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Karmic Shadow Imprints

Many of us are witnessing and experiencing the deep karmic shadow imprints of the Feminine and Masculine Polarities right now. The Karmic Shadow Imprint of the Feminine is having her Freedom of Choice taken away. Her Sovereignty, challenged and threatened, being suppressed and overpowered.

The Karmic Shadow Imprint of the Masculine is being Forced to Battle. Forced to Armor Up. Forced to wield Power Over, Forced to misuse power, Forced to Protect and Safeguard Freedom, Liberty and Sovereignty. The Masculine has been forced to sacrifice, the preservation and sanctity of Human Life, in effort to protect OneSelf, Family, home and community. The Masculine has been forced to experience the trauma of Bloodshed. The Masculine has been forced to hold the trauma of his power becoming a destructive force.

Each and Every one of us is an expression of BOTH polarities, The Feminine and The Masculine. Therefore, each and everyone of us are holding the karmic shadow imprinting of these polarities. Are you feeling it? The battle cry of the Masculine rising up within you? Are you feeling the righteous anger of the Feminine over the misuse and abuse of Power being wielded over our Freedom of Choice and Sovereignty?

Are you feeling what’s underneath it all? The grief buried deep within our hearts. The pain of being subjugated to this trauma for far too long. How do we navigate our way through this? We are Being called upon to Remember and Wake Up to who we truly are. We are LOVE. We are not the identities that have been created through this trauma, through the shadow imprinting. We are not the Anger. We are not the Shame. We are not the Guilt. We are not the Fear. We are not here to be in opposition with each other.

We are ALL ONE. Each and Everyone of us are holding the pain and trauma of both polarities. Can you see Self in the Other? Can you hold Self and Other in Compassion and Grace?

The Solar Divine Mother Goddess Consciousness is Rising up too.🌟🌀🔥 Can you Feel her? She is the Protective Fierce Mother that Loves her Children Unconditionally. She is able to hold the pain of her children and is here to Restore Unity/Harmony with Ferocity of Love.