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June 2023 Ascension Energies Update

By: Samatha Orthlieb


June 2023’s theme: Earthly Expansion June’s Keywords: Soul Purpose, Earthly & Galactic Community/Co-operation, Soul Retrieval

Hello Beautiful Soul!

June’s Ascension Energies see us dive into any unresolved fear and shadow so that we may be solid in our earthly foundation going forward. In doing so we can be fully aligned with the next stage of our soul’s purpose, allow abundance, and find our passion for life again. We now enter a new phase of our Ascension, having gone through vigorous inner transformation and spiritual uplevelling since January. The cosmic center is sending us an energetic “Call to Adventure!” This month powerful cosmic forces influence us and seek to purify what is unfinished within us that thwarts our wholeness, and in doing so awaken to our true soulful purpose. The key to honing our next steps is anchoring in our sense of deservingness, continuing to find empowered balance, and connecting more to our sense of Oneness and All That Is around us, so that we can fully trust and be in the flow of divine guidance and forces that shape our lives. June is also a month for regeneration and final soul retrieval of ourselves, that we lost sight of when we were plugged into mass consciousness. And finally, we have the choice to start to reconnect or find new connections with our galactic and earth communities to co-create the New Earth - it’s a monumental fresh start awaiting us! We are dancing with our Earth Mother and Shaman archetypes this month to nurture our deepest soul wounds and desires, as well as fusing our masculine and feminine into deeper empowerment - to sift and sort, deep purification, to allow that which is more precious and pure, that which we wish to take with us into the co-creative future, and to release that which does not align with our true divine heart.

New wisdom, insights, interests and talents are also activating and unfolding for us as our Divine Blueprint drips down from the ethers, and the Divine Feminine energies bring in more peace, prosperity and success, along with healing. The universe is supporting us as we weave a New Earth paradigm for ourselves and all of humanity. So it’s time to soften our scars so they do not pull us off course, to throw off the last emotional shackles and believe in ourselves, as a new collective, Higher Mind cycle is calling us forward! June is preparing us for the BIGGEST and last DNA Upgrade of the year that occurs in July!

It is going to be an intense month of inner healing, so please make sure that you take the time and space to do so.

In service and divine liberation,


Archetypes for JUNE

Archetypes for JUNE (what we are learning/healing/embodying): The Earth Mother (Soul Purpose, Community), The Shaman (Soul Retrieval)

Cosmic Creative Cycle that we are in: Earth (needs, nurturing, connection)

Overall Earth Cycle Learning: contentment, creative realization, mental stillness

June Psycho-spiritual and physical symptoms: feeling the need for more self-healing, self nurturing, needing to ground yourself due to release of trauma and emotional pain, searching for or reconnecting with your purpose, self doubt, indecisiveness, worry, inner mental chatter, sleep issues, low mood, fear, concentration issues, sciatica, knee issues, loss of appetite, hemorrhoids, constipation and/or runny/explosive BM’s, solar plexus pain, bone/pain, low immunity, achiness, overeating, binge eating/drinking, autoimmune flare-ups, adrenal fatigue, lymph congestion, CFS/FB, anxiety, brain fog, feeling spacey, fear, blaming others or self, depression, grief, low energy, anger, frustration, liver pain, digestive issues (we are shifting in our 3rd chakra area all year!), red eyes, neck/shoulder pain, hip issues, weight gain, feeling drained, intense dreams, sinus issues, congested sinus/ears, skin issues, kidney issues, being flushed easily, feeling stressed, interdimensional/lucid dreaming, shifts in perception of your reality, crawly brain, hormone/endocrine issues, up and down energy

Areas more affected this month: base of the spine, legs, feet, large intestine, adrenals, immune system, coccygeal plexus nerves

13 Archetypes for ALL THAT IS

2023: The Empowered Rebel

The Empowered Rebel Archetype is the first archetype of the 13. We are being called to live this archetypal energy in 2023 at a time when old societal systems continue to stagnate/crumble, and out of the box thinkers are needed. Great courage, innovative thinking and heart-led women and men are needed to change our world! Do you feel the call? Are you ready to live a different way? The Empowered Rebel desires to seek heart-led change, to shake up and release outdated societal norms and values that do not serve the highest good, and to live courageously by his or her own divinely guided beliefs and value system. The old version of the Rebel archetype was not empowered and felt powerless, so therefore reacted and rebelled as a result of fear based, ego needs, inciting self righteous fuelled rebellion against others or “the system”. This often resulted in power struggles, polarity and destructive, “circling the drain” outcomes. The empowered version acts from a divinely led sense of galactic, intuitive guidance and wisdom that serves the most High, and encourages altruistic activism, creative revolution, and visionary insight out of a desire to serve those around him or her.

New Vibrational Essence: The Empowered Rebel


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