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May 2023 Energy Report

By: Jennifer Hoffman


And we enter another month in this year of ongoing revelations, release, re-vision, and reconsideration. In the 2023 Predictions I said that the focus this year was on energy, potential, and expansion and we cannot allow ourselves to get distracted by the debris that is being jettisoned from the unfolding events that are happening with daily frequency. Can you believe that it’s already May, the 5th month of the year? It feels like time is moving quickly but is it or are we just more focused and intentional so we move through life in a more orderly and efficient way?

In May we get to fill in our energy gaps between our intention and our outcomes as we have a month that is a wellspring of creative energy. We will continue to move forward at light speed even though we now begin the annual retrogrades that will take us out of the transformation express lane and into a period where we can review our choices and new opportunities and do some cleanup, clean-out, and pruning. If it feels like that is all you have done for the past 5 years or more, this will be different because you have a new perspective, different choices, and we are much farther along the 5d integration path than we were before. So it’s fitting that May’s theme of Mastering Your Matrix provides the energy we need to get the job done.

It’s now the 5th month of the year and where do you stand with respect to your intentions, plans, goals, objectives, and secret dreams for the year? Are you close, nearly there, or so far away from them that you are discouraged, depressed, and demoralized? Don’t lose hope because this month is a creative wellspring of high vibes that is going to give us the energy and opportunities to make tracks and gain traction even though we start the month with Mercury retrograde and the annual planetary retrogrades begin. Don’t be intimidated by May’s energy theme of Mastering your Matrix – because it’s a process you have been engaged with for years and now you get to add the final touches. It’s a process I call IDEA – Intend – Decide – Expand – Act.

May is a 3 year in numerology – 2023 is a 7 plus 5 for May equals 12, and that breaks down to 3. But in numerology, a 3 that is a combination of 1 + 2 is a divine trinity, encompassing the values of 1 and 2, to create a whole that is ‘greater than the sum of its parts’. This month’s numerology combines our individual self-awareness with our higher consciousness, the divine partnership of self and Self, of human and spirit, of material and spiritual, integrating our divinity into our humanity. It is the ultimate objective of our soul mission – not to become soul led or soul filled, but to achieve self and soul integration, the congruent intersection of body and spirit, the synergy of self and soul working in divine harmony for material mastery.

Sounds good but how do we do that? Well, we start with understanding our own energy matrix, which is May’s theme. We need to learn to master our matrix, the different levels, types, and vibrations of energy that make up our personal energy grid. This is our personal power plant, the energy resources that support and sustain us and that we draw from with every belief, thought, word, and action. Our personal energy matrix either supports our forward movement or keeps us mired in the past.

While our energy matrix is influenced by what is going on around us, it is also how we interpret energy events. For example, May begins with a Mercury retrograde that began in April. Do you dread Mercury retro or do you see it as an opportunity to see what may need some adjusting, touch-up, or a complete makeover in your life? Mercury retro will do that, especially with this one that started conjunct ‘surprise a minute’ Uranus and with Venus in Gemini, creating a synergy between self and soul that reminds us of the ever present wheel of karma that turns in our lives, an opportunity to shift from the pain of the past to joy in the present.

This Mercury retro is a value proposition – to decide what has value and what is valuable to us. Many people equate Taurus and Venus with money but that is not their true focus, which is value. What is ‘worth it’ and worthy of your time, energy, and effort?

Is there anyone in your life who is an energetic challenge, and you dread every interaction with them?

Is there a life situation that you want to run and hide from because facing and dealing with it feels like such a challenge?

Is there an area of your life that really requires some attention now and you ignore it, hoping that it will go away?

When we create a value proposition for transformation we overcome our fear of consequences and put the focus on our joy, peace of mind and heart, and our sovereignty becomes our primary objective. We must make ourselves the most valuable thing in our lives.

Gemini is the house of karma and Mercury is its ruler. Taurus, where Mercury is currently retrograding, is the house of value, wealth, and worth, and its ruler is Venus. When planets are in each other’s houses it is called a ‘mutual reception’ and their energies are much stronger and work together very closely.

