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July 2023 Energy Report

By: Jennifer Hoffman


It’s a new month and a whole new vibe. Don’t let July’s many retrogrades fool you into thinking it’s going to be a slow month. It isn’t. This is another action packed, full month with a few twists that include more revelations and truth bombs, calls to action, and the potential for real harmony with a lovely ongoing Venus/Mars conjunction in Leo. The sign change for the nodes brings the fireworks to the party and strong Pluto action all month continues the excavation of the dark for the light.

If you’re glad that June is over, so am I. it was a tough, challenging, contentious month that felt like every part of it was looking for an argument. But if you were shown someone’s true colors and you paid attention, in July you get to create new life paths and may even find yourself with some new 5D connections. July is just part of a longer course of big energy shifts and recalibrations that I have said would run from May through August. We’re right in the middle of it so use July’s energy to the fullest and get ready to rumble.

Once again I can say that I am glad a month is over. June started out Ok but then as the transformation momentum built up it was like riding downhill in a car with no brakes. I’m thinking of the road to Jerome, Arizona here, on Mingus Mountain. The mountain is so steep that the road is a series of switchbacks and you have to drive back and forth in order to get to the top. Wasn’t June’s energy like that? Back and forth from past to present, reviewing past choices to make new decisions for now.

Or having the past appear in front of us so we can assess its relevance and choose to move on (or not). In July we have support for taking action, but in the right direction. If we’re trying to move back towards the past in July we will get a strong reminder that forward is the only way to go. This month we get to color with all of the crayons, not just the few safe crayons that we have used to color our lives in old, familiar safe, if uncomfortable ways. Give a voice to the secret song you have in your heart because now is the time to sing it.

July is the 7th month of the year in a 7 year so we have the double 7 energy and numerologically this is a 5 month – 7 + 7 = 14, 4 + 1 = 5. This is a month for intense spiritual alignment, expansion, and integration. If we look at every lesson and challenge as an opportunity for energetic re-calibration and use it as a resource for our spiritual path we will be well on our path to joy. 77 means spiritual awakening, empowerment, and awareness. It is a call to engage your intuition, to embrace your gifts and talents, to lead with your creativity, and to proceed with bold confidence. Now is not the time to hide our lights! So shine big and shine on!

Another way of looking at July’s strong 7 energy is the tarot’s major arcana. 7 is the card of the Chariot, the only vehicle represented in the tarot. The chariot represents movement, willpower, control, determination, and action. This is someone in control of their destiny, who is acting with intention and confidence. The chariot driver is standing, not sitting, holding the reins and guiding the chariot where he wants to go. The chariot is pulled by sphinxes, not horses. To the ancient Egyptians the sphinx represented wisdom, strength, and spiritual protection. In the Chariot card there are two sphinxes, one black and one white, representing the polarity of the spiritual and material worlds.

Even though they are pulling in opposite directions the chariot is driving down the middle of the road, between past and present The driver is maintaining a firm hold on the reins and driving the chariot in the direction of his will, in spite of the opposing pull of the two sphinxes. Moving effortlessly between past and present, the spiritual and material worlds, determined direction and aligned action, freedom to choose our path. This is our mantra for July.

July’s themes include freedom, independence, liberty, and determination and we can make good use of them this month. If June left you with ashes in your areas of connections, friendships, and family, then you can become the charioteer in July and rebuild in a new way.

What brings you the most freedom? How can you establish your independence? What liberates you? What are you determined to be or to become? What matters to you now? What (or who) no longer has a place at your table?

If you knew that everything and everyone in your life was feeding off of your energy, who would you release and what would you keep. That is not an idle metaphor by the way, everything in your life is supported and sustained by your energy.

Last week I shared with you how someone who has been my lifelong critic and whose jealousy has been a very uncomfortable part of our relationship had been very critical of a sample of my new face oil (available this month) that she had asked me to send her. I have known this for years but until recently, had never fully seen or examined the effects of this behavior. Then, when I received yet another round of veiled criticism (it’s never direct) and insults about my product, without any kind of praise or congratulations, I understood that this was the case, this was as good as it would get, and there was never going to be any positive evaluations of me or of anything I did. This was the best I was ever going to get from this person (and always had) and acceptance was my chariot, my way of resolving this issue.

Acceptance, as Archangel Uriel told me when I first began working with him in 2003, was our toughest lesson because it did not give us the resolution or restitution we wanted. All it did was set us free from trying to get validated and acknowledged by someone who was never going to do that, give you the satisfaction, or give you praise or an apology that would be delivered with sincerity, honesty, and in a heart felt way that you could appreciate.

The freedom theme of July beckons us to find our chariot and set forth on our path. This is not a chauffeur driven limousine, we are a lot more involved in the process than that. If you have ever driven an old open chariot or wagon, you know that it’s dusty, hot, and it’s hard work. You have to constantly hold the reins and guide the horses, and you have more control when you are standing, not sitting. But we don’t want to sit down on this journey, we have to stand so we can be aware of our environment and what is going on around us.

Everything is moving so fast now that we want to be on our feet, ready to act, to make quick decisions and take decisive, determined action. And our success is measured by our level of effort and our will to operate with intention, alignment with our purpose, and take decisive action.

