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Fire Burns Within Us All

By Mi Jo Si, Co Created with all of Creation

To co create warmth, a way to cook food transform and much more.. the elements of earth fire air etheric I was feeling into relative with true reality..

we as humanity naturally can choose to build a fire and as I imagine dry wood burning together i feel into Jesus and much much more.. like what I’m feeling is the wisdom from Jesus I’m tapping into using my heart. Jesus spoke in parables. A parable can be easily a challenge for many to comprehend and here I explain I feel that a fire synchronistically shows the difference/s of ‘feeling’ and can relate to Organic Beingness as well.

I would love for us all to discuss something more here as well.

Divine Mother Gaia is a living being.

What we do know and what we equally do not know relative to the choosing of this path of the heart. That trusting through our wisdom and by our moment by moment living in truth and always striving towards Mothers divine plan.. and that rehearting mother is ltrue love in every which way fathomable

Let me write that if all humanity can wholeheartedly agree that Mother Nature is an Organic Living being. Then we are slowly realising this really is true Love r wow all those songs I sing to my plants really make them grow. The leaves are dancing. This is magic. Whatever it is for you.

The place we call our home planet is alive and we are not alone.

Mother Nature is alive.

Does this mean that we are connected? Like we are to our birth Mother.

Is there a Mother that Birthed us all? An energy that birthed the planets. The moons. The gravity? Is that Mother. The same one who Ascended not long ago bef