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Galactic Federation Call For Courage

Galactic Federation-Call For Courage

Dear sisters and brothers of planet earth,

We are from the Galactic Federation and we send our love and appreciation for your work and efforts in these changing times. We also send our gratitude for your willingness to take on new adventures and to expand your consciousness.

You are approaching a great transition. In fact, as you read this, you are already in the midst of it. For many years now, we have been preparing you for your Ascension process and your transformation into the New Earth.

We have been working with you to create the foundations, and indeed, we have already begun to activate them. You have been shown many things and prepared for many changes, and indeed, there is much more to come.

The dark forces have been pushed back to the edges of your reality, so that they are unable to interfere with the great changes that are occurring on your planet. The creation of 5D has begun.