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July 2022 Energy Report

By: Jennifer Hoffman


Welcome to July and a new month that is a relief from the strong 6 signature of June during which we had 3 days whose date numerology was 6-6-6. That brought the density of 3D front and center so we could be prepared for the end of June new moon. Did you feel the boom of the karma that was brought forward? This is going to be the gift of July, if it is a gift you want to open, and that is the end of karmic cycles.

Now before you jump up to celebrate remember that our closest karmic partners are our family members, loved ones, close friends, and partners, starting with our mother. These are related to our CORE karmic missions. Expect family fireworks and karmic timelines to be obliterated whether you are ready for it or not. July starts off with a bang with the Independence Day celebration of July 4th and the second US and global Pluto return the first week of July.

This month is a turning point as we move into the second half of 2022 and get serious about our CORE issue and how we will proceed with our intention for joy, peace, love and abundance, and to be surrounded by people and situations that love, honor, and respect us.

June ended with a strong new moon that set the energy for July and it’s all about karma endings, timeline shifts, and freedom. Not surprisingly, we get this in a month whose theme in the US is independence and freedom. We get a big dose of freedom this month, whether we are willing to do the release work or not. It’s time for us to get comfortable with transformation and the energy consequences that accompanies our intention for joy, freedom, peace, and love. We enter the month on a path for embodying our self ideation, one of the themes of 2022, and we have the US and global second Pluto return, a more stable and grounded 4 numerology, and a lot of energy supporting July’s themes of freedom, acceptance, karmic booms, and decisions.

The big theme in July is freedom – freedom from karma, freedom within ourselves, the state of being free and the opportunity to choose freedom. We can always choose freedom and release ourselves from what limits us but we are not always willing to bear the consequences of our actions. Other July energy themes are karmic endings, decisions and acceptance and they are all tied to freedom, the state of being free and having choices for freedom. Pay attention to those nuances because they are important. There is always an option for freedom in any situation – we can simply say no and leave but the decision to have freedom is another matter entirely.

We want it all – freedom to do what we want, to have great relationships with people who are incapable of having those with us, at least at this time, no guilt and shame, and the validation and acknowledgement of our long standing efforts at healing those in our karmic circles and soul groups.

But we are asking for the impossible and we now have to choose something else. While nothing is impossible in the Universe, we all have free will and energetic sovereignty, and the ability to choose our path. But no matter how wonderful we think the healing path is, to someone who doesn’t want to heal or to achieve wholeness or congruence, who is happy living in the 3D density of their world, it is not an option they want to consider.

In the past we have brushed aside their hesitancy, resistance, and protests and pushed and manipulated people to join us on the healing path we believe is right for them, even changing, limiting, and altering our own path to accommodate them and where they are in terms of frequency and vibration.

We don’t want to outshine them and get too far ahead of them, so we wait and wait and wait and dim our light, lower our energy frequency, pull back our vibration, show them that we can suffer too, as we wait for them to embrace the light. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you see yourself here, and this is not a judgment of you or of your actions but it is a clear example of how we fulfill our healing missions with our karmic partners.

There are CORE issues involved here and deep karmic bonds to your soul group. But that path is no longer possible and July is going to help you voluntarily release those karmic timelines or create a karmic BOOM that is going to blow them up for you.

The first week of July features another US Pluto return which is exact on July 4, the second of five. This time Pluto is retrograde (in February in was direct). We’ll have some more of these until December 2023 but this is extremely significant in the US and on a global scale. The previous Pluto in Capricorn journey, 284 years ago, was a global event that celebrated individual sovereignty and empowerment, which were a direct repudiation of the monarchy and of absolute control by monarchs.

In 1776 it was the signing of the Declaration of Independence, a celebration of individual sovereignty.

In 2022 it is about energetic sovereignty. We have to reclaim our individual power and then we can establish our energetic sovereignty and we do that by releasing ourselves from our karmic obligations and soul groups.

How does a karmic BOOM happen? It is unexpected but probably not surprising and can show up as an argument, a disagreement, a sudden turn against you by people you never expected to have that happen with. Listen to the podcast to hear how this happened to me this week.

This is not a choice the universe can make for us but while we tend to look at our own experience, the people involved are also struggling with this karmic path. And they may blow up that karmic timeline for you if they decide they want out of their karmic cycle with you. Look for people in your karmic group and soul groups (these are family, close friends, and partners) who pick fights, set ultimatums, find fault with you, criticize and judge you and your response is different. Rather than taking it you fight back. That is exactly what they want you to do so do not be afraid to end a relationship that has already been ended on an energetic level by someone else.

The sacrificing and holding light for others does not work any more. We need to let these old, tired, worn out missions and pathways go away. And this month it happens with the karmic booms, the desire for freedom, the need to make firm decisions that lead to transformation and new timelines. Not the ones we run on the energy of karmic obligations but the ones we choose for energetic sovereignty and freedom.

We have to make a decision for ourselves now, one that we know is going to be right and best for us, is going to bring us joy and is going to allow us to confirm what we have suspected for this and for many lifetimes, that sometimes we have to stop applying healing energy to a person or situation and start applying acceptance energy.

July also offers empowerment for new timelines that arise from new decisions. A decision is a commitment to a specific path. So many people talk about choices and decisions in the same way as though they are the same thing and yet, like polarity and duality, they are very different.

A choice is a possibility that we will consider based on its effectiveness, efficiency, and whether we are willing to live with its consequences. While we may think that we consider choices based on a variety of factors, the common denominator for our choices is consequences.

