts, and reconsidered pathways but we do not get to start over. We never erase the past and start over. Instead, the past is our stepping stone to new and different pathways in the future. The past holds memories, imprints, and outcomes that we need to remember. Not so we can remind ourselves of our stupidity but so we can remember what we want to do again and what we want to avoid.

What would life be like without the memory of the past? Imagine having to learn to drive every time you got into a car because you had no memory of what to do.

October also features a large number of retrograde planets, which we have had since early September, that are going to play a part in ensuring that we stay fully grounded in the present and move forward while we are also aware of, considering, and using all of the tools and resources from the past.

The past is useful to us and I think we need to find a better way to describe its position of diminishing prominence than with the word ‘release’ because we do not really release the past. It is a permanent, forever part of our energy field and that includes past life events too. When we have a balanced relationship with the past we use what we need to from it, it serves as a guide, and we don’t let it become the dominant energy in the present.

When we have an unbalanced relationship with the past it is an ever present reminder of our failures and failings, our regrets and lost opportunities, and our wish for a do-over or restart and a desire to undo choices and decisions that we feel are responsible for the messy challenges we face today.

We should use the word retire to describe what we do to move the past to another area of our awareness. The word retire is from the French word ‘retirer’ which means to withdraw, the English word ‘retire’ is derived from it.

Think about that – retiring the past, putting it to work in a different way. Not obliterating it, because that is not possible, but putting it in the background where it can be referred to as needed. We need to give the past a job to do, something other than using it to remind ourselves of every misstep, every poor choice, every missed opportunity, and every thing we believe we did wrong. As we retire the past we allow the present to come to the foreground, guided and supported by its wise and experienced predecessor.

This month ‘s energy theme of catharsis, which means a deep purification or purging, and in the ancient Greek, ‘a cleansing’ gives us some idea of what we are facing. I think this cleansing will not be a gentle bath in warm, lovely scented water. I am thinking more of the kind of purge that happens with food poisoning, syrup of ipecac, or a very bad case of 24 hour stomach flu.

I do not think it’s going to be truly awful but it may be memorable and the biggest challenges won’t happen for everyone or to everyone. But I think they will be big and very visible. We have already seen some of that happen at the end of September.

And we can’t talk about catharsis without also discussing the potential for a herx or herxheimer reaction. This is a physical reaction that can happen during a detox, where the toxins released overwhelm the body’s immune system and natural defenses and you can get sick before you get better. On an energetic level we may have some herx reactions as we retire, release, and reject those things that are no longer aligned, relevant, and required on our journey today. It is also known as a healing crisis, where the process of healing initially brings up bigger challenges because once we start the healing and clearing process, everything comes up.

No judgment here, just assessment and retirement as we leave our dis-comfort zones of secret sorrows and silent tears and move into more joyful, joy-filled living.

Now let’s talk about October’s eclipses whose opening act was the full moon (and a super moon) on September 29. We begin October with that full moon still resonating around us and all of the aspects that it brings to bear. As I was looking at the astrology chart for that full moon, I noticed that it has very similar aspects to the harmonic concordance chart of November 2003 and the harmonic convergence chart of 1987, both charts with rare and very synchronized aspects between most or all of the planets.

October opens with most of the planets sextile around the zodiac, from the North Node in Aries to Neptune in Pisces, creating a resonance of amplified power and harmony.

It is also an Alpha Omega Portal, in which we have the full spectrum of the spiritual pilgrimage of the zodiac bounded by the node in Aries and Neptune in Pisces. These are the two cornerstones of the zodiac and they are operating in harmony now. Think of having every tool and resource available to you, at every level. The material tools you need for your 3D life and the spiritual tools you need for your 5D life and an opportunity to bring them together now.

On October 14 we have a new moon solar eclipse in Libra which is powerful in its own right but it is also the opening act for the April 8, 2024 total solar eclipse which crosses all of the North American continent. The last time I remember seeing a total solar eclipse in the US was in the early 1990s and I remember at 1:00 in the afternoon it was nearly totally dark outside. This eclipse is 6 months after the April 20 lunar eclipse which had a heavy Taurus presence and it’s a wildcard, expect surprises.

Then we have the corresponding full moon lunar eclipse on October 28 in Taurus, recalling the April and may eclipses of 2023 where we had strong Taurus aspects. It also recalls the November 2003 Taurus eclipse Venus is highly active in both of these October eclipses both as the loving, indulgent, generous patron of Taurus and the justice seeking, destructive Kali force of Libra. Venus rules both Taurus and Libra and this month we get to express both sides of our Venus archetype, the beauty-loving side and the powerful, demanding side. Libra rules balance and relationships as well as ‘open enemies’, which I prefer to refer to as adversaries.

Would it surprise you to know that people who are your biggest critics, energy drains, who judge you the most harshly , and who are jealous of you see you as an adversary or a rival? They do want you to dim your light but it’s because they know that you will outshine them. They do not want you to connect with them for fear of being found lacking. And they are afraid that you will reveal the truth of who they are, a truth they cannot face. This is going to be an issue in October, especially with the eclipses so be prepared and use discernment in all of your relationships.

We have so much planetary action in October. Venus finally goes out of retro shadow on October 8 and then Mars squares Pluto on the e9th, a very volatile aspect. On the 11th Pluto finally goes direct after nearly 6 months of retrograde and it’s also having its final close pass at the US Pluto return (which happens every 248 years).

The next day Mars goes into Scorpio, whose ruler is Pluto. But Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio so we have triple Scorpio action after the 24th because Mercury will also be in Scorpio. And that brings Uranus into the mix because Scorpio is opposite Taurus, where Uranus is currently transiting. Fun times! Be sure to prepare for everything because the action will be strong and swift.

If that is not enough action for you, Saturn is at 0 Pisces where it will stay until November 28, and goes direct on November 6. I think that Saturn in Pisces is one of the most powerful aspects we have right now because it is taking the spiritual awakening of the early 1990s into a new level. Where we were barely introduced to our ascension path then, we went into it head first in 2003 and achieved ascension 2.0 in January 2022 and have been on an elevated and expanding trajectory ever since.

This month we move into another level of hyper speed so if you thought the past few months were fast moving, watch what happens next.

Just remember that as we continue on this ascension trajectory we integrate new information and have new tools and resources to work with. Yes some things will be difficult, like being disappointed in the people we thought were our friends, who loved us (in the way we wanted to be loved), getting used to new energy pathways as we complete lifetimes of karmic cycles, soul missions, Portal Keeper roles, and energy anchor assignments. We’re on the move and it’s time to step up, step out, and go for the most joyful options and opportunities. Have a great month.


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