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November First Waver's Report: The Cosmic Dream Weaving

By: Archeia Aurora

November is some of the most magical, unusual and interesting energy I have tapped into in a long time. There is no real words to explain this energy, but let us walk through the imagery of November. I have been having many Spider syncs the past few weeks. I usually observe these synchronicities and wait for confirmation or clarity on their meaning. What has been shown to me is November is the return of Spider Woman. Spiderwoman appears in many mythologies including the Hopi + Navajo legends. She is associated with the resurrection of life on the Earth, and she shares wisdom and skills with Humanity that will assist them in their next level of evolution. She weaves a cosmic web of timelines, synchronicities, and miracles. She is the Dream Weaver, as she is an aspect of GOD (Giver of Dreams).

We have been living in a deep state of amnesia, forgetting our true essence, forgetting that we are God with God. We forgot our Mother, the divine feminine, the Earth, the Sacred. We have been bound to an illusionary system run by the EGO programmed mind and filled with some of the most nefarious energies in existence. We have been in the most advanced Spiritual Warfare here on Earth for 27,000 years. For all those who have incarnated here, and to all current First Wavers, you are the BEST of the best. You volunteered for this mission and you have made it to the finish line. We may be exhausted, bruised, and depleted of all hope, but we have made it. All Dreams of Love are about to come true. Thank you to all First Wavers who have persevered and fulfilled their soul contracts against all odds, who showed up when no one else did, and to stand firm in truth when the Web of Lies sought to suffocate us.

Spiderwoman, the Dream Weaver, Source energy, has been weaving the Web of Light that will become activated on the 11/11 Portal. This will activate the Crystalline Timeline, the ONE timeline of Ascension. See, the Dark had weaved the Web of Illusion. This web was a hall of mirrors, a facade that kept us in ignorance, fear, powerlessness and enslavement. This Web of Illusion became so tight around Humanity, there was no escaping. One by one, we have disentangled ourselves from this Web and found our sovereignty and reclaimed our souls. We reconnected to Source and made it out of this Matrix Game.

The Web of Illusion works like a maze, a labyrinth. It controls us through the EGO programmed mind, taking us on twist and turns, with no real exit. We stay stuck in the labyrinth forever and were convinced there was no escape. One illusion simply weaved into another, and discerning truth from lies was challenging for every human being. This Web created the mirage, the veil of which blinded us to the truth. This Web of Illusion has now been deconstructed, disentangled and dissolved. The Web of Light is the true divine web of which we are all co-weavers. This Web of Light connects us all through unity consciousness, connection to Source, and aligns us to the ONE timeline with all of Creation. This timeline is filled with nothing but magic, synchronistic events and miracles. The True present moment of now. This Web will activate + thus activate the Crystalline Timeline/Grid. This will override the death grids and lower timelines that sought to keep Humanity enslaved and stuck in the receptive pain and suffering cycles.

Both Saturn + Neptune are in Pisces, the Cosmic Weaving of Dreams into Reality. Neptune has been transiting Pisces since 2011, where she began dissolving the barriers between illusions and reality. Nothing has felt quite real since then, as we are watching many Movies play out at once. Saturn’s transit in Pisces has been shattering illusions, breaking the 4th wall. He has been retrograde from months now and has returned back to the potent 0 Degree of Pisces, where he will stay before moving direct on November 4th, 2023. Saturn has been re-writing the cosmic script during his retrograde. Timelines kept replaying, almost on a loop. It seemed never ending. Saturn has now brought us back to the beginning of the end. We had to get the final scene, the final script down perfectly before we debut the Final Show. The Karmic Slate has been cleared from the old Age of Pisces, as we prepare for the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

On November 8th, Venus will transit into the sign of Libra and will later conjunct the South Node. Venus, the divine feminine and goddess energy is going through a big transformation. She is letting go of her old relationship dynamics, people pleasing ways, and playing “nice nice” with everyone. She is no longer taking shit from others, but she is rising into her true archetype of Divine Justice. She leads with fairness and demands Equal Energy Exchange in order to keep the balance of the whole. Justice is the correction of the past, so we ensure it does not repeat.

On 11/11 we will then begin Phase 2 of the Ascension Process with the Activation of the Web of Light + Crystalline Timeline/Grids. Through this Portal I feel we are heading into what can only be described as pure magic. For those who have done the work to anchor into the higher timeline and higher embodiment, you will be experiencing a complete shift in your personal timelines. You will be navigating the world through confirms and synchronicities of the grandest kind. It will seem as if you have just entered a dream, yet it is not, it is true reality. For those who have not done the work to anchor into the higher timeline, they will rapidly have the floor collapsing under their feet. Everything they thought they knew will be turned upside down, and nothing will make sense to them anymore. If they can tune into this magic, they can rapidly transform and begin their healing process.

On November 10th, Mercury will enter Sagittarius and we are now ready for the cosmic joke! Powerful truths will be revealed that challenge all of the belief systems of Humanity. Sagittarius knows, none of this is that serious, its all just one big show ! For those that have been ignorant of truth, this will be a very challenging and unsettling time for them, but for the First Wavers, it truly is time to grab your popcorn and enjoy the show.

On November 13th, we have a New Moon in Scorpio, where we begin a new phase of further disclosures. The time has come to face all uncomfortable and hidden truths. No stone will go unturned and under this Moon, we are called to release all remaining pain, anger, grief, or any heavy emotion that no longer serves us. Its time to truly rise as the Pheonix from the Ashes.

