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The Prime Creator has already given the GO signal for the Galactic Federation of Light to start appearing in the skies of the world in large numbers. They are now allowed to openly interact with the people of the world. Yes, it is called the Galactic Disclosure.

They will no longer wait for the governments of the world to do the disclosure as they will do it themselves.

The whole world will be able to see gigantic screens/monitors on the sides of these motherships/lightships which will broadcast some messages to the whole world much like what we see on our television channels today. And some of the people of the world will be invited to come up on board the Ships and meet the Galactics in person. Those people that are sick will be given free healing treatment.

At present and onwards, there will be no more delay for Galactic disclosure. Meaning, the End is Near!

It does not mean that the Earth is doomed

It does not mean that all life as we know it will cease to exist