We make a decision when we look at all of our choices and choose the one that is the most practical and workable in that moment. We may think we decide based on the highest and best for ourselves and to some extent we do. But the common denominator for our decisions is also the consequences we are willing to live with.

Listen to the podcast for a simple decision about choices and how we make choices and decisions every day in the most basic aspects of our life, like what we’re going to eat.

Acceptance is our most difficult life lesson because it requires the application of unconditional and complete non-judgment. When we accept someone’s choices we avoid judging what they are doing or choosing and stop thinking they need our help to make a better choice, or they are doing the wrong thing, or they don’t know what they are doing and we have to tell them.

In a judgment free world we would accept their choices. But within our soul mission of healing others, we believe we are obligated to tell them because we are responsible for their choices and the outcomes they create. And we must set them on the right path because that is part of our soul mission and our life purpose is to make sure they stay on the right path, the one they should be on, the one that leads to the light, the one where they finally, after lifetimes of effort, admit that we are right and they embrace and integrate the light that we have offered to them for so long.

Now this application of non-judgment also applies to how others connect to us especially those people who are part of our karmic circle and soul group.

We must learn to apply acceptance if we are going to be able to gather our own energy resources and tighten up our energy field so we stop the energy leaks and drains from siphoning away our energy. Acceptance is not tolerance. Acceptance is acknowledging someone’s free will and their ability to choose what they want for themselves, no matter how ill advised or awkward we think it is.

If you have followed me since 2004, when I first began writing and teaching, one of my earliest messages from Archangel Uriel was that this was the lifetime in which we would be ending karma. And to do that we chose our most difficult and challenging karmic partners for this lifetime. We chose the people we have strong commitments to and obligations with, we chose people we have never been able to heal before, we chose people who have done the most damage to us in various lifetimes, and who have been responsible for our suffering, trauma, and grief.

This is our time to shine with our own radiant light and to stop dimming our light for others. We do not need to wait for a karmic BOOM to end our karmic timelines but we’ll get it if our intention is at cross purposes with our karmic commitments and our need to heal others. At some point in this journey, especially now that we are in ascension 2.0, we have to get to this place and we are here.

Our best strategy to navigate the energies of July is to be in a space of acceptance and to focus our energy on our intention, on our outcomes, and on the energies we want to have in our life. It helps to have strong energy boundaries and to be totally committed to our own path, knowing that whatever people or situations leave or are taken away will be replaced with people and situations that are more energetically resonant, compatible, and aligned.

There are some interesting aspects to note for July. There is the retrograde of Jupiter at the end of the month as it heads back into Pisces to conjunct Neptune again. This time won’t be exact but both rulers of Pisces, Jupiter and Neptune, will be in Pisces from the end of October through December 31. This is a 155 year transit that always blesses us with spiritual awakenings and transformation.

Mars is moving into place to start a very long retrograde starting the end of October which will end the first week of January 2023. This is interesting because it retros in the sign of Gemini, which is the sign that rules karma and karmic connections. This is more support for our karmic endings because Mars is the planet of action and the ruler of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac.

Then beginning in September we have the Saturn/Uranus square in force again which will be especially active from September through November. This was the main theme of 2021 and it is a huge status quo disrupter, especially with Saturn being in its sign of traditional rulership, Aquarius. It has been a big force to contend with all of this year and we have seen its effects in the movement towards truth, freedom, and the fight against government tyranny around the world.

Remember Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, where it is has been since December 2020. What was going on in the world then? What has changed and what is growing now? Aquarius rules 5D energy and its expression of community, connection, and greater unity awareness. Uranus is the new ruler of Aquarius so we have a lot of 5D energy disrupting 3D right now, thanks to this aspect.

Last but not least, Mercury has another retrograde in Virgo, its other sign of rulership, in September and October. Here we will be challenged to consider how we interact with others, as a servant and in service to them or as a master and of service to them. Do we relinquish our energetic sovereignty and our own joy to help others or do we shine as brightly as we can and let our light inspire them to see their own transformation? That’s going to be a big question for the rest of 2022.

And at the same time Mercury is in Virgo Mars will be active in Gemini, intensifying the Mercury energy around karma, servitude, healing missions, soul groups, and our obligations and commitments to them. Be prepared, this will come up in your life and you will have to decide between being a servant and being in service, of maintaining your karmic obligations and commitments, or ending them.

One of the questions to ask is found in the quote I have shared with you since 2005 and that is used by millions around the world that you can use as a deciding factor. The quote is: everyone in my life loves honors, and respects me. Everything in my life is a source of peace, joy, and love.

If someone cannot love, honor, and respect you, and you know who they are, then they cannot be given a free pass to cross your energy boundaries and bring chaos, trauma, and drama into your life. And if a situation is not a source of peace, joy, and love, then change, transform, or remove it. It is time for an energetic housekeeping and a thorough assessment of what is enriching our energetic frequency and vibration and what is just taking up space and using up our energy resources.

July’s energies are adding fuel to a fire that is already burning within you – the desire for joy, peace, love, and abundance, the desire for freedom and for energetic sovereignty. It will come and maybe not in the way you think it should. Manage your expectations about what others are capable of within the energetic frequency and vibration of your light.

Be true to yourself, honor your own intentions, have strong energy boundaries, and keep that revolving door of completion and closure turning as you turn from grief, pain, suffering, and trauma into the brilliant joy, peace, love, and abundance of the fulfillment of your 5D ascension integration.

Have a great month.


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