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Goddess Warrior Rising- The Deep Woman

👸 ✨Goddess Warrior Rising ✨ 👸

Women armed with Love and Ancestral Wisdom

Are an Unstoppable Force.

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THE DEEP WOMAN has moved beyond craving material and external fixes for security or fulfillment. The deep woman has found, over countless years of breathing open, that she has been invited by Life to dig into the depths of existence.

THE DEEP WOMAN has to confront, meet and face what presents as illusion on this earth plane.

She has to learn to leave the mind-space and return to her body. She has to keep going deeper, deeper and deeper into her sacred core until the purity is restored there.🌹

She has to pull out all the old magic that has been forgotten and disused. She has to walk a path of stones before she comes to her fresh garden.

She has to remind her beleaguered heart that the wisdom lies in her body, her feelings and her never-ending, flowing cycles of energy.

She has to rise above her weariness again, and again, and again. She has to persevere, remain, stay alive even when she wants to leave. She has to keep going. Every day, every hour, every breath.🌹

THE DEEP WOMAN reaches a point in her journey when she must clear out on a very profound level.

She must refuse to collude with the TV and media-drugged, emotionally-blocked and hardened, ego-led world.

She takes herself away from the superficial, the material, the external forms of fake, glittering nourishment. She strips herself of outer accoutrements and gets down to the bare bones. 🌹

She begins to live with the wolves, the moon, the trees, the soil, the ocean and the stars again. She takes up residence in her inner temples, tends to them lovingly, is captivated by their Light, and promises fervently to never again leave herself.

THE DEEP WOMAN finds herself regularly immersed in silence, as this is her eternal home.

THE DEEP WOMAN discovers an aching desire for unguarded intimacy with all life.🌹

THE DEEP WOMAN seeks out only truth, because she IS truth at it's very essence.

THE DEEP WOMAN rarely speaks out in haste, and eschews gossip. She has cultivated a richly-textured spiritual awareness and presence. She chooses words and ways of communicating extremely carefully, as she knows that to be deeply authentic is the greatest gift a woman can give.🌹

THE DEEP WOMAN carves out a wide space for herself on this planet now.

She nestles herself into the earth, connects her chakras to the grid-points of Light, and opens her ancient womb to the Goddess.🌹

She allows all the divine information held in her cells to radiate and lead the way.

She connects with her womb and it's precious blood.

She looks into other's eyes as a sacred practice.🌹

She touches others and lets them know that they are safe.

She makes love with her fears: she melts open with her fears, enters fully into them, and gives them permission to move through her body.

She gives great priority to the magic held in the Third Eye.🌹

DEEP WOMEN are here to restore open presence, heart-wisdom, breath, blood, mystery and soul-listening to our planet.

DEEP WOMEN are manna from heaven.

DEEP WOMEN are the ancient, fragrant notes of Earth's song.🌹

DEEP WOMEN are called into emitting the frequencies of their beings, without reservation or hesitation, to stir the dulled memories of a blinded humanity that has lost its way.

TAKE THE HAND OF A DEEP WOMAN and you are making a promise to yourself.

You are reminding yourself that this is the life you remember, and it is the one that matters most.🌹

Everything in your life will conspire to bring you into her aura once you are ready.

THE INTUITIVE LIFE OF A DEEP WOMAN is rarely spoken of - but the daily sacred acts of these women are keeping the earth opening to possibility of new life.🌹

THE DEEP WOMEN hold the future of our planet in their earth-covered, compassionate and light-filled hands”.

Mike Harrigan.

I Am.

You Are.

We Are.


Global Consciousness..

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