This is our opportunity to establish the energy boundaries for our Self and self, fully integrating our divinity within our humanity and addressing our karmic cycles, groups, lessons, and experiences in the process. It’s all happening now and if you are not actively and consciously engaged in the process it is happening in your life anyway.

Who or what has headed for the exit and is no longer engaging with you? You do not have to actively boot people out of your life. Often, focusing on your own energetic frequency and vibration and shining your light is enough to stop the energy borrowers, drains, and parasites. And this month that action will be much stronger.

On May 5 we have a full moon eclipse in Scorpio, bringing in the energy of Mercury retro and opposite Uranus in Taurus. This Scorpio energy ushers in empowered transformation on a profound level. With Saturn in Pisces and Mars in Cancer we have a trifecta of transformation in water signs so watch for floods, physical and literal. Water signs offer healing if we’re willing to do the work and with all of May’s energy, this comes as a bonus. If you get a few sinkholes in your life – unexpected openings and releases that wash everything away, it’s all from the power of water which can be a gentle trickle or a raging torrent.

And if there is any healing, release, or a life refresh that you have been avoiding, delaying, or ignoring, May’s clearing energy, especially around this eclipse, just might move things along very quickly.

And we have a new moon on May 19 at 28 taurus, right around the degree of Algol, often called the most destructive, wicked star in the heavens. I do not agree with the dire messages of doom and gloom about stars and planets because I know that everything has a blessing. That said, Algol can be quite a heavy burden, but it also acts swiftly and decisively to end unhealthy situations or deliver its karmic payload. So, watch that new moon, it could get interesting on a global scale. I have been saying that May brings in some much anticipated transformation that is going to extend into June. Be prepared for anything as it could get rambunctious.

We also begin the annual retrogrades in May, starting on May 1 with Pluto retrograde. It entered Aquarius on March 24 and now it heads back towards Capricorn where it will stay until January 2024. Pluto in Capricorn has indeed been quite a revealer of truth and displayer of darkness, its signature themes. It entered Capricorn in 2008 – who would have thought we would see the things that have happened in the past 15 years. Just remember that the darkness has been revealed, not created, during that time. Pluto doesn’t create, it transforms, digs deeply into the dark dregs and pushes them to the surface. And light is a strong disinfectant as well as a disintegrator of the dark.

Let’s talk about May’s energy theme of ‘Master Your Matrix’. What is your matrix? It is the energetic foundation of your life created from your lifetimes of karma and experience, lessons, current and past soul missions, life purpose, and your beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions. Your energy matrix is the source of your energetic frequency, vibration, connections, and attractions. Everything you do and that happens in your life touches your energy matrix in some way. It’s pretty important.

With something so important and with such far-reaching influence you would think that we would be intimately aware of and connected to our energy matrix. Would it surprise you to know that we are not? That we generally go through our lives never being aware of our energy matrix, unaware that it exists and that we can control it?

Would it also surprise you to know that most of our energy matrix is built from energy that isn’t ours? We have used the thoughts, opinions, beliefs, judgments, and criticisms of others and built our energy matrix around them. So rather than a beautifully constructed, congruent and elegant structure, our energy matrix is a mishmash of spare parts and castoffs that we put together with twine, glue, and sticky tape, and hope it all holds together as we try to live our lives from this scattered and disembodied collection of energies that don’t feel right, comfortable, or good but we see them as our truth and we do the best we can with them.

If the events of the past 3 to 5 years have shown you who is your friend, your frenemy, and your downright enemy, you are well on your way to reconstructing your energy matrix (as long as you use this information to make changes). We cannot hold onto the past that no longer resonates with us while trying to accommodate the karmic CORE energies that we feel we must resolve with the highest outcomes. And if you define a ‘highest outcome’ as one where everyone is energetically aligned, heal, whole, and walking down the ascension path together, singing in perfect harmony, you have not been paying attention to what I have been saying for the past 20 years about energetic sovereignty, our adopted healing missions, and our responsibility to our own healing and karma release.