If this is making you tired just reading these words, don’t worry, you have plenty of support in July. Starting with a full moon on July 3 that activates the Capricorn energy of late 2012 into 2013, when Pluto was at that degree. The significance of the effect of Pluto in Capricorn on what is happening today cannot be understated. With Pluto in retrograde now, until early October, connecting to the US Pluto return for a final time, we’re seeing the elimination of the old guard, the corruptocracy, the uniparty, tyranny, criminal activity, and fraud that has run unchecked and has been rampant for decades.

This Pluto in Capricorn activity is being overlorded by Neptune in Pisces, at the same degree. Neptune went retro on June 30 and will be in aspect to Pluto for another 18 months, to January 2025. Neptune rules Pisces and remember in April 2022 we had the rare and historic Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces, which brings spiritual awakening and revival. That energy is still echoing in the ethers and will be refined by Saturn’s scalpel now.

The Pluto and Neptune aspect is supported by an ever growing spiritual and light force that is forcing light into the dark and 5D into 3D. So while Pluto is taking down the old, corrupt systems it is doing so with highly spiritual Neptune partnering to add its spiritual energy to the process. And with Saturn in Pisces too, until February 2026, we have the heavy hitters all batting for the side of the light. The darkness and 3D density doesn’t stand a chance.

Now we have a lot of support for creativity, rebirth, love, and empowerment with a beautiful Venus and Mars conjunction in Leo until the 12th, so make the most of it. This is such a great place for them to be and all of you fire signs in particular will feel the benefit from this aspect. Then Venus goes retrograde in Leo on July 22 until early September. It has a Leo retrograde every 8 years, so go back to 2015, 2007, 1999, 1991, etc. This is not a bad placement for Venus, even with its retro action. It’s going to encourage you to explore your creativity, be more aligned with your vision for your life, lighten up a little, have some fun, and enjoy your life.

But there is a much more powerful force at work now that is a global push for 5D ascension integration, which started in June and lasts until early October. It’s the Venus/Uranus square from Leo to Taurus and since Uranus is in Taurus, Venus’ home sign, we have a very strong Venus signature that is going to focus on the value of 5D and its energies of connection, co-operation, collaboration, creativity, and community. This grows and overshadows the separation, division, and disconnection that is being forced on the world by dark entities, energies, and other forces for evil.

This aspect previously happened in 1936-1938 the onset of events that would culminate in WW2 and in 1936 Saturn was also in Pisces, as it is now. Is there a push for global war now? Are we going to allow it to happen again? Isn’t it interesting that we are seeing the same aspects now, as we are facing many dark threats against humanity, the light, our lives, our energy, and our very humanity.

The cancer new moon on July 17 is going to bring in the energy of the August 21, 2017 eclipse and Venus is right on that degree. I have been saying that from May to August and into September of this year we will be seeing a lot of activity and things will start happening. I am sticking with that and this is going to be part of that process.

Be prepared for some very uncomfortable events but things that are going to turn the global and local geopolitical trajectory into something we have more control over. I do believe that the globalists will finally meet their Waterloo and it will be fun to watch the end of their reign of terror.

Technically we have two full moons in July because the second full moon on July 31 is also viable on August 1. It’s in Aquarius, the 5D sign of community and connection. Time to look at the intentions you have for love and relationships because this is a good time to put them forward and take action.

What is your intention for your life path and your light path? They should be in harmony and support each other.

And on July 19 we have another big energy move as the nodes go into Aries and Libra. That previous cycle happened in 2005. What was happening then that is coming up for you again now? Did you make some very karmic choices then (I know I did) that you have vowed you would not repeat now? Think hard, these choices would have involved your strongest karmic partners – notably your mother and father, siblings, partners, extended family, and close friends.

Time for some karmic clearing now and a re-calibration into self awareness, energetic sovereignty, and self empowerment. Independent thought and action, self-ish actions, and determined, aligned intention are your playbook for this iteration. Aries is the pioneer, the mover and shaker, the instigator. Libra is the sign of balance, equal partnership, and open enemies so be prepared to see the truth of any relationship that does not serve your intention for joy now.

And with that placement it’s going to add more force to Pluto’s movement for the next 2 years. Buckle up buttercups – it’s going to be a wild ride, especially the next 6 months.

July’s theme of freedom rings loud and clear and we celebrate it on July 4 in the US and July 14 in France. These are both countries that were a big influence in the previous Pluto in Capricorn from 1762 to 1778. France was a big supporter of the US independence movement and then the US independence influenced the French overthrow of its monarch (yes I know there were many other underlying themes but that is a tale for another time).

July’s themes of freedom, liberty, and independence plus its strong spiritual and intuitive energy, along with some big energy shifts make July a month that is rich in potential and empowerment, if we are willing to make the changes and allow the transformation to happen. Remember you have to release to replace, to elevate to eliminate, to be empowered to avoid overwhelm and this would be a great month to start dreaming big, living large, and taking bold, inspired, determined, and aligned action towards your joyful ascension path.

Have a great month.


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