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It is New

It is New A New Earth And a New Heaven Merging back As ONE To create What was long forgotten A society Based in Love Based in Equality Based in Harmony And Unity A Family So sacred Support is where ever you look A Family So sacred The Wholeness of all is honored In every MOMent Conscious givers Continuously seeing the best Once everyone learned To love and trust ONEself Fully again We all can heal And grow back Together as ONE In Integrity And Responsibility Manifesting a New Heaven Upon a New Earth The Visions so clear Of what will BE And of what is NOW Faded into what was What it looks like Is not what it might BE For a Higher Reason begins Where the Mind starts To loose comprehension A Miracle life is One you find a reflection Of LOVE In everything and everyone Where rainbows meet And givers seek To gather merry I will see you again Will hug you And cherish you For the simple fact That you never lost your smile More radiant then ever Are you shining Ever so bright Once touched By the source of Love You will never dimm again The Light A spark of Heaven began

By SunSmileKat


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