May is an opportunity to get uncomfortable now to be comfortable later. It is not easy or fun to let go of healing missions, karmic cycles, and people who we believe are our biggest obstacles to joyful living and who have been our karmic partners for many lifetimes. In this lifetime they are those we call mother, father, sister, brother, lover, friend, partner, and confidant. But if we are going to eventually have joy in our lives then we need to take a look at our energy matrix and start pruning the people and situations that just do not resonate, and never will, with our new intention for the life we want now.

It is not a loss, nor is it a failure. We extend the gifts of light, healing, and acceptance and someone embraces the gift, or not. When we extend the same gifts over and over again because we feel that getting to that place where someone accepts the gift is the lesson, we are just making ourselves miserable. We need a new strategy, one that honors their ability to reject the gifts and that frees us from the ongoing need to get to the end we feel is part of our soul mission rather than acknowledging that learning to let go and move on is the real soul mission for us, allowing us to achieve energetic and emotional freedom and release from lifetimes of karmic cycles.

The May energy matrix mastery is happening with a lot of energetic support. Remember in 2022 we had the spiritual revival energy of the Jupiter and Neptune conjunction in Pisces which happens every 155 years. This year and through 2026 we have the Saturn Neptune conjunction in late Pisces which happens about every 800 years. I found some dates of previous aspects – 1123, 1523, 1847 that occurred in earlier Pisces but this century features a later Pisces degree and that happened previously in 1201. That aspect is building and will become exact in 2024 but Saturn will be working its way through Pisces and bringing order and discipline to our spiritual aspects, further solidifying our spiritual and material integration.

With any transformation at any level, we have to put it in motion. It’s like the difference between window shopping and actually going into the store to buy something. The IDEA process gives us a pathway to transformation that requires our action. Intention is the first step but it takes the next step, the Decision, to set things in motion. We can contemplate our intention all day long but until we decide what we’re going to do and to allow our intention moves forward, nothing happens.

Then we need to Expand our energy to bring in the new energetic frequencies to create energetic space for our intention. And finally we need to take action, which is always a sticky point for us. Actions have consequences and the consequences we try to avoid are grounded in our perceived soul missions of healing the unhealed, bringing light to the unlit, and leading everyone to the ascension path. The problem with this is that it isn’t our job, as I have said for a very long time, and staying on this path only delays our own joy.

The energy this month is very grounded and grounding and that is good because doing this much high level energy work can become very ungrounding. We are becoming more used to multi-dimensionality and being in multiple energy paradigms at the same time. Get used to it because this is the new normal for us and it just goes up from here. Watch what happens in May and in June, big changes on the geopolitical stage are coming and when they do happen things will move quickly. We achieved critical mass long ago and critical momentum is building rapidly. More people are awakening now than ever before which also means more sleepless nights, energy downloads, solar flares, Schumann Resonance spikes, and the usual ascension and energy symptoms that we have had to learn to deal with on a daily basis. But it does get better and if you’re moving or planning to change locations now or in the near future, start thinking about your energetic communities and families to know your next destination. And if you’re done with your Portal Keeper mission and being an energy anchor and light source, be sure to focus on the joy, peace, abundance, love, and blessings that you want to have in your life now.

On a final note, even though we are working with very high frequency energy now, the amount of density being displaced and dis-integrated from the earth grid can be difficult for those who are energy empaths. What was once going on for decades and centuries behind the scenes is now in full view and it is difficult to be aware of the pervasive evil that has been part of the earth’s energy grid. This is something we have always known on a soul level and that is why we agreed to become holders of the dark energy escrow (this is explained in the Portal Keepers course) so that the balance of light and dark could be maintained at a safe level. There will be a bigger push for exposure of more dark agendas in the coming months and it is going to reveal even more darkness than we have already seen. This could be very difficult for anyone who is an empath so just be aware that this is going on and use this information to protect yourselves. We are not here to vanquish the darkness, it is automatically vanquished and dis-integrated from the earth’s grid when we shine the light.

So keep those lights shining brightly this month as our ascension rocket ship is blasting off and we’re all buckled in and ready for the ride.

Have a great month.


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