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New Soul Group Leaders Appointed

Dear family of love and light, the Divine has a message for the light workers.

Some critical light workers have developed slowly, and the ascension process is delayed, so The Divine has decided to make some changes to the soul groups and leadership roles.

According to the original Divine blueprint, soul groups have designated leaders on earth so these soul group leaders will manage their soul groups on new earth.

On new earth, soul groups are the basic units of society and the social structure. All things are decided based on soul groups and group missions. Some soul groups are large. Others are small in size. All soul groups have their designed power structure and group leaders.

On new earth, these soul group leaders have great authority and responsibilities in their soul group and on the world stage.

Soul groups have chosen their soul group leaders carefully. These leaders have been trained over hundreds and thousands of lifetimes. They have great support system and guiding system In this lifetime. These soul groups have incarnated according to the Divine plan. Every soul group leader has a Divinely designed location to incarnate, time to incarnate and family to incarnate with. All is designed carefully for the purpose of having these soul group leaders to have a smooth path and successful ascension journey. They are carefully guided and deeply protected by their soul groups and the Divine.

Now, since Gaia has started her remapping process, The planet earth has started the changes, and humanity, too, is in the process of awakening. The Divine has repeatedly called these soul group leaders to come forward and take their leadership roles. However, to the disappointment of the Divine and Gaia, there are some soul group leaders, for whatever reason, who have delayed their ascension process. Some are ready but not interested in the leadership role. There are also some soul group leaders who are deeply stuck in their human life and now are far behind their group, and are in no position to lead the group.

The Divine has been working to propel these group leaders to move forward fast and take their leader roles. As for today, very little progress has been made.

After consulting with some of the soul groups, the Divine and their soul groups have decided to replace these designated leaders with someone else so that these soul groups can move forward without delay.

The Divine also calls the newly appointed leaders to keep working hard and move yourself forward fast because being a soul group leader, you need to be ahead of your soul group. You need to go through a great deal of activations and initiations. And your vibration needs to be high and only that way, can you lead.

For the ones who have been replaced, the Divine asks them to continue to work on thy self and keep the vibration high.

It is important that souls know that you all have a mission and soul purpose which means fulfilling your mission is a must, and it is required no matter what. Missing the soul mission on new earth has serious consequences. Especially being a leader, because your mission impacts the mission of the whole soul group and if you don't conduct your mission, your soul groups is at risk of missing the mission and putting the group at risk is not allowed on new earth.

Divine love and blessings to you.

Linda Li, the Divine and company of heaven. So it is.

All Rights Reserved.


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