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Illness and Disease From An Energetic Perspective, by Bryan Metoyer

We are all made up of energy and so is everything around us. Everything is made up of ATOMS. Inside every ATOM there is a pocket of energy (GOD FORCE) right in the center. That collective energy, in the human vessel, vibrates at a certain level. That level of vibration equates to the overall vibration the body is vibrating at, which is frequency. A person’s emotions can greatly affect their vibrational frequency depending on the level at which he or she either responds or reacts to these emotions. If a person becomes attached to a negative emotion their frequency will lower. All illnesses and diseases are energetic imbalances within the human body and symptoms are our body’s way of literally showing us that there is an imbalance within the body. When we sweep these intense emotions and feelings under the rug pretending as if they never happened, escape from them through any form of escapism or use any form of procrastination in dealing with them, those energetics do not leave the body until the body will be required to do it for the