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Illness and Disease From An Energetic Perspective, by Bryan Metoyer

We are all made up of energy and so is everything around us. Everything is made up of ATOMS. Inside every ATOM there is a pocket of energy (GOD FORCE) right in the center. That collective energy, in the human vessel, vibrates at a certain level. That level of vibration equates to the overall vibration the body is vibrating at, which is frequency. A person’s emotions can greatly affect their vibrational frequency depending on the level at which he or she either responds or reacts to these emotions. If a person becomes attached to a negative emotion their frequency will lower. All illnesses and diseases are energetic imbalances within the human body and symptoms are our body’s way of literally showing us that there is an imbalance within the body. When we sweep these intense emotions and feelings under the rug pretending as if they never happened, escape from them through any form of escapism or use any form of procrastination in dealing with them, those energetics do not leave the body until the body will be required to do it for them. Eventually, there will be a buildup of these lower energetics in the vessel to the point where the body will need to release the lower energetics/density and this will occur through illness and disease. This is the body’s way of bringing back balance within the vessel. When a person catches a cold, flu etc..., the body releases this density through whatever symptoms are associated, whether it be sneezing, coughing, sore throat, stomach issues, etc. Pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter drugs are simply bandaids. Getting to the root of the illness or disease requires a person to deal with/respond to the emotions that arise by facing it head-on, processing them and finally releasing it. Not by reacting to the emotion negatively and attaching to it. In most cases it’s not going to be a one-and-done achievement, especially if the trauma is deep and/or connected to childhood trauma. Releasing and clearing trauma is a process and takes time and patience.

There are two ends of the Vibrational Frequency Scale...Love and Fear. Anything outside of Love-based Frequencies (joy, happiness, laughter, satisfaction, gratitude, creativity, feelings of abundance, prosperity etc...) are Fear-based (blame, shame, guilt, anger, resentment). Fear (stands for False Evidence Appearing Real) is an’s not at all real. Our Souls (pure energy) were created IN and OUT of Love and The Unknown by Source/Prime Source Creator/God. Source did not create Fear. When Fear is embodied the vibrational frequency takes a hit and lowers until that energy is released. Once released, the vibrational frequency heightens. (200 and below on the Vibrational Scale is when the body becomes susceptible to illness and disease).

The Thought System, along with the attachment to emotions, is another key player. Thoughts are energy as well. Think of a WIFI signal. You can’t see the signal through eyesight, but you know it works because theirs evidence of it working. The Thought System works the same way. We create our own reality through our thoughts. The Universe doesn’t “tell” us NO on anything because it’s a FREEWILL planet. So, where thoughts go, energy flows. The more energy a person puts into a thought, the more that thought form begins to manifest into physical form, whether that be an actual physical item, situations or even pulling certain people into our reality. This can also include the very items, situations and/or people that a person really DOESN’T want to manifest/wants to avoid from occurring, which CAN include illnesses and diseases. The Universe will begin pulling all the cooperative components necessary that will create that manifestation from which your thoughts (energy) have been flowing to. Most of our time is spent manifesting from an unconscious state of being (living in the past, which doesn’t exists or living in the future which is fantasy). When a person sits in doubt and worry, which is fear-based frequencies, about a situation they are literally manifesting the very situation they don’t want to manifest through their negative thought patterns.

The Human Body is a complicated system that can obviously heal itself. Scrapes and cuts on the skin can heal, so why not illnesses and diseases?! It’s the negative thought patterns and engrained false belief systems and programming that makes a person think and feel that the body cannot heal itself without pharmaceuticals/over-the-counter drugs. Our thoughts and belief systems are way more powerful than we may think or feel they are. High Vibration over-rides Low Vibration. If we CONSCIOUSLY treat our thoughts as if they were seeds being planted, water them every now and then with positive energy/thought patterns while leaving negative thought-chatter (doubt/worry) out, noticeable evidence will become obvious. If you are consciously manifesting something and spend most of your time living consciously aware (living in the present moment), over time you will begin to see synchronicities, connected to your manifestation, appear in your reality that are connected to that which you are attempting to manifest. When that planted seed grows and finally fully appears in your physical reality, as something tangible, with the full knowing you CONSCIOUSLY tended to that initial thought with positivity, love and care....don’t forget to pick your bottom jaw up off the ground in that “AH-HA” moment-of-realization of just how much of a natural powerhouse and conscious creator you can actually be! We are ALL ONE through energy and consciousness! We are ALL powerful creators so keeping our vibrational frequency high, maintaining positive thought patterns and living in the present moment will greatly reduce your susceptibility to illness and disease. As you’ve noticed, I never said this was easy to, but as with anything else it’s possible with conscious awareness and practice! Love you!


By: Bryan Metoyer


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