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June 2024 Ascension Energies: Freedom from Suffering

By: Samantha Orthlieb


June's theme: Freedom from Suffering

June Keywords: Emotional Courage, Forgiveness, Pure Spiritual Courage

Chakra Focus: 4th

June Archetypes: The Lover  (Shadow: Actor) & the Magical Child (Shadow: The Pessimist)

June’s Cosmic Creative Cycle: Water - FAITH, FLOW, WISDOM

Hello Beautiful Soul!

As our spiritual awakening continues to unfold this month, we have the opportunity to explore suffering, whether it's emotionally, mentally or physically based. To end suffering on any level one needs to reach a level of spiritual awareness and consciousness to unburden the physical 3D reality (including the body) and release density and constriction on all levels.

I call this “cultivating a spiritual lens”.

Cultivating a spiritual lens is necessary if we are to actively navigate spiritual embodiment. A spiritual lens allows us to feel our pain, but also have a higher perspective on what is happening to us in our lives; we have a bigger picture from which to draw spiritual insights that make what we are going through meaningful. As we do this we can make enlightened choices, and embody the wisdom and learning that comes from spiritual crises. 

We received ample support from universal coding contained in galactic events last month, such as the numerous, strong solar flares,  that cleared unhealthy debris from the unconscious and the cells in the body to allow us to bring in more “light” (or enlightenment) internally, and release emotional past pain, while upgrading our nervous system and shifting our thought processes via neural network reprogramming in the brain. 

Cosmic events are ensuring the evolution of the human species, and therefore we are not able to suppress what we do not wish to see. What I mean by that is that numbing, self medicating, checking out, staying busy,  blaming others, or helping others instead of focusing on our own self care is a distraction, and this tactic may have worked before, but it will not work anymore. As uncomfortable as the Ascension process can be there is no way around this- only through this. 

As we strengthen our spiritual lens, along with being aided by cosmic forces, we ignite and unlock higher and higher levels of perception.  As we master these levels of perception we can then influence our reality. These keener levels of perception go beyond thinking, and in being able to shift to a higher level or realm of perception, we can find solutions to problems, resolve conflicts more easily, navigate crises, heal dis-ease in the body /mind, and experience Oneness with creation. 

We are rebirthing ourselves and the collective consciousness at great speed, from fear and limitation to one of higher consciousness, awareness, compassion and love. It is not an easy road but is immensely fulfilling. Those who are participating in this process are making incredible changes in themselves by "walking through fire", and choosing to confront fears, outmoded beliefs and thought patterns. 

The archetypes that we can embody this month to help us spiral upward  in our evolutionary process are 4th chakra focused and are the Lover and the Magical Child. These two heart-based ascension archetypes support us to transcend suffering and pain, heal the heart, see infinite potential in everything, allow us to love and work in collective harmony with others, and bolster us to create our own reality in partnership with Spirit.

As you embody these two archetypes you will dissolve the walls around your heart, and forgive those who have hurt you so that you can call forth the unconditional love and compassion already in your heart. The Lover opens the door to love in all ways - for yourself and your capacity to love others. Also if you find yourself anxious about change and new experiences that are happening to you, embracing your magical child allows you to glean new possibilities and see the world with grateful eyes.

Please remember to ask for help when needed, and have faith and trust in your Ascension process. 

In service and divine liberation,



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