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March 2022 Energy Report

By: Jennifer Hoffman


Welcome to March! I am seeing signs of spring here and that is a welcome change from the cold of winter. Everything blooms now, and we can too. It has been a tough few years and the tide is turning. I have said for nearly a year that life gets back to normal in March and I stand by it. The tide is turning and although there are still challenges in the world, we do not have to be overwhelmed, overtaken, and overthrown by them. The light always dispels the darkness so keep shining.

In March we feel the change in the air. It’s the month we celebrate the new growth of spring and the end of winter. This March arrives with a definite blast of new energy that becomes the tide that lifts all ships, or at least the ones that want to be lifted. If you’re ready to ‘march forth’ this is your month and if not, you may find yourself with a lot of reasons to consider it. March is here and this action word month brings plenty of action.

I love the month of March because it is the only month that is an action word. March 4th is my favorite date because every time I say it I am reminded that no matter what has happened in the past, the way out of a challenge is to take one step towards a new beginning. I remember the old saying ‘March comes in like a lion’ and this one certainly does with a blast of a new moon on the second and strong energy aspects to keep us moving forward with courage, clarity, and confidence all month.

March themes include awareness, alignment, acceptance, and acknowledgement. It’s a big energy month but that is what we need for the times. If we’re ready for some action March will deliver it in very big ways.

March is a 9 energy vibration, the number of completion and endings which also prepares us for new beginnings. We can get stuck in the endings by looking longingly at what is no longer part of our lives and forget that endings simply mean that we have run out of energy road, as I always say, in that situation.

Every ending precedes a beginning unless we drag out the endings because we feel the loss more than we see the gain. We have had so many endings in the past few years, many of them accompanied by disappointments that someone could behave in such inconsiderate ways but what the past few years has shown us is what is in someone’s true heart of hearts, what they really feel and most of all, what they fear the most. It is hard to watch people we once thought of as rational to act so irrationally but we have also never seen so much fear promoted to so many people.

If you remember a few months ago I talked about how the energy cycle we thought ended in 2012 actually began so 2021 was the end of that cycle. And I also said we were now in Ascension 2.0, a new ascension cycle, as of January 2022 when the Ascension cycle that began in April 2003 ended.

Energy moves in cycles and looking at the timing of cycles can help us understand where we are in this process and how we are moving through it. Since we tend to look for the end point of any experience, especially one that is challenging, and spend a lot of time ‘hoping it will be over soon’ we miss the opportunities to acknowledge every step of our progress because we do not think it is ‘over’ yet. What exactly does being over look like? Where are we supposed to be and what are we supposed to be doing?

As you have heard me say many times over the past 10 years or more, I blame the people who have over spiritualized the ascension experience and led many people into the complacency and serenity of the false belief that this was a done for you experience, and that all they had to do was think of ascension bliss and they would be in the land of fairies and unicorns, to be master manifestors, to have vast wealth at their hands, and to live a life of grace and ease for ever.

Cue in scratchy record sound here. What this created was a lot of people who were sitting around and waiting for things to happen because they did not understand that ascension is not a physical event, it is an energy cycle that will and does have physical ramifications and outcomes. And there is no ‘end’ to ascension, there are movements into new ascension cycles as we experienced in January 2022.

So if you’re one of those people who is waiting for ascension to end so you can get on with your easy life in 5D you may have to wait a long time and you probably won’t like the energy of March very much because in a month whose name is both a noun and an action word, they key element is action and there will be plenty of it.

Before we look at the themes I want to look at the astro events because they are significant. Remember we have the Saturn/Uranus square energy in effect all year which is what we are seeing with the challenges to the status quo, the power to the people movements, the trucker’s convoys, the challenge to the system, and the growing rise of discontent as the community of humanity (represented by Uranus) realize that they have been controlled, dominated, manipulated, coerced, subverted, and deceived by the corporatized forces of 3D (Saturn).

The interesting element is that it is occurring from Uranus in Taurus (a sign that is all about self indulgence and beauty) and Saturn in Aquarius (the sign representing 5D, community, and higher thought). It’s a contradiction in terms but everything today seems to be a contradiction where truth are lies and up is down, right is left, and the illusion is not the reality. We’re inching towards enlightenment here, one tiny moment of awakening at a time.

We are also moving closer to the Jupiter/Neptune exact conjunction on April 12, a watershed moment in our collective journey of ascension and spiritual awareness. This is an aspect that previously happened in 1856 and always comes with a new spiritual awakening. In 1856 it was the spiritualist movement, in 2022 it is about energetic awareness and energetic sovereignty. Do you see how the Saturn/Uranus square is both allowing the awakening to occur and trying to prevent it at the same time?

March also has a beautiful and ongoing Mars/Venus conjunction in Capricorn that is going to exactly conjunct Pluto in Capricorn on March 4th and what a testimonial to the power of the people, the rise of the collective, and the embodiment of the highest and most fulfilling aspects of our divine and material selves. This is the true self/Self, human and divine, spiritual and material expression and in Capricorn it represents the victory over 3D and the ongoing 3D/5D ascension integration.

This is not an end, it is an empowerment.

