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By: Anastacia Blue Beyond Guide

The following Ahead of Time New Earth New Ascension update is what is shared to Below the Iceberg contributors by Email/exchange, from time to time I AM guided to share publicly with you all.

The Schumann’s resonance may be black and not showing what is happening, Anastacia Blue Beyond Guide ALSO shares energies firstly to the planet with the ‘Stacia resonance’ and has done so for many years. Linking Spirit to Soul Direct from Source, and firstly to humanity, no machine can monitor or deliver the words through FEELINGS as a Human being does and can.

This Below the Iceberg update is a gifting to you the Master reading this, to allow yourself TIME to feel. If you do, you will feel a collective upgrade Divine Healing energy! IF YOU SLOW DOWN AND READ and FEEL that is.

Take your time, slowly read, feel, integrate a mighty powerful upgrade Divine healing energy as you do! This is to be enjoyed. Do not miss the amazing trees, one by one instead of rushing to clear a forest!

You will do what it is for you and your journey I am here to remind you all to slow down to honour yourself more/further. To further embody your Mastership in the Human Being BY FEELING and being CONSCIOUS - as we came to have a Human Experience as not all can be FELT in the astrals only. This is a big wakeup and shakeup call for HUMANITY, of what has been shared for some time now is FINALLY HAPPENING. 
WE ARE ACCOUNTABLE FOR OUR CONSCIOUSNESS, don’t ‘worry’ about others, this is ABOUT YOU and your sanity and your LIFE Masters.

Spirit was specific of the energies woven through in putting together a collective consciousness upgrade from