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November Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus: Nov 19 2021

By: Crystal B Astrology

The November Full Moon Eclipse Delivers Critical Turning Points Pushing Us into the Next

On the days leading up to November 19, the peak of the November Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus, our next set of major developments are in the making. A new time as arrived to embrace a whole new set of playing rules as the universe pushes us into the next. Welcome to Part One of the last Eclipse Season of 2021.

Expect surprises, shocks and lightening bolt insights during this amped up time. Be ready to take your awareness into a whole new zone. If you’ve been stuck and looking for something more—than this partial full moon eclipse booster is going to be just the ticket into a whole new realm.

The only caveat is that things will get a little wild before we can settle into where we need to go next.

More About Taurus and its Polar Opposite Scorpio

This November Full Moon Eclipse highlights the sign of Taurus to the fullest. If you didn’t know it, Taurus is a sign that likes security and safety. It enjoys being wrapped up in a big cozy blanket where it feels safe and warm. But there comes a time when our blankets can’t be readily available.

But sometimes we’re meant to travel down a path without a safety factor. It’s a big risk that we all eventually must take in order to get to the next.

On the opposite side of the Moon in Taurus will be the Sun in its polar opposite Scorpio. It’s going to be staring down the comforts and security of Taurus. Just like every other full moon, a balancing act will need to come into play. But this time around things will get a little more intense. Some of us are going to find ourselves on the scales teetering between the need for security (Taurus) and the desire (Scorpio) for something more.

The balancing point doesn’t come all that easily in this situation. That’s because both of these signs are “fixed” in their ways. Neither wants to budge and compromise tends to be difficult. In the end someone has to give in but it’s a strong battle of wills.

The Taurus side of the scales will be looking for safety and comfort. She prefers not taunt the universe to see what’s out there. It’s in her best interest to be practical and most importantly safe. She’ll hold on for dear life to make sure she keeps it too.

Scorpio’s side has an entirely different point of view. She’s more dangerous and daring in how far she’ll take things. Her energy is all about desire and wants. That side will be enticing us to play with things that we suppress … like fear and desire. It craves knowing what’s out there and isn’t scared to push the limits to get it.

When Scorpio comes into play, things (especially secrets) get revealed.

Eclipses deliver big revelations. But with the sign of Scorpio playing part, the realizations can be profound. Anything that we’ve been neglecting to see and issues we’re in denial over can suddenly come to the surface. A veil has the potential to lift and the mask we’ve been wearing suddenly needs to come off.

Jupiter’s Involvement

Expansive and GO BIG Jupiter will play a big part of this Eclipse Story. He’ll be intertwined in a complex T-SQUARE with both the Moon and Sun. He’s going to be aggravating the needs and wants of both sides pushing extremes.

Crystal B Astrology


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