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Have Faith And Start Trusting Again

Pardon my honesty, and yet, It Is Time.

I feel my biggest lesson is to have more faith in others, to start trusting and hoping again.

I've felt i am on my own since being a child, not necessarily from an ego perspective, since i always felt connected to the Whole of it all, much less on a physical plane with other fellow members, as i've always cared about others more than i do about myself, holding each one in my heart and thoughts endlessly, even after the 7 years connection links, and i felt other's pain as if it were my own. i always felt more happy to give than to receive.

This lesson in itself is very hard and a blocker for me, because of this, people just accepted that I/we do not need any assistance from anyone, and life went on with this perspective in mind, yet each time the unknownable came, i was the first to jump in and endure whatever I had to endure, much like a challenge or reminder for me, that I am still able to do it, in preparation for whatever is in store to come. I feel this dates to a time beyond time of my past experiences, as I thrive most when jumping in chaos, more than while everything is just "normal".

Maybe I am destined to become a leader eventually, maybe the opposite is also true. Yet the only person I ever felt as worth following is MoM, and i've been searching for that mentor consciously for a bit over 10 years now. I find easy to see through the matrix of succes, and know how to navigate it to upmost material succes, or any kind of succes for that matter, yet I always refused to, because i never wanted it in "that" way... the way in which the system was designed to, by using words and misinformation to advance one's own life plan, and yet it would be so easy to "jump in" that ship.

Will this lead to anything? No idea... yet i am reminded of one of Steve Jobs's quotes: you have to trust that somehow, the dots will connect in your favor eventually. On top of that, it becomes harder to not believe, that our birthdate do not define what we came here to accomplish, and thus i trust that i came here to endure hard mode... maybe my soul was just greedy to accumulate as much experience as possible, otherways i cannot explain the 90 year of my birth, nor the 3, 6 and 9 of my combined birthdate.

I release all expectations, and I continue preparing my body mind and soul for whatever is to come. If one thing is certain, it would be that what awakened me was and still remains, one of my most cherished memories, of a fleet of starships in the middle of the night, and a telepathic conversation that lasted around 30mins, through 3 trials of fear (life's funny like that) that i overcame, and I am still here. So yeah... galactics, elohim, angels and all visible and invisible beings... now you know who I am. And whatever you want to say to any of us who choose physicality... and i mean this with no disrespect... but you don't know what you're talking about.

Thank Mother God that came here to witness it herself (instead of most) and came back up to slap your asses from Your comfort zone a bit more, so you will start assisting us all directly with more than just words of comfort and numerological encrypted messages, followed by the "soon" and "you're so close" words.

Again, i mean no disrespect, but you have no idea what you're talking about. Start listening to Our Mother more, and stop debating endlessly what the Light can and cannot do, for whatever accords were signed hundreds and thousands of years ago... they have the same usefullness now as the Howey test has for technology. And as someone that choose to experience this in hard mode... i believe i also have a say for all those ships (shitload of them) that came to greet my awakening 4 years ago, and to tell you, move your asses already!

Get off your high chairs up in the sky, and start being uncomfortable. Because no matter how hard you think you have it, we have it 100x harder here, and MoM had it atleast 10000x harder than any of you/us here. So next time you start channeling through one of many channelers here, please bare in mind, there is a limit of decency that even we are prepared to hold, and Divine Timing can become ANY MOMENT, as long as the choice is mutual on all planes.

So Here is your confirmation, Divine Timing is Now.

In Humble Service,

To Our Mother,

And All There Is,

I am

~ Stefan

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