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May 2022 is a Tipping Point

May 2022 Energy Update:
May 2022 Is A Tipping Point Living Chess, The Power of Choice, Integrating Duality, & Zero Point Activation

A Message from The Arcturian Collective
via channel Marie Mohler

Dear Ones,

It is Mother Earth, Mother Mary, El Morya, and the Arcturian High Council here, streaming through the Energies of May Flowers, May Color Codes of Rebirth and Renewal, and the Golden Crystalline Frequencies of Planetary Cleansing and Rising. May 2022 is here and you are receiving more of your Light Code Activations that you knew, at soul level, you would at this time. You are nearing the tipping point of this Expansionary Year in 2022, where duality is expressing itself most acutely to the point of being more obvious and self evident to those with Awakening Soul Vision. Many may sleep, but that is not without effort on their part. Do you recall when we shared in many previous transmissions how the time for sleeping was over? How the time for shutting out and shutting down your own lived expression of your Living Sacred Light and pulling up the covers to mute out that which threatened your status quo in the Separation Experience and Experiment was over? Now, it is becoming increasingly evident, the work required on the part of those unwilling to rise and to take their place in The Great Awakening. And it will only be ever more expansively so. Being Awake, Alive, and Aware is Your Natural State. And May 2022 will usher in more of the Necessary Energies empowered to bring Great Balance, Awakeness, Revelations, and Freedom to your world. June 2022 will burst through a tipping point, and spring forth more of the Light Side of Truth’s Full Expression, after the first half of the year exposed more of Truth’s Repression. You are learning more about integrating Duality dear ones. And that integration is vital to your own personal ascension, and that of the entire Collective.

So let us take a Deep Divine Breath In, and summon in all of the gifts and blessings that one single conscious breath can create in your present experience. Every single conscious breath is a portal into Knowing Source again as a Divine Sacred Co-Creation with the Prana of the Universe and the Grace of All That Is. With so many hungry for change, it is a wonder they are not hungry for Conscious Breathing. For in the nutrients and life force of Conscious Breathing, therein lies your Soul Sustenance to rise higher in your Soul Gifts, Soul Alignment, and Soul’s Awakening and Activation in this lifetime. Let’s breathe one more conscious breath in, as an Amen and Affirmation of your Living Life Force and of your Perfect and Rightful Place as an Incarnated Soul here at the Tipping Point of the Earth’s and Humanity’s Ascension. Let it flow to all of the places inside that feel invigorated in the journey right now, and also to all of the places that feel weary and even doubtful of The Light’s Epic Return in the ways we so often describe it. Again, remember, you are integrating Duality at levels you cannot truly imagine, and yet the Light Codes of New Earth require it. And so, integration of your inner polarities is also critical to your accessing other-worldly oxygen, life force, faith, fortitude, and freedom. You can be faith-filled and fearful in your own tipping points in your daily lives now. You can be empowered and sovereign . . . and self doubting and limited or trapped in some ways . . . in a single moment ~ now more than ever before. What were once deep chasms of polarities can be zippered or woven together in a single conscious breath, where both have a place at your Ascension Table within you . . . to simply be what they are . . . without judgement . . . as the Great Weaving Within You takes place to unify all of it. Are you beginning to see the Life Support that One Conscious Breath offers to you? Truly we say to you . . . Conscious Breathing IS First Preparation for these times. When in doubt, Breathe. When in sovereignty and joy, Breathe. When in fear, Breathe. When in faith, Breathe. Conscious Breathing weaves your separated worlds together into One Breath. One Moment. One Now. And One Epic Transcendence, or Trance-Endance.

May 2022 is a Tipping Point. June 2022 is a Tipping Point. Your 5th and 6 months of this year will be some of the greatest Tide Turners there ever was. You are learning that Change of this Grand Nature on your world today is a series of Epic Shifts which can be quite subtle and also quite visible and known to all. Change of this Grand Nature is happening on every level of Planetary Consciousness, which some detect more than others. As the Tides of Change reach their tipping point, more and more will experience activational activations and revelations that require awakening, aliveness, and awareness in ways they simply couldn’t see before. This Tipping Point is already here. The Crescendo Frequencies are already here. The Breadth and Scope of Ascension Energies and Requirements are already here. And this is summoning more and more of you to rise and allow an emerging Holistic Awareness and Holistic Awakening, which does not mean awakeness and awareness in only some aspects of your lives but awakeness and awareness in ALL aspects of your lives.

