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Full Moon in Libra: The Resurrection of True Reality

By: Archeia Aurora

We have now entered the April Vortex ! Every year, April carries with it a sort of chaotic momentum where new experiences, new timelines, and sudden changes grace our human experience. I feel it’s a combination of April being Aries Season as well as the official “new year” in astrological terms. April also carries with it the 4 energy, which is about manifesting into form, foundation setting, and embodiment. We are always tested in April with setting the foundations for the “new”. This year, April is also a Universal 11 month which carries a master frequency. 11 has always associated with luck, mastery, and synchronistic events.

This month, I am drawn to focus on the Archetypes of both Aries + Libra as these will be core archetypes for the remainder of the year, as well as the Virgo + Pisces Archetypes. This week we have an Aries stellium with the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Chiron + Eris in Aries. We are urged to embody the new archetype of Aries which is sovereignty. With sovereignty comes a sense of inner strength, passion, courage, and empowerment as the God with God archetype. The spark of Creation is brewing within our genomes and it will begin to burn + transmute all fear, weakness, victim/savior, + force from our DNA. This is an uncomfortable process as many are feeling the pressure building as the Higher Selves, the God Selves, begin integrating and overlaying the EGO/Karmic DNA blueprint.

What this is bringing up within us, is a sense of inner conflict that is represented by the Aries/Libra Axis. Aries seeks to burn out the lower frequencies that keep us in apathy, stagnation, fear, and inner weakness. Power over, force, domination will no longer be carried by the Aries energy, nor will victimhood, apathy, or fear be able to run through our systems. As the Higher Selves begin to drop in (for the 3rd wavers), come into deeper embodiment (for 2nd wavers), and come into full embodiment (for the 1st wavers), our collective shadow templates will transmute within the fires of God. The old self must be sacrificed for the higher self. The old world, the old ways must be sacrificed in order for the new to manifest. This coincides with the holiday of “Easter”, and the entire analogy of Christ’s mission here on Earth. The true meaning of the story of Christ was divine sacrifice. Christ did not die for “our sins”, nor did she sacrifice herself as a martyr. Christ’s story was that in order to anchor in Christ Consciousness, the God Self, one must sacrifice the shadows of this world. The EGO must die in order to truly live.

Eris, a dwarf planet, is the sister to Mars (ruler of Aries) and thus has a special relationship with Aries. She has been in Aries since 1925 bringing wild revolutions to our sense of autonomy and self-identity. Eris is a goddess of chaos, and in her shadow aspect, she likes to win at all costs, and she also likes revenge. Not only does she seek to come out on top, but she also wants to see her enemies fail. In Aries, this has led to deep arrogance and reckless revenge leading to extreme conflict, competition, dominance, war, violence + abuse. She is having a very radical transformation in Aries at the moment, coming into her higher archetype of Divine Chaos. She is now an agent of evolution, as she is so wildly, boldly, and unapologetically herself she serves as a walking catalyst. We are becoming our own unique aspects of Divine Chaos, where we organically catalyze everyone and everything around us through our sheer fearlessness and unconditional love for self.

Now, as we enter the 4/4 Portal, there is a deep sense of Cosmic Justice coming through. Again, the number 4 sets a foundation, it is also where things come into physical manifestation and we embody, anchor and ground Into reality a new timeline. There is no coincidence that we are anticipating Donald Trump to be turned over via indictment on Tuesday, the 4/4 Portal. The day after, on 4/5-4/6 we will have a Full Moon in Libra at 16 degrees. This full moon will peak in the early hours around 1:11 AM EST. The Full Moon will be opposite the Sun, Jupiter, + Chiron in Aries. In order to understand what this Full Moon will be pressure cooking within us, we must look at a her degrees.

The following is an excerpt from the Book 360 Degrees of Your Star Destiny by Ellias Lonsdale:

16-17 Degrees Libra: “The desire to go two different ways simultaneously. On the conscious level, wanting to be attractive, fascinating, somebody who can draw to oneself all the good things of this world. Unconsciously searching for a way of life that runs counter to professsed values and that works heavily against what is sought on the surface. The struggle is monumental, the terms punishing, for we empirically feel that we should be able to have what we outwardly pursue and not be cheated of this consummation. Yet we deeply know that our heart’s not in it and that we are involved in a different layer of existence all together. Sooner or later we must learn to say yes to the underside or else be swamped by it. We will learn to be what we are, and this path will be the hardest kind.

