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I see you

I see you.

I see your light, I see your wisdom...I see the love behind your tears.

Beautiful soul, I stand beside you.

Silently I must love, for the God in you to emerge.

It is the pain of birth that you must bear.

Your silent cries for love, for healing and protection, are known without your speaking, for I reside in your heart.

You are the beloved.

You entered the journey, giving up your wings, to serve one another.

To love and awaken the world.

But the movement towards light is often through darkness, for many remain closed and turned away.

You who are worthy, and all are worthy, are ready.

The divine in you, is the higher self that the world and societal thinking has purposefully guided you away from.

This higher part is silent. It is patient...unconditionally loving.

The God-mind in you is fearless and all-knowing, for it recognizes time as illusion.

Remember that you are eternal. Begin to see with the eternal sight. Both vision and clarity will naturally come.

You will discern Truth from falseness, and therefore you will learn to look within.

See where false beliefs have led your mind.

I am the Light, I am the Way...great and powerful words of Truth.

For you are the Light, and the Way is Love.

By the love you give, so shall you be healed, for giving and receiving are the same, and blessed is the fruit of such sharing.

Seek opportunities to love and the light in you will shine forth.

Give in silence, with humility, for that is true giving.

You are greatly loved, master, and all aspects of your being are embraced in that love.

~Path Of The Lightworker.

Steve De’Iano Garcia


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