Part of this tipping point involves your Awareness of Divine Wealth, and thus Harmonic Wealth. In the crumbling of the old 3D paradigms, 3D constructs, and 3D systems of wealth, new Divine Templates, Foundations, and Living Expressions of God’s Wealth will become your new Structures and Systems of Divine Abundance. We have spoken about God’s Bigger Picture Vision that is Grander and Far More All-Time Focused, that has the power to reset, re-orient, re-template, and re-create how you know yourselves as your Rightful Selves, rather than how you know your False or Illusionary Identities in this lifetime or many past lifetimes. There is Energy Sweeping your world that only some with emerging refined Spiritual Vision can see, but that many more will experience to know it again. Truth of this epic harmonic wealth energy and this grand scale liberation is finding and reaching many of you. And soon, it will reach all of you. For all systems of wealth, trade, systems of exchange, and specific economies will also merge and integrate into One Greater and More Cohesive Whole.

Holistic Wealth is simply that, wealth in every aspect of your lives. Holistic Health is simply that, health in all aspects of your being and within the greater collective consciousness. Holistic Well-Being is simply that, well-being in every area and aspect of your being and your planetary experiences. Does this seem to be too grand a picture? Too good to be True? Too good to be You? Well, it is coming to all of you, through these Ascension Frequencies, Tidal Waves of Epic Revelations and Change, and Summonings to Divine Breathing to Allow and Cohesively Weave even the Greatest Polarities within you, the Human Collective, and the World’s Economies and Systems into One. God/Source/Creator is an epic Conductor and Creator of Oneness. The Unified Field awaits your Grand Return. Each and Every One Of You. And May and June 2022 will seed in all of you . . . the Awareness of just how much Duality is Polarized on your world, and how much Polarity is being summoned back into One Great Whole, and One Divine Union.

Is this Ascension a Vast Divinely Led Orchestration being conducted and implemented through the Brilliance and Omniscience of Source? Yes. Will it seem impossible to the feeble ego mind and all of its 3D limitations? Yes. Is anything impossible for Source Creator to manifest throughout all time and space? No. Source IS Creation. Source Is The Essence of Infinite Creation, Knowing, Engineering, Gardening, and more. Your work now? Is to allow this Divine Orchestration knowing that you are being moved and ascended to where and whom you are Truly Meant To Be. Those who learn to move, be, breathe, and allow ~ in alignment with those Divine and Sacred Orchestrations ~ will have an easier time than those who clamp down with their ego minds and fight the inevitable changes that are occurring. But all will be led to One Timeline. The Source Timeline. The Timeline of Harmonic Wealth, Health, Well-Being, and Oneness Consciousness. You are being returned dear ones to the Unified Field, to live in accordance with the Laws of One, which are Cosmic Laws, Universal Laws, and Reflections of God’s Laws of Love and Living Light in form.

Thus Harmonic Awareness and Harmonic Awakening dovetails perfectly into your growing innerstandings of Harmonic Wealth and Harmonic Well Being. We know this may sound far fetched, until it is True. Until it is True for You and Everyone Else on planet Earth. These are your ultimate Destinations. The journey is to become adept in Powerful Integrations of All Polarities in you. Fighting integration only creates more challenges and discomforts in the journey. Allowing integration smoothes out those wrinkles or avoids them altogether, and facilitates next level living of your very own Perfect Light Codes all the sooner, and with greater ease.

What do you do when you are stressed, pressured, tense, and in fear? Contract your breathing. Hold your breath. Tighten your grip. On what? On things you cannot control. On things you cannot understand or innerstand at this stage of the game. At this stage of the plot twists and turns in the Collective’s Ascension Process and your own Unique Personal Ascension Process. Holding your breath is the ego’s way of attempting to stop time. Attempting to stop creation. To bring the pain and challenges to a stand still. By ceasing to breathe. Even for a few moments. Or a few seconds. The Ego knows that Breath Is Creation. It may not understand or innerstand how that actually works. Because Divine and Sacred Creation is far beyond the Ego’s Capacity to Comprehend its organic and expansive nature. But it does know how this matrix works. And it knows that The Breath is something. And when things are out of control, if it can stop your breathing or shake up your breathing, it may just buy some time to mastermind (from the left brain’s vantage point) a solution to that which is triggering it, or in this case, to that which is triggering You. The Ego is wiser and smarter than you think, for it is able to access your emotions and your fears and its studies of human behavior through time, to play the games of cosmic chess that you have been playing incarnation after incarnation. You might say that your ego is a powerful chess player in your life. And the game board . . . is you. This is Living Chess. The serpent knows this too. And God/Source/Creator knows this too. So everyone but your Activated and Supreme Divine Conscious Awareness may know this. And that is why the Great Awakening must unfold in this way, so as to wake an entire collective of Sleeping Giants, Sleeping Supreme Divine Beings, and bring them back into the fold of the Godheart, God/Source/Creator/Christ Consciousness, and the Unified Field of One.