She has had enough already. Drawing to herself replays of characteristic scenes, just shuffling the players and the circumstances, she witnesses what comes her way and is not impressed. She is up against a hard place. Everybody in her feels the same way. The battle is there between the desire to go further inside and the assumption that it’s too much trouble, too hard to be the one who breaks the mold. The choice, the decision, the agonizing pros and cons of making the best of a bad situation, or starting out in a direction hat has no guarantee and truly is a real chance.

If you have major Libra placements in your chart including Ascendant, Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus + Mars, you will be feeling this on a visceral level. For everyone, wherever 16 degrees Libra lies in your chart you will be feeling this pressure building. The old archetype of Libra is coming to die under this Full Moon, in order to rise up and join her lover, Aries in his new sovereign archetype. Aries + Libra are the lovers of the zodiac and they bring us the dynamics between self + others, passion/courage + harmony, and between the soul’s destiny + the intertwining with the destiny of others. The lower archetype of Libra is the people pleaser. Libra’s shadow causes her to put everyone before herself, and to place other’s opinions, projections, and perspective in place of her own. She has no sense of self without the other (Aries). She people pleases because she loves to be seen for her beauty, brilliant intelligence, and her talent of being able to create harmony + synergy between anyone and anything. Yet, she suffers internally because her own sovereignty has been sacrificed. She is so focused on what is “fair and balanced” she has lost sight of what is real and true, raw and real. Now, Libra must rise up into her true archetype of Divine Justice. Divine justice is not surface level harmony, people pleasing, nor is it revenge or retribution (these are the extremes of Libra’s shadow). Divine justice is Equal Energy Exchange, it is the restoration of what is aligned with Universal Law, Source, Love + does not sacrifice one’s personal Sovereignty as God with God.

These two archetypes will be turning the world upside down this year as we are being preparing for the North Node of Destiny to shift into Aries on July 17th, as the South Node will enter Libra. Karmically, we are shedding the old ways of relating to one another. We are shedding vanity, people pleasing, giving our power away for the sake of optics. Relationships that rely on co-dependency, victim/savior, or deprives either party of their sovereignty, their passion or their purpose, will no longer be allowed to continue. This will spread to other Libra related themes such as the “justice” system, politics, and person-to-person business. How we choose to relate with one another must now be based on Equal Energy Exchange, period.

As the collective sheds these Libra shadows under the Full Moon, we will all be called to see where we are playing it small, giving our power away, where we have inwardly given up because we have grown tired of being the outsider, the outcast. Yes, it is hard to be the one who breaks the mold, but that is what our soul is here to do. The Sun, Jupiter + Chiron in conjunction, while opposing the Full Moon, will also be shining light on our potential that we are not utilizing. Our wounds will be transmuted via the Sun, as we expand into our full power and potential as God Selves.

The following is an excerpt from the Book 360 Degrees of Your Star Destiny by Ellias Lonsdale:

16-17 Degrees Aries: “We are raked through the coals, for we are unconsciously intent on losing ourselves fully in the space of self-negation and having very little direction or sense of purpose. Wen we are most deeply under these layers we do a great imitation of being far gone, with no way back. We center on free deeds, acts of will in dedicated, surrendered sense, for our will is at one with the collective destiny so profoundly that we can, if we will, help lead everybody forward with humility and passionate intent.

Shown by Spirit. Remaining in a state that in ancient times spoke volumes, yet one that we have silenced in modern times. Projecting this deep core attunement forward to link with multiple futures, but in the now withheld from outer action, only able to muse, to fathom, to link realm with realm. We must dream into each situation, create it from within, meet it as something arising as a mystery script, a secrete revelation. If we wander away from these sacred territories into a more mundane expression, the risks are great. We are sorely tempted to betray this birthright. Anything would be better, apparently, than the bleak isolation of dwelling outside the common comprehension altogether. But the sad part is that we have nowhere to go, nothing to do.