On November 22nd, we begin Sagittarius Season and later on November 24th, Mars enters Sagittarius! If we thought things were interesting before, oh my goodness get ready for the show of a fucking lifetime. Sagittarius is the cosmic truth seeker, and they have this incredible ability to deliver blunt truth mixed with comedic relief. We will be laughing, we will be crying, and we will be pushed to expand past our comfort zones and belief systems. Anything that is limiting our freedom must go, so we can continue to explore, expand and grow.

Finally, on November 27th, we have a Full Moon in Gemini, the ruler of communications. All information must be released, as well as the Mind. We are finally releasing our mental grip on facts, proof, needing to know, needing to be right, etc. Logical and linear thinking will no longer get us anywhere, and the maze of the mind is coming to an end. Now we must take a leap of faith, into the unknown, and simply EXPERIENCE this magic.

We will be hosting our monthly Advanced Etheric Surgery Seminar + Angel Chip Activation Seminar this month to prepare for these wildly wonderful energies:


Pluto is doing deep surgery and reconstruction on the Root Chakra + the Spleen. The Root Chakra was the most attacked on Humanity, enslaving us into fight or flight and survival. This was so detrimental to the human vessels, as our natural ability to trust, be present in the moment of now, was lost. We became robotic, rigid and easily controlled through fear and lack. We were enslaved into a very unevolved and animalistic state. This also poisoned the Spleen, which is connected to the Root Chakra. The Spleen governs our instincts, which is a perfect combination of intuition and trust. In metaphysics, the spleen is the source of Life Force Energy and provides energy for all other organs. It feeds the physical, emotional and mental body at all levels. The Spleen also keeps us healthy and is the ruler of our immune system. As this organ was hijacked and poisoned by fear, it drained all of our life force energy and weakened our physical and spiritual immune systems. We became weak, exhausted, sick and apathetic.

There is some difference of perspectives as to what medical astrology sign connects to the spleen, but personally I feel it is Aries. Saturn connects to the Root Chakra (hence the Capricorn association), as this is what grounds us into this reality. We have to have inner strength, trust, discipline and consistency in order to have a healthy root. We also must be responsible for our own personal energy and choices. The Spleen has Mars energy, as the Spleen is about instinct and taking quick action, making in-the-moment decisions which requires that Root to be very grounded. When our Root/Spleen is damaged, we react to everything around us. We make impulsive decisions based on fear, anger, competition, lack, etc. We do not trust in ourselves or in the Universe around us which causes us to compete with others, power over others, steal, hoard, etc.

I wanted to mention the upcoming November Advanced Etheric Surgery Seminar we will be hosting on November 4th, coinciding with Saturn’s direct motion in Pisces. During this Etheric Surgery, we will be going through the usual protocols of the Etheric Body Detox including implant removal, brain rewiring, chakra alignment, + density clearing. However, there will be a specific surgery also done on our Root Chakras + Spleens. This is a MASSIVE FEAR DETOX. The Galactics and Divine Mother have instructed that during the upcoming months, especially from November-January, we will need to be very rooted, grounded and in alignment with ourselves. There will be many plot twists, sudden events and timeline changes that will require us to follow our instincts. We will not have moments to plan, doubt, or procrastinate.

My feeling is that with the North Node currently in Aries + the South Node in Libra, we have been preparing for this major shift. The South Node in Libra is showing us we cannot make everyone happy, we cannot wait for the “perfect” conditions, we cannot procrastinate and most importantly-we cannot DOUBT ourselves. The North Node in Aries, whole ruler Mars is connected to the Spleen, is returning us to our true state of Divine Instinct and out of the old fight or flight. Many new timeline opportunities will be unfolding after the 11/11 Crystalline Timeline Activation and we will need to be ready to move, choose, and decide at a moment’s notice. Trust your preparation, trust your Higher Self, trust Source. We are ready for this.

The Seminars will be recorded for those that cannot attend live !



As the 11/11 Portal activates the Crystalline Timeline + Crystalline Grid, all old anchor points will be turned off and all new anchor points will turn on. We can see the interconnection between our DNA and the Grids of the Earth. Both create a network of energy, and we all share in this network. The old timelines + Grids were able to function off lower energy including EGO programmings, taking energy, victim/savior, belief systems, war, etc. As of 11/11, we have entered Phase of the Ascension process and all is being aligned to the ONE timeline of Ascension.

Many may be familiar with Project Looking Glass, which was a 4D technology designed to see future timelines. By altering events, one could see the change in timelines. As of around 2007, the Looking Glass began displaying only one timeline no matter what variables were plugged in: Ascension. Mother Earth began her ascension process as of 2012, and Humanity is now aligning with the same frequency.

Our DNA has been undergoing transmutation under Pluto’s transit of Capricorn, as well as Saturn + Neptune’s transit of Pisces. All distortions and damage to our divine DNA has been getting transfigured back into it’s natural state. This is preparing Humanity for the full DNA activation which is set to begin when Pluto enters Aquarius on January 20th, 2024.

This month, our Angel Chip Activation Seminar will be activating all divine DNA codes + Angel Chips, and aligning us to the Crystalline Grid network. This is creating new geometry within our vessels + new geometry in our earthly experience! This new network will be based on divine intelligence, synchronicity, magic, and miracles!

We will begin the Activation on 11/13 under the New Moon in Scorpio. Each part will be recorded for those that cannot attend live.



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