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November 2022 Ascension Energies Update

By: Samantha Orthlieb


November 2022’s theme: Living our Spiritual Destiny

November's Keywords: Personal Truth, Spiritual Alignment, Service Oriented Purpose

Hello Awakened Soul,

I mentioned in my January 2022 Ascension Update that we are embodying two main archetypes this year: The Spiritual Warrior and The Mystic. This month the Mystic archetype is prominent and dissolving our individualistic ego identity to ignite the creative energy of our second chakra in resolute faith of a higher calling. Overall, our faith in our spiritual destiny is being tested and needs deep anchoring within us. We are learning to trust that which is not yet known, leaning into uncertainty, and following the instinctual wisdom of the Mystic Archetype. We are learning to receive, take action when required, create new growth opportunities, and make empowered decisions. With the DNA Upgrade in October we are more tapped into our Higher Mind, and a new True Self reality is unfolding for us that reflects this higher vibrational state. This month you are honing your instincts via the November 8th, Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Gateway, and its intense energies will usher in another wave of the Divine Feminine and heighten your multisensory system. You are becoming a human tuning fork that can tap into a multidimensional sense of time and space. You are expanding more and more to pierce through the Veil and hone your innate intuition and sphinx like gaze to a razor sharp edge. As you learn to do this you will always know how to pivot and find your way in this material world. As well, know that if this year has been challenging for you in relationships and/or with abundance / prosperity, you are now at a turning point: You are dissolving karmic patterns so that better things are coming your way! Hold this divine wish in your heart!

Even though a part of your life may have been altered, halted or dramatically changed, things will turn out for the best, like a 'blessing in disguise'.

Your soul is becoming stronger and you are wiser than ever! More joy and wonder are on the way in the next few months if you commit to ideas or new directions that feel good to your heart.

So trust in any changes happening around you, walk your own truthful path and know that everything will evolve organically if you surrender to your higher knowing.

In service and divine liberation,



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