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Full Moon in Libra: Divine Justice & Entering the Feminine Paradigm

By: Archeia Aurora

The air feels electric with the amount of Source energy pouring into our planet. It feels as if we are on the cusp of the greatest death & rebirth ever witnessed. The old is falling apart at an unprecedented rate, while the New has not yet been birthed. We are in the waiting room, the cosmic birthing canal, being squeezed through a quantum pinhole.

The New Earth is a feminine paradigm, as Mother Earth is a feminine energetic system. This does not mean that the masculine energy will no longer be present, as we must have masculine energy to maintain balanced harmonics. However, the masculine energy is going through the violet fires of initiation at the moment in order to bring the true divine masculine energies to the collective. The feminine energy has walked through this fire already, and is preparing for her ultimate redemption, the divine justice of returning to balanced harmonics.

This new feminine system means that every being on the planet will LEAD with their feminine energy, while the internal masculine provides support, stability & inspired action. The heart, receptivity, love, compassion, surrender, and allowance are the new rules in this game. Everything from here on out will feel counterintuitive, like we are ass backwards. That is because we are. We were always living in the flip, we are now just realizing it.

We have lived on the planet dominated by lower masculine energy, which made us become a parisitic and intrusive species. We lost our connection with nature and we began intruding and interfering in natural ecosystems, disrupting the perfect synergy. We then we repeated these patterns with other human beings, creating war, division, violence and hatred. In the Western world, we see this intrusiveness so deeply with the treatment of our vessels. We encourage pharmaceuticals and surgery before we recommend holistic and natural healing. We are so out of tune with nature, the Earth, our OWN bodies, eachother. We are so disconnected.

The old masculine paradigm focused on competition, action, power, control, authority, striving, pushing and forcing. Those energies created the systems we see today...and also why they were destined to fail. The new feminine paradigm requires us to let go of everything we've ever known, and begin working intuitively. Jumping into the unknown is required for this transition, and it is the divine feminine energy that will guide us through that with patience, trust, allowance, and surrender.

We can see this shift in paradigm is getting palpable within the collective consciousness. The feminine energy is rising and the masculine energy, out of its own survival consciousness, is seeking to compete with it, suppress, and annihilate it. Of course the feminine energy holds the power of the Creator, therefore the masculine energy will never and can never exist without the feminine. It is destined for us as a species to come back into balance, into harmony, and once again reunite with the Divine. There will no longer be a supression of the feminine energy, as it is now REQUIRED in order to enter to New Earth. All beings must have an inner balance of masculine/feminine energy.

The Full Moon in Libra is occurring tomorrow, April 16th, 2022 and is bringing the energies of balance and divine justice. Libra is symbolized by the scales, because she is the bringer of divine justice, truth, and balance. Everything about the New Earth is balanced, all things in perfect harmony and synergy. We must get used to embracing this concept and allowing it to permeate our DNA.

The Divine Justice energies are sparked additionally by the Sun & Moon squaring off with Pluto in Capricorn. Power struggles are reaching their apex, but Libra will prevail. Libra is perfectly balanced, yet leads with her Venusian feminine energy. She is fair, truthful, and objective. With these energies, ALL energies out of alignment and out of right action MUST now come into alignment and right action. This Full Moon marks the end of allowing EGO frequencies and lower energy to go on. In this way, Libra is bringing the karma, swift and effective. The lessons and blessings are going out, guiding towards the highest timeline in preparation for the New Moon Solar Eclipse at the end of the month.

For those of you in the first wave, now is the time to let go of the shore. Surrender, accept, embrace and allow. The struggle is done, the battle is over. It is time to embrace the joy, magic and excitement of what is to come. One must jump feet first into the unknown, or the magic will not be realized. All fence sitters will be pushed to make a choice.... fall back? or jump forward?


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