HOLD ON (or rather let it all go) - ALL NEW BEGINNINGS ARE AT HAND!

By: Ramona Lappin

Powerful energies are continuing to rock the very fabric of our Realities! The sun and Schumann Resonance are very active. Solaris also released an I believe 24hr long massive solar flare but on the non earth facing side yesterday (video in comments below) as well as there being a huge dark filament earth facing. So we're on solar flare watch. Cosmic Rays and Plasma Waves continue to re-encrypt our Realities. We're receiving much higher dimensional frequencies light currents since last week and the body is adjusting and still integrating as well as still receiving HUGE UPGRADES. Our bodies and Realities are undergoing a deep PURGE of any lower densities, we've been doing some VERY heavy lifting! Not pleasent but very necessary, we can't raise in Frequency with density weighing us down. We've quantum leaped beyond what we thought possible and it's all still settling in as all is getting ready to SHIFT NOW!!

Especially our lower bodies are clearing much density as well as receiving major Upgrades to our whole brain structure, third eye activations and openings as pineal and pituitary glands are re-building a connection/ bridge, our higher Heart-Mind connection continues to rebuild/ self heal itself, as our whole body is flooded with higher dimensional plasma flows that support the re-encryption and Healing of our Blueprints. All is accelerated. The seemingly impossible is now going to become possible! Our gifts and abilities amplifying and activating to new levels, new downloads coming in, more clarity, more remembering as we're simultaneously are going deeper into our core wounds to love and release them. To LET IT ALL GO! Shifts in perception is what enables this, it's not a matter of linear time. As we've also been releasing much trauma at cellular level and the memories are being released from our Collective un/sub-conscious and becoming conscious so they can be transmuted and healed, so we do no longer have to recreate and loop in old, lower, artificial timelines! We are starting to remember more and more of who we truly are, other incarnations, and reclaiming our full Power, reuniting and merging with our Multidimensional Self!! Merging the higher dimensional realities within, all inner-connected! Because this what is necessary to be the strong pillar of light and hope for all to SEE CLEARLY AGAIN BECAUSE IT IS TIME!!

Some most noticeable side effects are pains and discomfort/ clearings of energetic blocks around lower chakras, headaches/ tension around head and crown, tooth ache/ pressure, soar throat, flu type symptoms/ body aches, feeling depressed and anxious, tiredness, nausea, dizziness, vertigo, emotional releases, downloads, expanded states of Consciousness, new perceptions etc AND MOST NOTICEABLY FEAR LEAVING THE BODY! The last is very interesting to notice an it's THE SIGN/ CONFIRMATION TO ME THAT WE'VE SHIFTED BEYOND AMAZINGLY!! 🥳🥳🥳 That's when the Matrix collapses!

Especially since Wednesday the feeling of no fear of anything left in my body. A beautiful confirmation of all the density we have released on SO MANY LEVELS over the last three weeks! Huge Collective Quantum Miracle Healings are taking place!! Especially of the nervous system and at DNA and cellular level, cellular self re-genesis is also starting to be experienced! When doing my planetary energy work I can see how the old systems, energies, entities are literally dissolving in layers so very quickly now! As we remember that after all, EVERYTHING IS ENERGY, FREQUENCY & VIBRATION! As all has been imagined into being, so it can also be 'dissolved'. The Key here is, no fear! ALL IS CONSCIOUSNESS after all.

We have now entered an accelerated merging at Collective level as Remembering ourselves as ONE ORGANISM, with our Higher Identities, with God Source, a Higher Intelligence, with the Eye & Heart of all of Creation. Realigning and merging with our Eternal Nature, our True Nature. Reclaiming our Core Encryption, our own Unique Source Codes! Merging all as ONE again, releasing that which no longer serves the new Dream we're now dreaming into manifest form! All time merges into ONE NOW MOMENT. All all-ready accessible in parallel 'time'! Dissolving all that held us back..all lower Realities and it's Manifestations, all lower Consciousness now alchemised and transformed into a higher frequency.

Because we're all about to wake up from the Dream within the Dream..

All at our fingertips.. in the blink of an eye.. that's the only 'time' when anything ever changes.. in the NOW, in NO-TIME. Accessible in the quantum field. As we remember we co-create this all.

