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May 2022 Energy Report

Written By: Jennifer Hoffman


I always start my May Energy Reports (I have been writing these energy reports since 2008) with a reminder that the month’s name can be both a declarative and an interrogative, I may or May I, and how we use the word ‘may’ determines the path our lives take. If we’re always asking for permission (May I) we will spend a lot of time waiting for someone to agree with our course of action before we take action. But if we step into our energetic sovereignty and declare our intention (I may), we have to be willing to face the consequences of our actions if others disagree with us.

Either way, self awareness, self confidence, and self reliance are going to be important in navigating the month of May where different choices, fresh starts, completion, and closure work together to create transformation.

May begins with the echo of the April 30 new moon solar eclipse with its strong spiritual and healing signatures. This balance of spiritual wholeness and healing our areas of energy incompleteness is going to be a theme in May and we will find ourselves going back and forth between celebrating a victory and being reminded of its cost in terms of pain, suffering, and loss. No matter how well intentioned, clear, or determined we are in our need to let go, move on, and start fresh, everything we let go of is accompanied by some degree of regret and a desire for a different outcome.

Isn’t this what we face with every transformation? To get something we have to give up something else – we have to give up our desire to heal everyone to walk powerfully on our own path. We have to give up our expectations of love to let someone go who cannot love us that way. We have to give up our belief that anything can be transformed and everyone wants to have joy to free ourselves of the burden of feeling that we are not entitled to joy when there are unhappy people in the world.

Remember the old song ‘Though April showers may come your way, they bring the flowers that bloom in May’? Last month was tough and there may have been a lot of tears and upset that will compel you to create a blooming transformation in May. What do you want to bloom in your life and what part of the past can be composted to be used as fertilizer for your fresh start.

With each increase in self awareness and clarity, we begin to see people as they are and not as we choose to see them or hope they can become. This means that some of the people in your life who you thought you were ‘helping’ can become bothersome and annoying, especially those who are demanding, needy, and never satisfied. Did it occur to you that maybe this is how they choose to be and to behave and it’s their way of controlling and manipulating your energy?

It’s tough to believe that some people enjoy being unhappy but that is the truth. Some people are ‘drama queens’ who enjoy creating drama, trauma, and chaos around them and the more people they can involve in their drama, the better.

A few years ago I wrote an article about an interesting phone call I received from a friend. This friend was calling me about a mutual friend, someone we both knew, and she was exasperated and frustrated by her behavior. I had stopped speaking to her the year before because of her constant drama. My friend was telling me about how every phone call is a new drama and she is so tired of giving advice that is never taken. When I mentioned that our mutual friend is probably addicted to the drama and won’t change until people stop engaging with her or she gets tired of the drama, which isn’t likely to happen very soon, there was a pause in the conversation.

She asked me if that was why I quit talking to her and I said yes, I was also tired of frantic, tearful phone calls that happened several times a week. And the endless requests for advice that was never acted on. It didn’t take me very long, because I recognize that energy, to change the subject when she brought up her drama issues and when I wouldn’t talk about the drama she got angry with me. So I quit speaking to her. At the time, our mutual friend, the one who called me to complain about this friend’s behavior, said that I was mean, unkind, and unsympathetic.

But she wasn’t saying those things to me now as she had also decided to end this connection.

People who are addicted to drama are nourished and encouraged by the drama in their lives. They seek it out, create it, and they thrive on it. When they ask others about their problems, all they really want to do is expand the drama and bring more people into it. Then they use that energy to create more drama and that fuels another iteration of their drama cycle.

The only way to get out of the drama cycle is to leave the ‘drama queens (and kings)’ behind (this issue includes men and women). They don’t want healing or advice, they want to wallow in their drama. The only way to protect yourself is to get as far away from these relationships as possible, especially energetically, by using strong energy boundaries. It’s tempting to try to help them but that isn’t what they want, they want your attention, time, and energy. When they are ready to drop the drama they will find you and until then, they will continue to create the drama-filled lives that they want and look for anyone who will participate in the drama cycles with them.

Do you know anyone like this? You are probably getting tired of hearing the same stories, giving the same advice, and having them ignore it yet again while the drama continues.

In May you can start cutting those energy cords and letting go of the drama queens and kings in your life and this is going to be helped by a Mercury retrograde that starts on May 10 and it is in Gemini, a sign Mercury rules.

Now we have 3 or 4 Mercury retrogrades each year and the retros of the past few years have been tough. This month’s Mercury retro in Gemini is going to give us an extra burst of energy to clear out those karmic issues because Mercury/Gemini are the ruler and sign of karma. You may get a few karmic endings to bless your month and have the energy to finally let go and give yourself the gift of closure.

