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By: Ramona Lappin

I just wanted to share a quick follow-up on my post from Friday about the massive accelerated Clearing of Fallen Angelics and Shadow Bodies at Collective level for the past few days now and what I can see the effect of this is having already and going to have. I can't even put adequately into words how freaking HUGE all of this is and what it all means but I'll try 😅

Its very interesting to see the effects of this already playing out in real time. Many compromised teachers/ leaders are seen for what they are and the same is true for the world stage. I was shown that about 90% of spiritual leaders/ teachers/ guru's have been compromised, knowingly and unknowingly. By connecting to entities that we're not benevolent. This is also a reflection of the negative alien agenda that is behind the leaders we on the world stage such as politics and government agencies. Quite frankly we have been guided by the False Parent archetypes. And yes this Kay be shocking to wake up to for many right now but it is what it is and we're also receiving most powerful healing directly from source now resulting in very quick shifts, changes and healings happening with people.

As for the question asked what happens to those possessed: I am getting that they will be freed of the possessions also. This is unfolding for everyone as all the negative entities, Fallen Angelics, lower Consciousness, frequencies and Realities are now being removed, dissolved and collapsed at quantum speed! This is also resulting in people in general changing very quickly now as said, such as sudden shifts in personality as the false programs, inserts, personality constructs etc dissolve! VERY EXCITING MASSIVE CHANGES unfolding NOW!! We shall see this playing out now at a mass level! What I am seeing is that this is resulting in a Reset of this holographic false Matrix Reality too. Because from what I was shown, we have been highjacked in 2012 into a false phantom Timeline when we should have transitioned to the One True Organic Ascension Timeline/ Reality. We've been in a time loop since but have broken out of it! I will share more on all of this soon in a video. All in Divine Alignment as a posts just can't do this justice.

Everyone will be seen for who they truly are, as all that is false falls away. Then on another level we have to ask: what is the True Self? With all that's been going on down here, basically most having been highjacked to different degrees, along with the programming, the inserts, implants, DNA mutations etc etc basically most people have not known who they truly are. Also cabal/ Illuminati families will now change indeed! Because they are no longer the puppets for and being handled by Negative Alien forces. Not saying everyone of them is going to defect but some will. Others will 'dissapear' in various ways as well as arrests already having been made as well as many other layers of clearings such as of dumps already unfolding. I'll share more soon!

This is truly all part of the Reset of our Divine Blueprints which is also resetting our holographic Matrix Reality now. As we wake up from the dream and dream all new world's into being now!


As all-ways, please only take what resonates and leave the rest.

Eternal Love & Blessings,

Ramona 💙


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