What is going to help many people’s uninitiated and presently unintegrated consciousnesses find their way to Seamless and Harmonic Union? Conscious Breathing. Conscious Breathing settles down your human fears for moments of time that allows your Timeless Self, your Higher Self, your Other-Worldly Divine Self to feel the Grace in the 3D Crumblings and Floods of Revelations that are necessary to wake people up from the illusions they have not only been inhabiting, but also actively creating. Conscious Breathing is vital to activating your Soul’s Clearest Vision and Empowered Higher Dimensional Sovereignty, Gifts, and Talents.

So will there be more attacks on the Breath? There might be. The serpent knows how to go low when God is leading high. Hence, the serpent’s and serpent servants’ attempts to limit your breathing, through the chess games of the past couple of years now. When the Breath is Free, so shall you be Free. Some people live the Freedom of Empowered Sacred Breath now. Some see Free, Clear, Sovereign, and Conscious Breathing as a threat, to themselves, others, and the world. When seen through deeper, soulful, and even biblical lenses that allow for bigger picture vision of these times, can you see why the attack on the breath was so vital to the serpent’s strategies in this Epic Spiritual Battle and Chess Game for the prize of the Soul Of Humanity in these times? Things are not always what they seem. And deeper Soul Vision paired with Conscious Breathing are what assists you to Transcend the Duality Game, the Chess Game, . . . The Serpent’s Game . . . that uses YOU as pawns.

In contrast, Source is inviting humanity and all sentient life to Breathe Deep. Breathe Consciously. Breathe WISELY. Source invites you to know yourself through the Breath. Source is inviting you to integrate yourself through the Breathing. When fear invites you low, into lower vibrational states, the wiser and infinite intelligence in you deep down knows . . . to Breathe High. To Breathe Light. To Breathe Life. And To Breathe Source Energy in the Living Prana to help you to integrate the Serpent’s Polarity Games into Union inside you. You are being summoned to Know Integration more than Separation in these Breaths now. You are being summoned to Know Courage, Fortitude, and Faith more than Fear now. In all of your polarities, personally and collectively, you are not going to eradicate the uncomfortable contrasts from your most desired states of being. What you are learning is how to not feed the vibrations that are not meant for you. And you are learning how to feed and nourish the ones that you always were divinely designed to be.

You, dear ones, are the Two Wolves, from the Legend of the Two Wolves. And you are the Zero Point Portal in between those two perfect guideposts of your time. The Light Wolf and the Dark Wolf in that story from many transmissions ago, are not the answer. They are the Pillars of the Path that YOU must choose now. That you must Breathe into form. That you must know intimately well. You are not the Duality. You are the Integration. You are the Allness of It, and the Conductor of it, just like Source.

May 2022 flowers more of the 3D world’s antics of separation into the collective’s consciousness. While you may not find much to celebrate in that awareness of energies that are presently unfolding, you can know that you are the elixir. You are the antidote to the antics and expressions of separation consciousness. You are the Instrument that Source designed for this Now moment to Breathe Harmony into the discord you and others may feel. Simply by your awareness to breathe, when the ego wants to say things better left unsaid. You are the Instrument that Source designed for this Now moment to Breathe Strength and Empowerment into situations where boundaries are being pushed, and a consciously breathed and set boundary is a better divine solution to others’ shadowy projections and painful expressions. YOU are the Conscious Breather of these times. You are the Conscious Instrument here for these times. Not every situation that arises in these Tidal Waves of Change will be healed, integrated, or transcended with the same approach or solution. Conscious Breathing connects you with all of the infinite ways that can restore greater peace, harmony, health, wealth, and well-being involved in any situation. And it ushers positive solutions and expressions in.

Without it? The Ego is left to react to its archives of fear and trauma in the separation experience and experiment. And it is left to pull out of its arsenal the most practiced or best known strategy to keep the pain it is feeling (aka that you are feeling) at bay and to push that pain further away.