Our struggle with our divinity and humanity is which one takes precedence and on a more rational scale, it is the struggle between the masculine and feminine. This Mars/Venus conjunction, which is very close until March 19, is our opportunity to explore how we are balanced, grounded, and centered in these two aspects.

What no one is talking about with this conjunction, especially the Pluto conjunction on March 4, is that Mars is exalted in Capricorn, which means it is at its highest expression in this sign. So it is extra powerful and has a much stronger action, even than Pluto, which is at a bit of a disadvantage in that sign.

The March 2 new moon is a power packed energy boost with the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter conjunct in Pisces and the Mars/Venus/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, and right in between them is a Mercury/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius. It’s a party! Mercury doesn’t get a lot of attention until it goes retrograde and messes with everyone’s travel and communication plans and it is the smallest planet so it tends to get ignored (until it goes retro) but it also rules karma.

Here we have the two planets that govern karma, Saturn and Mercury, conjunct in Aquarius, the sign that rules 5D and its energies, as well as higher thinking and enlightenment. It’s time for us to make some serious decisions about our karmic journey – what it entails, why we’re on it, and what we plan to do about it in the future. Do we continue on with the endless karmic cycles or do we let bygones go on by and start living from our 5D creative freedom instead?

Karma sucks the joy and life out of us, it robs us of our serenity, our peace of mind, and the full expression of our energy. Karma keeps us mired in the endless cycles of retribution, revolution, restitution, and revenge. We think we’re doing our job by healing others or persecuting them but that is just another expression of our karmic energy looking for absolution, acknowledgement, approval, or a new level of alignment. When do we get off of the karmic merry go round? Whenever we are ready to stop and move on. We’ll get that opportunity in March but only if we are ready to take it.

March themes of awareness, alignment, acceptance, and acknowledgement are part of that karmic decision making.

Awareness is what we allow ourselves to see and to know. We do not see what is in front of us, we usually see what is energetically aligned, convenient, and aligned with the truth that we allow ourselves to know in light of the consequences that accompany that truth.

Alignment is what we are in line with energetically. Spoiler alert – it is not some enlightened aspect of our life path. We are always aligned with what we have going on in our lives in every moment. When we are ready for a new level of alignment, we will want something new and seek it out. There is nothing special about alignment although a lot of people teach alignment and will tell you that it is a high level of spiritual growth. It is not. It just represents what your energy frequency and vibration are in line with.

Acceptance is our toughest challenge, as I have been writing ever since the early days of my channeling work, in 2004. At that time Archangel Uriel, my channeling guide, told me that it was our toughest lesson in this lifetime and he was right. It is tough because we think we’re here to resolve our karmic journey with others, to heal and to change them when most of the time the lesson is ours to learn. We are supposed to learn that we are to accept someone’s choices and decisions, no matter how ill advised or wrong we think they are, because that is the path they choose to walk.

Lifetimes of being the martyred healer have propelled us into ever more challenging lifetimes with someone because we think we need to heal them when the truth is far different. The lesson is that we need to accept their choices and move on. The opposite of acceptance is judgment, so if we are not accepting someone’s choices then we are judging them based on what we think is right for them and none of us has the authority to do that unless we’re taking care of an infant or young child.

And the March theme of acknowledgement is tied to acceptance because it is about accepting and acting on knowledge, seeing what is and accepting it as it is without feeling we need to change it in any way. What we see as someone’s mistakes may be, and often is, their life path. What we see as someone’s lack of spiritual understanding may be their most powerful moment of spiritual growth in their many lifetimes. Acknowledgement is not judgment, it is acceptance. It is that part of acceptance which says “I see, I know, and I allow you to be so”.

That’s not all we have going on in March though, we have the solstice on March 21, heralding the first day of spring and a full moon on the 18th bringing in lots of grounding and healing energy for us as it is in the earth sign of the healer, Virgo. It is also expanding the energy of the March 2 new moon since it is also connected to Pluto.

It would not surprise me to see a global unifying event or an event that forces the truth to be revealed happen around March 7 which is when Mars and Venus enter Aquarius, almost at the same time. If you remember in December 2020 Jupiter and Saturn entered Aquarius together. What was going on at that time and how far have we come since then? (hint: cue in the song ‘we aren’t going to take it any more’.)

If you have been tired of the slow energy movement or feeling like things should be moving faster, March is your month but remember that faster we move forward, the faster we release and replace energy. So if you’re ready to put that process in hyper speed mode, good for you. Just don’t be surprised if it feels like it is moving too fast or out of control at times because the ascension fast track (and there is one) is about releasing as well as receiving, and being willing to take big risks for big results. We’re there now, do you agree?

Did you know that February was my 19th year in business? My first website, article, and newsletter were posted on February 4th 2004 so I’m entering my 20th year of this journey with you. It has been long, eventful, and very hard at times. We have been through a lot together and for those of you who have been with me since the beginning, thank you for your commitment, trust, loyalty, and friendship. I made a commitment to be a bright light in this journey even though at the time I thought it was going to be just a 6 month process. It is my profound honor to still be on this journey with you and if you are just joining me, welcome to the Enlightening Life community. If you have been here for a long time, we are going to keep on truckin’ together. We are achieving significant victories every day and this show is not over yet.

Have a great month

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