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Kundalini Energy

By: Grace Solaris and the Arcturians

The importance of the sacred kundalini energy for your ascension and the need for healing of the divine feminine to reinstore divine union within.

After the fall of Atlantis the controlling forces started a far reaching mind program to erase the divine feminine from the face of the planet as well as from within every man and woman, which is still intact to this day.

This program was systematically imprinted in the collective mind of humanity and supported by several key beliefs, that was seeded into the collective mind to amputate humanity (removing our sovereign power) and create division from Source, God/Goddess and the divine self thru fear. Because they knew that the key to divine union with our god self and our divine talents and gifts is the kundalini energy and this energy is inherent in the physical body of every man and every woman. However they aimed at taking total dominion over the planet and was not in favor of earth´s inhabitants to become sovereign beings, the creator gods, that we were destined to be. Thru surpression of the divine feminine virtues and thru a consistent victimization of women, they created a deep rift within humanity between the divine feminine and masculine, which prevented inner divine union thru the awakening of the dormant kundalini force within. They violated our divine blueprint by systemic tampering of our dna, endocryne system and other parts of our body, that plays a vital role for the cosmic flow of energy... the sacred prana, which is pure creative life force energy, an infinite source of potential with the aim of preventing the divine flow of kundalini energy and the awakening of humanity and keep us disempowered.

The Tailbone was also tampered with by the dark reptilian infiltrators, as it plays a keyrole for our awakening. The importance of the Tailbone cannot be underestimated. It correlates to and is connected with the endocryne system, it is the very seed of creation, the Shakti energy, which lies embedded in the kundalini reservoir in the coccyx (Tailbone) and it is also connected to the silver thread. The importance of the kundalini energy for our awakening is paramount and indeed necessary. When the kundalini flow is operating and flowing freely our whole chakra system is flooded and when the pathway is completely free it will ignite and activate the pineal gland, which again is connected to the pituitary gland which both are catalyzers for our awakening and full enlightenment to our divine self.

Originally when we left source we were no-gender beings, but as we left source, we adapted into two separate beings with a female and masculine side, two aspects, that were both important to keep us connected and aligned to our divine source and origin to maintian divine balance and unity with all-that-is. This is what caused the search for our other half or twin. The twinflame essence/signature is activated thru the inner alchemical marriage between the divine feminine and masculine aspects within. These two energies are part of the kundalini and runs up along the spine thru the two nadis, Ida and Pingala, if there is a nondisrupted flow of the energy, which unfortunately often is not the case.

The importance of Shakti, the primordal sexual energy (kundalini) is therefore critical for your awakening and thus a fully operationable fully aligned tailbone is vital.