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By: Ramona Lappin


We're going through a HUGE Collapsing of Timelines these past few weeks in particular as old karmic cycles are finally ending and coming to their resolution. This is causing old Timelines/ Experiences/ REALities to come up for release so we can choose differently in every now moment whilst new higher Timelines can be anchored and accessed. Past, present and future are all merging. This is also resulting in us losing memory as the Cosmic Akash is clearing so that we can then operate from the present now moment, collapsing the past and the future into the Zero Point field of NOW. Full presence, awareness and consciouss maneuvering of our REALities is necessary to make this process as easy, joyful and graceful as possible. Instead of just reacting to what is going on and transpiring in our REALities we are required to drop deeper and deeper within. To cut out more of the outer noise and distractions and instead focus on and go more within as this is where our true guidance can be heard. We will be guided by our higher intelligence when we listen to our souls wisdom which can not be found amongst much busyness and noise as easily and may get distorted. No-one else outside of us has the answers we seek that we ourselves can not answer. It is all about cultivating the connection with our own Source within.

There's a lot of tension, fear and projection in the air, grief and old traumas surface to be released once and for all. Betrayal, trust, seperation and so much more, all coming up for clearing. We are to let them go, any emotional charges still held within our cells connecting us to these Experiences, all to be collapsed into the zero point field where there is only now, no more past, no future. We become the consciouss and compassionate Observer of our REALities as they shift, transmute and the old collapses.

We dissolve lower Timelines/ Experiences/ REALities through Divine Neutrality and Love. A lot of these REALities collapse by us just being a silent witness, seeing all and everything through the eyes of Source, of unconditional, Divine Love. Divine Neutrality means NON JUDGEMENT. so whenever we get triggered into any kind of judgement towards anyone or anything it is important for us to release that into Divine Neutrality understanding all is a reflection of us, the One, a fractal of Source, all to be integrated. As whatever we judge keeps coming back into our Experience until we don't judge it anymore. Whatever we resist persists. These are important guidelines to keep in mind especially at this time. We do not engage in drama anymore as this keeps us looping and recreating old Timelines. When there are triggers we resolve them from within and we keep dropping deeper, unravelling and releasing any and all old programming, templates, distortions. When we interact with others we stay super consciouss and aware of what is playing out, we keep centred and bring resolution for all. Keep remembering that most others we interact with also come from programming and distortion, it's not their true essence either. Only Love is Truth. We stay in Divine Neutrality, Love and Compassion for all of life's expressions, we integrate all fractals, plus everyone is showing us something that still requires release and integration WITHIN US. We are grateful for the triggers and the mirrors as we realise that we all have blind spots and that others show us something we couldn't see before, an aspect of our unconscious that requires clearing and integration. It's about how we react and act in every moment and not what others are doing or not doing!!

In the end, all the lower energies & frequencies coming to the surface are all part of the clearing and colllapse of these lower/ old Timelines. A lot of this is connected to ancient / parrallel lifetimes. It's in our cells, body, bones and blood, it's cellular. We are to be the neutral Observer of our life Experience and choose NEW if that's what we wish to experience. We are in charge of choosing these higher Timelines and REALities. When we make higher, soul aligned choices in our own life we also affect the Collective Timelines in turn, that's what we came here for. As we are leaping to a New Harmonic Universe, all new REALities, which are in a much higher frequencies octave of the one/s we currently occupy, all that is not in alignment is becoming very visible to us. Our Heart knows the way, it is showing us all that is no longer in resonance with our souls truth, mediocre just will not do anymore. In order to choose these higher Timelines we can not repeat old habits and ways of being and thinking anymore. We have to change our thoughts, words, beliefs, actions, feelings. We literally become different people. All we are truly shedding is an old outdated version of us that was based in distortion, programming, templating and conditioning, it was never our True Authentic Self. Now our soul is taking over and steering the ship. The definition of 'insanity' is to keep repeating the same things over and over again, expecting a different result. We are active participants in the Ascension process and the Creation of our new REALities. Accessing and activating our personal Highest Timelines in turn activates these for the Collective, all is interconnected. Until now most of us created our REALities from an unconscious place and distortions. We played out karmic stories so we could find resolution to our life stories playing out and finally return to our true Divine Essence. Finding what works and what doesn't, what is in alignment and that which is not. We are now writing our own new Life Script. We are in charge of our own personal Timelines, we create/ access these through new and aligned choices, behaviors, actions, beliefs, thought processes. We are to step into our true power!! Reclaim our Sovereign Self, our God and Goddess Power, gifts, abilities and be the CREATORs incarnate we came here to be.

But to create from a pure and consciouss place instead of distortion and unconsciousness, we have to first claim full responsibility for our creations. All and any blame, shame, guilt, victim energy etc has to go. There is no other way. These Energies are based in seperation and are not the highest truth. We are to remember that all of this, this whole Experiment / Experience has been for us to learn and expand through the ILLUSION OF SEPERATION. Now we are dissolving seperation. Seperation from self and from one another, all goes back to the beginning of time where we were seperated from Source, which left a deep wound in us all. We are to understand that it is an illusion. At highest level we are ALL ONE and part of our soul is always with Source and we can never be seperated from it. This is what many of us are fully integrating now as many of us are merging with our Higher Selfs, Monad, with our Source within. This also means all Energies that represent seperation are being purged from our beingness, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. One thing is for our mind to understand that we are ALL ONE, it's another thing to fully integrate this through our hearts intelligence.

We dissolve these lower Experiences/ REALities/ Timelines through practicing Divine Neutrality and Love in all situations, with ALL that arises. If we still judge anything or anyone it will keep coming up in our life's until we get to a place of neutrality which collapses the lower Experiences/ REALities/ Timelines. That's what we're here for. We heal all of creation by seeing all and everything through the eyes of Divine Love. Loving and forgiving the unlovable and unforgiveable. That's how Jesus healed. That's how we dissolve it all, the old Matrix system. I know it's tough but no-one said this was easy and we have trained lifetimes for this time now!! If we want to be the consciouss CREATORs that we came here to embody we also have to take full responsibility for what we have created so far. This has nothing to do with blame, shame or guilt! We created from an unconscious place, through conditioning, programming and old way / templates of being, but now we know better! Everyone gets a 'get out of jail free card', as I like to say.

If there ever was a time to BELIEVE in YOU, to TRUST YOU, to LOVE YOU, the time is NOW! We are to truly STEP INTO Y/OUR TRUE POWER NOW. Remember that what has happened until now, THAT WAS THEN AND THIS IS NOW. We are tapping into and activating new Timelines and the old ways just won't work anymore, so we let that shit go. WE HAVE TO BEcome SUPER CONSCIOUSS OF our EVERY THOUGHT, BELIEF, WORD, FEELING, ACTION and release the old whilst REAFFIRMING THE NEW. We are OVERWRITING the old storylines/ Experiences/ REALities, this is constant and happens in every moment. We stop repeating and feeding the old REALities and firmly FOCUS ON THE NEW. In a way we have to ignore/ NEUTRALISE any old Timelines that keep looping as our attention will keep them in our Experience. A lot of what is being resolved is also being cleared and accessed through our dream time.

All we wish to manifest is at the other side of fear. All we truly have to do is relax and follow our bliss whilst we release the old for good and take divinely guided actions steps (not out of/ based in fear or lack!!) that assist in the anchoring of the Highest Timelines for ourselves and ALL LIFE!

High time to step into our mastery and own our Creator state from a super conscious and responsible place!

Eternal Love & Blessings,

Ramona 💙


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