While we tend to think that karma involves other people and they are the ones who need healing and transformation, very often the karmic lesson is there for us, we are the ones who need to let go of the desire to heal and transform someone else, to show them ‘the way’ and to let them live their lives the way they see is the truth for them.

But when we have spent lifetimes with the same souls and soul groups, intent on and committed to their healing, it is hard to let go and even harder to give ourselves the gift of closure in these situations, forever closing the door on that timeline so we can step onto another one. Even though we feel there is unfinished business that does not support our definition of closure, we need to shut the door and move on.

Why do I call it ‘the gift of closure’ because it is a gift that frees us from the ongoing energy drains of the karmic cycles that we have been living with and through for lifetimes. It is a gift that we must give ourselves though, although we often think it is a gift that someone else gives us and then we wait for a long time for that gift to appear.

What is closure? It is the closing down of an energy intention, a disconnection from an energetic imperative we have given ourselves. The operative word in ‘closure’ is close, which means to shut, end, terminate, and conclude.

Closure is hard because we associate it with failure when we do not get the ending that we believe should happen. It is the final step in any healing cycle and is absolutely necessary for unconditional release of a karmic bond between us and someone else.

Look for closure in May and remember it is probably not going to feel very good but it is necessary to close those energy connections to have karmic resolution.

Since mid-January 2022 all of the planets in the zodiac have been direct and there have been no retrogrades. Pluto went retro in the final days of April and we have a Mercury retro this month. May is the final month in this year that we see this direct motion and frankly, I am glad to get some relief from all of the frantic activity.

With so much energy moving and density unveiled the retro action which starts in May and accelerates in June is going to be a relief. I have said we’ll be seeing big changes starting this month and the retrogrades that begin now and continue through the rest of the year are going to be the catalysts for this.

This is where May’s themes of self awareness, self confidence, and self reliance come into play.

Self awareness is being aware of your own energy and energetic sovereignty, self reliance is the state of being energetically congruent, without the need for someone to fill your energy gaps, heal or fix you, or resolve your pain.

And self confidence refers to energetic integrity, where your alignment and integration create a seamless flow of manifestation. If that isn’t how you are living your life, start exploring those aspects in May, the energy is there to support them.

Also remember we are still experiencing the 2021 Saturn/Uranus square and will have another long pass from September to mid-November 2022. This is a highly disruptive aspect and it is ushering in the 5D paradigms as it also dismantles 3D density. It is an aspect that literally ‘rocks the boat’ and it is doing its work. Try to not get distracted by what appears to be going on in the world and remember that 3D dis-integration creates chaos as part of the energy disruption.

Eclipses come in pairs so the April 30 new moon solar eclipse is followed by a full moon lunar eclipse on May 16. This one is in Scorpio and it reminds me of the lengthy Saturn in Scorpio retro we had from June to September 2015. I remember writing about that one because it seemed to go on forever and was very challenging. It is also going to activate the highly spiritual energy we have had for the past two months with the big Pisces action of Jupiter, Venus, and Neptune and that is going to further increase the amount of energy downloads we will be receiving. If you’re sensitive to energy, you may want to do extra self care around May 16.

All of these eclipses and activities bring up old cycles, going back to 1957, 2003, and 2014 for these eclipses. What were you doing then that is coming up for review, release, reconsideration, and reflection now? What will you do differently today? It’s not quite a do-over, more like a chance to make different choices and apply some of that closure energy we have in abundance in May.

I can’t forget to mention Jupiter’s change of sign as it moves from Pisces to Aries on May 16, coinciding with the lunar eclipse on that date. Jupiter changes sign every year, briefly dipping into a new sign before retrograding for a few months. It is going to be in Aries for 5 months and then end the year in Pisces, completing the rare and highly spiritual aspect with Neptune that will not happen again until 2188. In spite of the very dark and gloomy happenings all around us, we have this rare spark of light to support our ongoing ascension path.

Can you believe we are 5 months into 2022 and the chaos and darkness seem to increase daily with brief flashes of light? It’s not a mistake or a punishment. The more darkness and density we become aware of is a sign of how much light is present, not that the density and darkness are winning. Remember light always overtakes the darkness and no matter how dark it is the light is always stands out.

Try to focus on the light instead of what appears to be growing darkness. The only reason we can see the density and darkness in the world now is that we are no longer in that paradigm and have stepped off of that timeline. So keep the lights shining and use this month’s energy to create fresh starts for yourself by giving yourself the gift of closure. Close those connections to things that no longer serve you, that drain your time and energy, that are sources of suffering, and that you now know are not your responsibility. Set a new intention for your life, be willing to give yourself the compassion, understanding, and benefit of the doubt that you so generously give to others.

Joy is your purpose and divinity is your destiny so focus on those and declare your freedom in May. Have a great month.


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