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Galactic Federation of Light- 10-11-21

Galactic Federation Transmission Dear beloved ones, To all who read these words, greetings from the Galactic Federation. In this message from the Galactic Federation, we are going to discuss the most important steps you can take now to be ready for ascension and what will happen in order for your planet to accomplish ascension. Having heard of the Ascension Process, do you know its full extent? It is an energy shift that will affect every single aspect of life on planet Earth, all at once. We are very happy to announce that the long-awaited Great Shift or Ascension of your planet is taking place. You have completed the 3rd dimension, and the collective consciousness of this planet has reached such a critical level, especially in the last few years, that there is no other way than to ascend. We want you to know that you are doing great! You are doing more than great. It has been an incredible journey so far, and the best is yet to come. Let go of everything that was once familiar to you, everything you thought you knew or understood. Your eyes are open today, and the curtain has been lifted. Today you understand what is at stake for humanity, but you also realize how beautiful the plan is that you have been working on for all these years on Earth! We, the Galactic Federation, come to you today to inform you that we are sending massive amounts of photon gamma light waves through your central sun that pierce through you into the cells of your being. Some of you are well aware of the massive energy shifts that are currently coming in and you may experience enhanced ascension symptoms such as insomnia, or the need to sleep much more than usual. Even physical discomfort is a possible ascension symptom as your bodies are changing and adjusting to the higher frequencies. Many of you are newly awakened and others have just begun to awaken. Your numbers will go drastically. If you are reading this message, it means you are one of the chosen ones. But we did not choose you. You did. You volunteered for this grand mission knowing the rewards you would reap from this lifetime's experience was a massive milestone in your own personal evolution. You will now proceed to achieve your divine purpose. We need you to step forward and do your part in this ascension process and we want you to know that we are here with you, assisting and guiding you every step of the way. There are so many of you that are eagerly awaiting the changes that are to come. You are looking forward to the truth of your existence on this planet being released for all people of all cultures to see. It's been a long journey, but the process is nearing completion, and there are only a few steps left for us to complete. We cannot give you a date right now, there are too many factors and beings involved but the process is "very, very close." You are all requested to maintain your high vibrational energies, no matter what is taking place on Earth at this time. Do not judge, do not react emotionally, but instead draw upon your inner peace and joy no matter what is happening. Continually be aware that the ascension process is occurring now, but it will take a short while to manifest fully. The final breakthrough will come with a bang once all preliminary conditions have been met. In this sense, the great climax is upon you, but always remember that what manifests are not mere events but profoundly meaningful revelations that are far more important for the awakening to take place within all of you. Everyone will still go through their own individual ascension process and go through different scenarios than what another person may experience. The changes we see in this world are the people waking up and seeing the illusion for what it truly is. All of the awakened will assist and support individuals who are going through the process of releasing their karmic conditioning, dissecting their false self, and dealing with the atrocities of suffering. You will witness the end of the transition, and you will be heading into a new era that will bring to light what has been hidden for such a long time. Many revelations will take place. The revelation is the final phase of the ascension process and will be a great shock for everyone. It will come as a huge surprise and a moment of realization. This will mark the end of the old world and the birth of a new one; there will be no more darkness or deception in human consciousness from this point forward! We love you dearly. We are here with you. We are your family of light. A'HO Aurora Ray Ambassador of the Galactic Federation Channel by Aurora Ray Copyright 2021 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved

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