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November Energy Update

By: Natalia Alba

November gives us the opportunity to focus on the new dimensional door that is opening for us, at this time when endings and new beginnings are intertwined. A cosmic door where being completely focused on conscious creation is vital, so we can be able to see the infinite possibilities that exist, and align with what we wish to bring into manifestation next. During this new year 2022, we will continue expanding into a new harmonic cycle, as this new year is a six universal one, bringing the peace and equilibrium required for us to begin building the strong foundations for our new lives, as many have completely shifted their entire human trajectory into an unknown but desirable one. A new cycle marked by a Full Moon Partial Lunar eclipse at 27 degrees Taurus.

The first of a series of eclipses, being the second one a Solar eclipse on December 4 on Sagittarius. An eclipse in Taurus that will introduce the energies for the next two years, as all eclipses will happen in the Tauro-Scorpio axis. This is very important, as it represents what we are experiencing - the retrieval and the anchoring of wisdom within our bodies, and hence the physical plane. Two years in which we are going to put all of our attention and care into the anchoring of all we have learned, envisioned, and mastered into the tangible, where we enjoy our creations and where we can truly master ourselves, while we are in the physical. Focusing on our earthly world is vital, for we only live in the ethereal when we do not possess a physical body, and wanting to remain in this dimension without being first grounded will not allow us to manifest love, and all forms of love as it is abundance, balanced relationships, and all that sustains ourselves from within to without.

Eclipses will bring a tremendous change, as it will be the first time in human history that we will truly see a change in governments, laws, and many other structures that will fade away. In 2022 all the focus will be on USA, as it has its Pluto returning as well as Neptune and it will involve a massive shift that will affect all of us directly. Coming back this the present moment, we have also started this month with major solar flares - plasma waves - which is a continuation of what already began months ago, and that we will continue experiencing, as the process of building the light body is a long one, and this is just the beginning of the carbon base transformation that we are having into our original crystalline essence. Planetarily, November is a seventh universal month, a month whose energies are precisely about revelations and regaining the wisdom that is only found within ourselves. It is during this month that we have to do the work of clearing old timelines and beginning the reconstruction of our lives, if where we are is not resonating any longer, with where we would like to be. It is not so much about material manifestations, but about mastering personal alignment to remain as long as possible into our chosen frequency, the one that will allow us to remain centered into our hearts at all times, whether the planet continues experiencing the natural challenges necessary for it to evolve. Our main task is to remain in our Illumined Essence, as the only way for us to anchor more love, peace, and compassion.

A seventh universal month that is a mystical and master number, for it holds all the wisdom required for us to manifest in the tangible, all we desire to experience. On the contrary of what is often thought of this number, it is not a passive one, for its masculine essence means the one who wisely brings into form that which was once nurtured and properly discerned from within, from a space of love and connection to All That Is. Number seven shows us where we have been and where we are going. Have you mastered all the challenges that were kindly showing you what you needed to remember? Have you realized the illusion of separation? Have you found the mystic within? If so, you are now ready to bring all this inner magic, creations, and abundance into your physical realm, where you decided to become a master of this dense world. This is a month where many will begin to open themselves more and more to receive, for they are awakened and ready now to embrace higher truths.

Others will move towards the integration of new ways of receiving guidance, embodying new aspects of their soul mission, and evolving in new ways, for they are already ready to go further. In any case, this is a month to descend wisdom from our soul, as it knows what we are ready to embody and begin to work towards new horizons. November offers us the gift due to its many masculine and feminine energies to continue the inner work of healing and unifying polarities. It is going to help us bring more harmony within opposites, as well as within everything that we still see fragmented.

Remember that as we continue focusing on our creations, the most important thing to achieve first is balance in all aspects of who we are and our physical life. November and December is a month to create harmony so we can see this same equilibrium manifested into our tangible lives. We have ahead a wonderful month for us to align with its benevolent energies and begin the inner process of conscious co-creation. It is ours decision to liberate ourselves from all we no longer desire to experience and begin anew without carrying any old energy, as it is vital that we are constantly renewing ourselves before stepping into new horizons. I wish you a loving November, Beloved Ones, Within Infinite Love,

~Natalia Alba


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