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Intuitive Astrology Forecast February 2022

By: Tanaaz

February 2022 kicks off with a wave of fresh energy flowing in from the Aquarius New Moon. A few days following this New Moon, Mercury also stations direct giving us zero planets in retrograde for the remainder of the month. This is some strong, forward-moving energy coursing through our cosmic skies that is going to make February a month for making waves and bold choices!

If there is a project you wish to get off the ground, a challenge you wish to overcome, or an adventure you would like to take, February is the month to set those intentions and to trust that the energy of the Universe is on your side.

In fact, from mid-February to early April we have some of the most supportive cosmic energy for moving ahead, taking action, and getting things done. This will be a rare window we won’t see again for a while, so take advantage of it!

February also brings us the alignment of Venus and Mars. It is rare for these two planets to come together, but when they do, we can find greater ease when it comes to restoring the balance between our mas