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I am a Woman...

I Am A Woman Whose Soul has chosen

to Resurrect the Universal Goddess back to life.

I am a woman whose heart has been silently broken, many times over, by the violation and desecration of the collective feminine mind, body and spirit.

I am a woman whose heart is attuned to different channels; different materials; different vibrations than many who walk here.

I have seen much over the course of my earthly residences. I have known a time when every expression of the feminine was worshipped without reservation or fear.

I have known a time in which the female body was wildly cherished, exquisitely honoured, and devotionally tended to by both men and women alike. I have known a time when the world trusted the Feminine Essence, and placed Her at the centre of existence, the heart of consciousness.

I have been a witness to this trust being ripped away. I have felt the raping of the feminine Soul, and the subsequent quiet, insidious and relentless siege against trusting Feminine Spiritual and Body Wisdom.

I have watched, eventually from places of hiding and imposed exile, the steady replacement of love and trust in female-Shakti power by a dominant masculine-driven dictatorship.

This is a masculine paradigm that does not reflect the true, heart-centred God-essence in males.

It is the unconscious, fearful masculine element, that seeks to numb itself to Love, and close down it's heart through violence, killing, raping and pillaging.

I have loved men, and I have experienced the true ecstasy of the ascended masculine heart and body supporting me, loving me, ravishing me, delighting me and opening me up to God.

I have shed tears of joy and wonder as men have so devotedly protected the Feminine Spirit.

I have experienced the unparalleled bliss of the masculine essence as it bursts my female heart and body open to deeper and deeper levels of radiance and surrender.

If you are the masculine presence who is wishing to come closer to me right now, you need to know this. You need to know that I find myself in a uniquely delicate position at this time in our precious earth's evolution.

I find myself being asked to nurture all the ancient wounds of my heart, all the ancient wounds of my sisters, and all the ancient wounds of my earth.

I find that my heart is very tender, and my body is asking to be touched only as if it were laying in the temple.

I find that as I come closer to accepting the true divine power that lies within my feminine core, I require more and more careful and conscious handling from you. I can no longer pretend that careless emotional or sexual contact does not matter.

I can no longer numb myself to those who advance upon me without the awareness that I am carrying the Torch of the Goddess inside.

I do not expect you to not make mistakes, and I do not carry an impossible expectation of you. What you must realise, and remember about the awakened feminine, is that She only vibrates to unconditional love.

Once you engage the flow of her sacred energies - through seductive words, touches, or invitations - you will be the recipient of profound riches that will let you know that you are alive.

You will get healing from her, and light, and cosmic awakenings that go beyond what you knew existed.

I will love you beyond any of your ideas about or previous experiences of Love.

I will gift to you the body of the conscious, attuned and divinely well-travelled woman, who is straddling the line between the old and new world orders. It is a highly honourable place to be, but it is also a deeply sensitive and vulnerable one.

I ask you to talk to yourself before you approach me, seduce me, whisper promises to me, or act on your primal desires to touch me. I want you to ask yourself whether you are ready to take a risk to fully open your beautiful, much-needed male warrior heart.

I would like you to ask yourself if you are ready to live your active, divine life purpose with intention and commitment.

I would like you to ask yourself whether or not you are a man to be trusted with a rare jewel that has the power to transform the world at it's core.

I want you to ask yourself if you are prepared to receive a quality of emotional and sexual loving that will support you into becoming the most evolved man that exists.

I would like you to know that my heart is still tender from the pain of loss. I would like you to know that my heart is simultaneously ready to welcome the authentic masculine again, and melt into the unwavering support and unmoving presence of it.

I would like you to know that I need you, just as you need me. You need me because I have been given the task of helping to resurrect all that you once protected with your life, because you knew it was sacred, and essential for all creation.

You need to bring your all to me, and go the extra mile for me, because I am poised to give my all to the earth.

For this task, my heart must remain vulnerable, raw, and still broken open, because it is the only way that my divine message can get through to those that need it.

And so, you must know that you will be holding a heart that can melt into yours with nothing less than total, untamed passion and eternal, wild devotion. You will be holding a body that will no longer tolerate anything less than your full attention, presence and reverence. You will be supporting a spirit that will be soaring with immense bravery, and so you need to show me that my feminine power does not intimidate you.

You will be actively listening as this woman continues to overcome profound karmic fears, so I need to feel that you are a fierce conqueror of all my doubts, a mighty King of faith and belief in me.

I am a woman who misses the power of the true masculine as much as she misses the true feminine.

I am a woman who will welcome you with the relief of the desert that finally receives the rains. But your rain must fall down on me with the understanding of how long I have waited for it's moisture, and what I can give when I am softened by it.

I am a woman who has pledged to walk on and on - looking fear and resistance in the eye - and to keep on walking, in order to bring my full feminine heart back to the world's altar.

I require only a man who has built the altar for me, and will fearlessly, joyfully, passionately protect it until the day he dies. 🔥 ❤️

I Am.

You Are.

We Are.


Global Consciousness..

🔥🕎🔯🕉️ 🔥

💎 ❤️💚💙💜❤️ 💎



❤️ 🌟 🌎🌍🌏🌟 ❤️


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