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Mind control (Silent Weapons)

By Teri Wade

Mind control (Silent Weapons)

If everyone had a better comprehension of how mind control is used everyday in the mainstream media we would know its ultimate goal is to promote divide and conquer belief systems. What we are seeing now with this human Awakening is that the surface population is now starting to refuse to participate in this divide and conquer game.

We live in a world where links to higher information have been turned off by the controllers serving the negative alien agenda programs and are poisoning the human body and Earth's body. As Humanity wakes up to this knowledge about the natural function of the human body we can then reverse-engineer this process.

Many people are starting to realize that some major factors in mankind's mind control are our diminishing access to sunlight through mass weather modification. There is a powerful agenda of social engineering to gain control over your thoughts and gain access to the human mind in order to prevent free and open thinking. GMOs are also used to gain control over mankind thru altering the functions of the human body's DNA. The altering/modification of our DNA is very dangerous to the human race as its ultimate purpose is to serve this anti-human agenda.