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New Moon in Aquarius: Out of the Mind + Into the Heart

The New Moon in Aquarius will dawn on February 9th, just before the Chinese New Year Celebration of the Dragon on February 10th! This New Moon will kick off the stellium in Aquarius we will have this month. We are moving into an entirely new age of AIR, compared to the last 15 years which were heavily focused on the elements of Earth and Water. Pluto in Capricorn specifically, is very strong and foundational Earth. Capricorn would rule mountains-these incredibly massive, tall, heavy and majestic structures that have naturally occurred on Earth over a very long period of time. This is the essence of Capricorn. It is almost impossible to move or breakdown because this is a structure that has stood the test of time. During Pluto’s transit there, it was a painful transformation process as we literally were trying to MOVE MOUNTAINS.

Physical and emotionally, we have gone through the deepest of healings in the past 15 years. Our Root Chakra (physical bodies) + Sacral Chakras (emotional bodies) have undergone the most intense releasing, as well as our physical structures including our bones, teeth, and skeleton. Our world has also been undergoing a painful collapse, as old structures literally and figuratively began falling down. Within the last 5 years, we have also begun to feel huge transmutations in our Solar Plexus, as our bodies were no longer able to digest the dense and toxic foods/products any longer. Our sense of “identity” was also becoming indigestible, as our EGOs went through their Dark Night of the Soul and our Higher Selves began coming in. It has been the most painful and profound journey through Pluto in Capricorn, and now, we are unto an entirely different types of journey.

The element of air rules the mental body, mental fields, and how we are all interconnect through our consciousness. Think of “air waves”. They are unseen waves within our quantum field and the air waves carry information, sound, frequency and vibration. Each of our Crown Chakra’s acts as an antennae, picking up what is “in the air.” Without even knowing it, we are always picking up information through these waves, and each human being’s antennae chooses what air waves it tunes into. We are all listening to different radio stations so to speak. Yet, what we are collectively tuning into, creates our entire collective consciousness and thus, our reality. Aquarius, being a fixed air sign, is all about what REALITY you are creating…choosing…watching.

Aquarius is a fixed sign, so in essence, Pluto’s transit through this sign is serving two purposes: to collapse and destroy any “fixed” realities that are illusionary, and also to activate new realities into being. It is through the sign of Aquarius where we create paradigms, and this is done solely through consciousness. This is why Aquarius rules things like technology, AI, video games and virtual reality. Aquarius also rules humanitarianism, philanthropy, universal love. They are also known as the “water bearers”, which means they are here to bear the water…the TRUTH. Water is consciousness, and truth is consciousness. Now that we are immersed in a whole other level of this Ascension game, we are shifting our attention away from the very physical and lower chakra based Ascension Work, to the upper chakras: Heart, Throat, Third Eye + Crown, as these chakras are now becoming very activated within Humanity. It is now the time to lead with the heart, speak our truth, see clearly illusion from reality, and to open ourselves up to full consciousness.

For many, this will be a challenging period as the EGO mind begins to break down, as the pressure process urges us out of the head and into the heart. This ascension work will be much different from the last 15 years, as our task now is to master our thoughts, our perceptions, our words, and our intuition. We must also learn how to ground and integrate these floods of consciousness so that we do not become overwhelmed or scattered.

This mastery is the final piece of our full Higher Self embodiment.

This New Moon will occur at 20 Degrees Aquarius, creating a direct square to Uranus in Taurus. We can only begin to feel into the radical change that will be underway after this, as Uranus is the ruler of this New Moon! Both Uranus and Aquarius are about expecting the unexpected. We can never get too comfortable with these two, because they do not move the way the world moves. To the masses, Uranus/Aquarius look "out of sync"... they are not following the rules, they are not coloring inside the lines. They makes no sense! And that is precisely what we are in for. Nothing will make sense anymore because we are moving out of the MIND and into the HEART.

This square between the New Moon/Sun in Aquarius + Uranus in Taurus is where the unexpected or impossible, begins to bleed into reality. Our "reality" as we know it is going to begin to morph, change, and suddenly the curtain is pulled back and we see what has been going on behind the scenes. The magical, mystical and strange are the new normal, and truth will be stranger than fiction. We must center ourselves in the heart as the mind struggles to try and figure it all out. Let it all go! Trust in Source and in your Higher Selves.


Under the New Moon in Aquarius on February 9th, we will begin our monthly Etheric Surgery Seminar. This surgery will be focused on the clearing of our upper chakras and auric fields, including the Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third-Eye, and Crown. We must now purge deeply our mental bodies and thought fields to rid of all parasitic, toxic, and lower thoughts. This will also be assisting in clearing the collective mental bodies, as Humanity must be prepared to wake up and to finally see through the distortions that have been clouding them. This is preparing the consciousness for mass awakening. We are also preparing to download totally NEW ideas, higher thought, and sudden revelations and synchronicities.

Our auric fields will also undergo a full healing, as we integrate more and more light, our auric fields are becoming stronger but also more sensitive. We are truly entering our Crystalline Bodies ! We will need to care for our auric fields more than we have been, as this will also protect our physical bodies during all of these upgrades.

Throughout this surgery we will also cover the best tools, techniques and practices for keeping your upper chakras clear, dissolving the EGO mind traps, and also how to integrate and anchor these upgrades in. We will also touch on how to clear your homes, communities, and land from any dense energy that may be polluting the airwaves.

Thank you all so much for your continued participation in the Ascension process, and thank supporting all of Humanity. For those those guided to join this month’s Surgery, please RSVP below.

Thank you to all who are helping to participate in this process! We are all ONE, and as we undergo our own transformation + healing, we assist all others to begin their own as well.



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