We are invited to be among the few who sustain the bridge, for we are the ones who can keep every link alive. As we devote ourselves to such a contemplative orientation, we at last become one with Source, even cross all the gaps and fissures. Perhaps we might even permit ourselves to move way back inside and uncover the most vital and relevant places missing and sorely lacking, the ones that center on living in total freedom.

Now these potent degrees are bringing up so much for us to reflect upon with ourselves. We do have some additional cosmic support + catalysts under this Full Moon. The ruler of this Full Moon, Venus, is currently stationed in Taurus, along with Juno, Mercury + Uranus. Juno is the asteroid goddess of divine unions, and her and Venus are reconnecting our union with Mother Earth, our bodies, and Nature. Uranus has been re-wiring our nervous systems as well as the organic grid of the Earth. Mercury will be in the early degrees of Taurus and will be receiving a harsh square from Pluto in Aquarius. Aquarius is Humanity, the collective consciousness, as well as innovation through technology, higher consciousness solutions, + sudden epiphanies.

However, Aquarius is also AUTHENTICITY. Pluto’s transit in Aquarius is requiring, no demanding, that we live authentically. We will never, EVER, have true unity consciousness without each soul embodying their full authenticity. This is part of Pluto’s mission as he forces us through a collective EGO death to allow the Higher Selves to fully come in. The Higher Self, or Soul DNA must override the lower EGO DNA and this means that only authenticity will remain. With his square to Mercury in Taurus under the Full Moon, Pluto is going to rip out any thought process that is no longer serving us, he will deliver shocking news or information in the realms of Taurus that shake up the status quo. The realms of Taurus cover resources, abundance, finances + our sense of value.

When we look at the dynamics of this Full Moon we clearly see what we are being called to do. For all the warriors, the truth speakers, the lovers + givers of this Earth…you are tired, we are all tired. But the question is what are we actually tired of? Yes, we are tired of the constant opposition from the Dark. We are tired of the control, the corruption, the sociopathy of the EGO that has gone unchecked for 27,000 years. We are tired of watching others choose ignorance, suffering, blame, projection, denial + lack of accountability. Even more so, we are tired of watching the good souls of this world suffer under this EGO regime that quite literally is sucking the life force out of us.

But let me tell you, at our CORE, what we are truly, truly tired of, is not living our truths. We have all been fighting so fiercely, relentlessly, and bravely, yet our soul’s are dying and not because of the opposition and challenges, the soul loves those. Our souls are dying because we have not been living authentically, we have not been living + standing in our absolute truth of who we are and what we are here to do. The heaviness in the air since Pluto has shifted into Aquarius speaks to this. I have been experiencing it as an internal death of a magnitude I have not felt in a long moment. Source, Spirit, Life Force energy, Love, whatever you wish to call it, it is wild, chaotic and untameable. Love is the most formidable force in the entire universe, and the only true energy in existence. Love follows no rules, it places itself in no boxes, it does not live for expectations, validation, or applause. Love does not cower to fear, nor will it ever back down from a good fight.

The courage it takes to be God with God is not for weakness of the EGO, the constructed Human Self. That part of us is dying and we must allow it. The true divine sacrifice, the true divine justice. The heavens are assisting us with this process as it is a force beyond anything we can control. It feels like a Storm of infinite magnitude is brewing and it will wipe out all in its path that is no longer serving the Divine. There will be catalysts, there will be surprises, there will be an inner death. But there will also be an epic rebirth, a resurrection of Truth, Love, Freedom, + Unity.

27,000 years ago we entered a collective grave. We were knocked down into amnesia, the great forgetting. We forgot who we were, where we came from, why we were here. We forgot we were God with God, we forgot our true Source, the Divine Mother. All the layers of Ascension we are undergoing are part of the Great Remembering. The movie Inception is the best analogy for this. We are many layers deep into the illusion, the dream, the simulation. Every time we go through a leveling up, we "awaken" to another layer within the Dream. We are now at the tipping point of the True Awakening, the final remembering. Our souls are resurrecting from the grave.

Welcome to the Resurrection of True Reality.


**If you would like clarity on your divine destiny, working with the planetary forces, preparing for the changes to your path, + embodying your sovereignty, book a session with me:


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catherine sinclair
catherine sinclair
Apr 05, 2023

This writing resonates so perfectly it feels it comes from my own soul 🕊️ Thank You so much !!!

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