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New Moon in Pisces: The Great Remembering

We are coming into the New Moon in Pisces window which will peak in the early morning hours of February 20th, EST time. This is an incredibly potent New Moon, with volatile energies that we do not normally experience in the dreamy energies of Pisces. Pisces, represented by the two fish, show us more than just “duality”. They bring us the true concept of as above, so below, and as within, so without.

What we experience on the surface level, the events + experiences that we can see, touch, smell, taste and hear, are simply manifestations of ENERGY that is unseen. What we experience here is a micro to the macro, and our external experiences simply mirror the internal. This New Moon is setting the stage for Saturn’s entrance into Pisces on March 7th, where we will learn through tough lessons, that this is in fact the case. That nothing is quite as it seems, and our victim consciousness and lack of responsibility for the whole will no longer be allowed to continue. The bubble will be burst.

This New Moon will occur at the potent 1 degree of Pisces, the seed of this undoing of illusion. Both the Sun + Moon will be conjunct of course, but we will also have 3 planets in very critical degrees. Venus, the divine feminine will be sitting at the mastery 29th degree of Pisces. This is creating both a spark of the unlimited potential of Pisces through the Sun + Moon at the first degree, as well as an explosion of the full circle of Pisces with Venus at 29 degrees. The feminine energy on the planet have been caught in victim consciousness, savior programming, and deep disillusionment about their true nature. This comes now to a close, as later that day Venus will enter the 1st degree of Aries, the warrior goddess. The feminine is taking their power back, never again to FORGET their power.

At the same time, Saturn will be sitting at 28 degrees of Aquarius, bringing the final lessons of his transit through this community oriented sign. Saturn has been transiting through Aquarius since 2020 delivering steady lessons and blessings around how we participate in our own evolution, how we master our innate gifts in service to the whole, + dissolving all sense of self importance.

An excerpt from the Book 360 Degrees of Your Star Destiny by Ellias Lonsdale:

“28 Degrees Aquarius: Working very hard to fulfill what a previous self set out as unfinished business. Driven to the utmost to get it down perfectly this time. A whole cycle of lives on Earth coming to fruition and turning to seed. The craft of those who have done this before and who are resuming their service cycle in midstream. Seeming to be quite wrapped up in what’s gotta get done. The inside spirit is already free and clean of the entire operation. This one for everybody. It is the collective that is served and cleared from beyond.”

This is a final calling to those who have come here on their Divine Missions. Many of you have already completed your missions + soul contracts, but nonetheless, you are continuing on with what must be done. This is for Humanity, this is for the ascension of Planet Earth, and there will be no more distractions from victory. This is a karmic clearing to the highest degree and Saturn here is working directly with Pluto, the cosmic destroyer and rebirther. Pluto is also sitting at the very critical degree of 29 degrees Capricorn, preparing for his initial welcome into Aquarius on March 23rd.

Pluto rehearts us that absolutely NOTHING is permanent. The rise and fall of powers that were will be on full display. Pluto has been demolishing the artificial systems and Matrix since 2008 and this is the grand finale. What we will witness is whatever is necessary for the masses to begin their awakening. Pluto has lost patience with the mass amnesia and Saturn has equally lost patience with the lack of participation by Humanity in their own ascension process.

We must remember what we forgot so easily. We must come to terms with what we have lost along the way; our souls. Humanity must reclaim their souls that they so ignorantly handed over in the name of comfortability. It is not easy to awaken from the coma of illusion. It is jarring, disorienting, and filled with so much shame and guilt as we all realize that we put ourselves in the coma. We didn’t want to wake up, for waking up is painful, lonely, and requires more resilience than we have ever embodied in any lifetime. But it is time now.

An excerpt from the Book 360 Degrees of Your Star Destiny by Ellias Lonsdale:

“29 Degrees Capricorn: He sees something, he witnesses how what once was great became lost over time. Just about everything is implicated, just about everybody is part of the syndrome. The further you look, the greater the evidence that falsehood, corruption, distortion of every kind is at the crux of what has made the world such as mess. He must find proof that there is something worth championing in this world that can endure and stand up to inspection.”

During the New Moon, Mercury in Aquarius will also be squaring Uranus in Taurus, delivering shocking information of the highest order that will effect all of Humanity. This may be around the miscreations and misuse of finances, resources, and the abuses to Mother Earth that have occurred for the profit of the Old Controllers. We are ready, and it is time. Pisces represents the Ocean, as water is the highest conductor of consciousness. However, we have only discovered about 3-5% of the Oceans. We have no idea what truly lies in the deep ocean blue. This is an analogy for the masses of Humanity, as they truly have no idea what lies beneath the surface of their narrow scope of consciousness.

Venus will be conjunct Neptune, ruler of the Seas during this New Moon and in the moments leading up to it. The deep ocean has been stirred. The deepest, most dense and darkest layers of the Ocean floor, of collective consciousness, are now seeing the light of day. What will we discover at those deepest depths? We can only imagine, but the tsunami is coming and bringing with it everything that has been hidden for so long.

It is time to captain this ship we call Earth, as the Divine Mother + the Galactics bring us true divine intervention. “They” never expected Humanity to awaken…they never expected us to remember who we were, let alone rise into our Sovereignty, regaining our light bodies and thus, our Creator powers.

“They” were wrong.

The Great Remembering is now underway.

God wins.


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