For those that would like to join in co-creating some of these quantum shifts in reality that keep unfolding, and receive some extra support during this transformative time, I am offering a remote healing session for tomorrow Saturday, the 21st (and also on 28th). I'll leave a link to more information at the bottom of this post. I've been shown that the last two sessions supported a huge Ascension quantum leap and shift in planetary Frequency as well as collapsed a massive amount of Collective and personal artificial, lower timelines, all accelerating our whole Ascension journey beyond what we thought possible! I'm not saying we are the only ones who made that happen, of course we're ALL doing this together with all the things we're doing every day, a divine Orchestration over many aeons, but I am also guided to acknowledge this, KNOWing it was a co-creation with Source, I and others heard the call and followed it and together we created a big momentum and shift in the space-time fabric, like pulling a trigger. We make the shift happen! In so many ways with all we do, say, think, feel, belief in. Playing small, nor being arrogant, is not going to create the big shifts we wish to see in our world! All has been layed out so we would not believe in our power, our gifts, to doubt ourselves, have low confidence, to give our power to others, believe others know more, are better or more powerful and capable than us etc. I share this as it shows how powerful we truly are and that we are making this happen as we walk our path, by being present and open. Me following my guidance of offering these sessions is supporting and accelerating the whole Ascension process in a massive way and this is what we all have to realize! How truly powerful we are WHEN WE BELIEVE IN OURSELVES & FOLLOW OUR GUIDANCE & INTUITION & APPLYING OUR GIFTS IN FULL CONFIDENCE!! It clicks everything into place!

This is leading me to share a funny visual I had in meditation yesterday. It was the scene of the Wizard of Oz where the curtain gets drawn to see the man behind it, the one who Orchestrated all. But instead of the man, it's all of us kind of saying "Surprise" and laughing 🤪 Because in the end, it's ONE CONSCIOUSNESS that's dreamt this all up together as One it's just that we've forgotten. But now we start to remember again about what this is truly all about. What's really going on. The Truth revealed at last. That's what's happening ultimately and no, no-thing can stop it. It's God's plan, our plan, and we have a very bright future ahead of us! Just got to keep seeing through the illusions, stay in your heart, in the present NOW, in your centre, be your true Self, speak your Truth, BE BRAVE, reclaim your Power and..



So hold on Beloveds, things that are shown to us are not as they seem. So stop believing they are, that's what gives them power. They haven't been for a loooong time. Most a mirage, an illusion projected at you to keep you enslaved to fear.. to control.. all for us to break through the cages of our own minds and realize and reclaim our True Power as the Co-creators of World's that we are!! No-thing can stop us once we truly realize this! The Matrix, a holographic quantum projection is now dissolved and merely still seen because we remember it so, because we expect it. Time to dream a whole new dream into being and project a whole new world! As we change the way we view the world, the world around us changes. As we remember again who we truly are, we remember our true Reality, all held as Templates and Blueprints within our fields. All activating now in NO-TIME ALL NEW WORLD'S PROJECTED OUT FROM THERE! All held in our DNA, the film strip to the Realities we see, hence they were compromised. But they underestimated us and the power of the human body!

We remember, we are all mere actors in a play here.. the play, the experiment, that now comes to its ending and conclusion and a new one to begin!!


And we can't take the past with us yet we will finally remember of what truly happened, but will not let is deter us from moving ahead. We have to forgive, not forget, to move on. It's about finding higher perspectives that allow us to heal. No longer allowing the past to weigh us down, expecting the same or worst, and for others to manipulate us with it, through constantly triggering our wounds.. until they've healed and we've finally learned the lessons we came here for. And that time has come now so we can finally move into the future with arms and higher heart-minds wide open!

Keep DREAMing REALLY BIG, whilst PRESENT IN THE NOW MOMENT where all else shall be revealed!

The ZERO POINT FIELD of NOW, of NEUTRALITY, where ALL JUST ULTIMATELY IS, from where all becomes accessible. From where we get to change it all. For now be so very proud of all you've become. Worthy beyond measure and the world before you as your Oyster! So hold on just a little longer. Trust. Believe. Have Faith. Its what moves mountains and helps create that which we seek.

We're almost 'there' 🌈

Eternal Love & Blessings,

Ramona 💙


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