The Ego only has limited solutions. Solutions with limits. Because the Ego cannot see. It only has enough memory, karmic memory, to want to avoid pain, to manage fear, and to find pleasure when it can . . . once the first two goals are met. Its Soul Vision . . . that knows how to navigate the increasing Spiritual Requirements of these times. Soul Vision and Higher Consciousness lives in your Sacred Heart Centers. And that vision and that empowered sovereignty requires Conscious Breathing.

These may seem like circular conversations but we would say we believe them to be multidimensional conversations. And spiritually spiral conversations! You are rising with every awareness, and moving into more vertical and multilayered consciousness once more as opposed to the trapped and enslaved linear consciousness of the left-brained, locked and loaded, ego mind.

Serpent Chess requires Ego Led Living to make the merry go round of the 3D Separation Experience and Experiment work.

God Chess empowers Heart Led Living and Big Picture Vision through Clear Soul Sight to lead each and every participant in Creation’s Liberation and Creation’s Sovereignty to their Highest Light, Freedom, Joy, and Abundance.

You are the Zero Point Portal dear ones, that will be making the Soulful Choices to set yourself free in the Tidal Waves of Change at hand.

The Serpent will be forced to show its hand in the Mass Manipulations of this planet throughout known history. Source will keep shining the Light of Truth and the Invitation to Divine Liberation for all time. It is YOU who must choose whether or not you wish to experience the squeeze of continuing to be a Serpent Pawn on the Serpent’s Game Board . . . or the Freedom of Self Sovereignty, Divine Freedom, and Harmonic Awareness and Wealth of every kind by aligning your Breathing with the Living God Breath or Living Prana of Source as much as you can throughout your day.

The Serpent and Source are represented in The Two Wolves Story. But where is your power? In the Portal in between, breathing WITH Source Light, knowing WITH Source Light, and choosing in accordance with Source Light . . . your rightful place in the Zero Point Portal that leads to the Risen New Earth. You are that Conscious Breather, who is summoned to align, to enter this New Divine Kingdom and this New Realm of Higher 5D Consciousness . . . yourself!

You are here now, listening to this transmission, to feel this call to Breathe Balance in your own duality. You are here now listening to this transmission to affirm your own inner calling to Breathe Empowerment in your choice to be sovereign, to live sovereign, and to choose sovereign ways of living, breathing, expressing, and being YOU. No matter what anyone else does or says about your choices.

Zero Point Energy is for you. Its vibrations are unique to you. Your Life Force and your Conscious Breath is unique to you. Your choices are unique to you.

In May and June 2022, witness the Zero Point Portal continue to call you to enter the Unified Field of Oneness again and again, through your own challenges and experiences in this world of intense duality . . . summoning you to Breathe Past the Polarities, to Breathe Past the Serpentine Messages in those circumstances for you, to Breathe With Source Standing for you in the Duality of those Intense Moments shaking what is not of God from your very being, and to Breathe Enough Conscious Breath In with Faith and Fortitude . . . to vibrationally Enter and Rise Your Own Way through the Duality Pillars . . . into Receptive Grace.

Admission is by Vibration.

May and June 2022 will teach all of humanity more about this Epic Spiritual Battle and Powerful Chess Game playing out multidimensionally within and all around you.

More revelations are incoming.

You are the Sacred Breath, Divine Union, Instrument of Change, and Transcender of Lower Timelines you have been seeking all this time.

See the Two Wolves. Know they are there ultimately to guide YOU on your Sacred Path . . . where you know yourself as an Empowered Creator CHOOSING your Receptive Grace in each moment . . . and choosing your place in the Unified Field of Oneness . . . restoring all of your Divinity Codes and Living Light in that Powerful Choice to Liberate You.

Admission is by vibration will be a mantra that rings in your ears, when times are hard and when times feel easier and renewal and rebirth seem ever nearer.

It is YOU who will ultimately choose your path THROUGH the duality games that are intensifying . . . and into the Harmonic Light of the New Living Earth . . . through the Zero Point of Empowered Choice and Enthusiastic Alignment with the Divine Soul Presence you have always, always, always carried within.

Breathe deeply this month. Breathe consciously this month. And breathe wisely this month, dear one. Integration is the task at hand. Having this language is the bridge. And Harmonic Wealth, Health, Well-Being, and Joy of every kind is your destination.

You came for these times.

Let’s Keep Rising!

You Are Loved, dear ones. You ARE Love. All Our Love.


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