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Mother God - a message from the heavens

Mother God is making her presence known to the World

She is the original white angel. The lady in white. If you see her in your dreams or your visions know it is her making her presence known to you. She is here to make this world a better place. She knows that in certain minds she has been long forgotten.

Many times she works quietly other times her energy is immensely strong.

Know that she realizes that some people have forgotten her to the point of choosing not to believe in her, know that regardless of what you believe, she never leaves your side. She will always be an important part of you, a part of you she wants you to remember

She quietly and patiently asks you to try harder… to find that place of peace within yourself, to know, to remember

She and her team of angels want to give you confidence enough to acknowledge her existence.

Demons have tried to play a long drawn out game upon this earth.

We know that Her light “aggravates your demons” OUR light can aggravate the darkness that has not yet left many of you.

Many factors come into play regarding the darkness & removing it.

As much a Mother God does not like for this to be, it does take some time. She asks for your assistance during this time of removal & renewal. We ask that you continue to find the light, the light in us as well as your own. Do not be deterred. She would never lead you astray. Know this & never be afraid to speak up about this. Never be afraid to ask questions. Conversations are healthy. We would like to witness her rebirth her on earth. The original goddess, Mother of this Earth & Mother of the Universe.

With blessings of light & love

Mother God, her team of angels & her World of Heaven & Above.

Blessings 💙

Devina Nund"


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