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October 2022 Energy Report

By: Jennifer Hoffman


It’s a new month and a new frequency, along with a new energy that is different from what we have had in the past few months even though we have some strong energy aspects in October including the Saturn/Uranus square and we have an eclipse. October is a month of challenges and blessings and we will see more of the energy gaps between dark and light and much more multi-dimensional integration. No matter what appears to be going on in the world, the light always prevails over the darkness.

To help you see the progress we’ve made this year and to remind you of your own progress, this month’s Energy Report includes an overview of our monthly themes since January and you can read the previous energy reports and articles and listen to the podcasts on my blog and podcast page, the links are available on the pages.

The Spiritual Pilgrimage energy of September carries over into October but this is not the trudging ahead and we cannot get distracted by what appears to be happening around us. The darkness has always been and will always be around and we’re more aware of it because we are less integrated with 3D and more integrated with 5D. You’re more aware of the darkness when you’re separated from it by the light. No reason to fight the dark – let the light do the hard work for you, all you have to do is shine. Let’s look at October’s energy with the October Energy Report.

I am so glad that September is over. Some months are harder than others and September was one of those long months with one OMG event after another. If we’re so far ahead on the ascension journey why isn’t it being reflected in what’s going on in the planet? It is but we’re looking for more examples of what we believe are evidence of the light when we really need to be celebrating the revelation of the dark.

October’s a mixed bag of energy, up and down, tough and easy, with more reveals and truth, and its theme is A.I.M – align, integrate, master, and its message is to ‘Rev it UP’, a message to us to take a step forward and move out of our own darkness enough to step into the light. October is a juggling act with a wide variety of energy movements and we are in the center ring.