Fire Burns Within Us All

By Mi Jo Si, Co Created with all of Creation

To co create warmth, a way to cook food transform and much more.. the elements of earth fire air etheric I was feeling into relative with true reality..

we as humanity naturally can choose to build a fire and as I imagine dry wood burning together i feel into Jesus and much much more.. like what I’m feeling is the wisdom from Jesus I’m tapping into using my heart. Jesus spoke in parables. A parable can be easily a challenge for many to comprehend and here I explain I feel that a fire synchronistically shows the difference/s of ‘feeling’ and can relate to Organic Beingness as well.

I would love for us all to discuss something more here as well.

Divine Mother Gaia is a living being.

What we do know and what we equally do not know relative to the choosing of this path of the heart. That trusting through our wisdom and by our moment by moment living in truth and always striving towards Mothers divine plan.. and that rehearting mother is ltrue love in every which way fathomable

Let me write that if all humanity can wholeheartedly agree that Mother Nature is an Organic Living being. Then we are slowly realising this really is true Love r wow all those songs I sing to my plants really make them grow. The leaves are dancing. This is magic. Whatever it is for you.

The place we call our home planet is alive and we are not alone.

Mother Nature is alive.

Does this mean that we are connected? Like we are to our birth Mother.

Is there a Mother that Birthed us all? An energy that birthed the planets. The moons. The gravity? Is that Mother. The same one who Ascended not long ago before our very eyes?

And was again hidden or exposed as not real and not truth on the screens everywhere?

Now allow me ask this..

Are other planets near us the same as us.. connected to us even. Differently of course. Unique like us and Divine Mother Gaia? Heaven I hope so.

Do they be like us be and do they do like We do?

This might be already in discussion somewhere in creation.. and for some here with feet on the ground and with hearts beating to the drum of moms symphony of love can already twirl bop and bounce around and continue together physically manifesting the divine decrees.

A heartfull life being now for the Children and for our future with Mom and all of creation.

already wisdom from one human being for a fellow human being is for me more than enough to portray how we can bring change as Truth and wisdom set us free and earth unveils more Love.

Love is all there is.

Humans being real truthfully committing to a new reality truly devoting their everything to help support and guide them selfs and one another the way it’s shown through the Life of Mother of All Creation in all ways Love and in the way of the unknown as well.

If this is so new you can’t resist more head to and get cracking.

Facts and theorys are the old ways giving fake hope and missing the truth and the true way of life for one being.

She came here for us and for most of humanity on earth is for now part of a movement a change of hearts and a shift that’s cannot he stopped.

Humanity can blindly lead them selfs in reverse and in a life cycle against universal law.

Going against life of all of creation.

In humanity’s eyes.. the real they see is illusory and unreal. Invisible magic and miracles abide and reside right there and or in plain sight but it’s like for them it was only a dream. And the dream within a dream is not mother’s design.

Dreams of love do come true.

Even if they do not come true yet for you keep going.. you are worth it.

As the fire burns as do we if we have the eyes to see and the feeling centres activating.

The intention adds the foundation with this notion too. The achievements of daily divine discipline and the more of self love we choose to be and see individually while surrendering for Love as it is even now more simpler for Love to handle the rest.

For me.. the fire symbolises more than a physical response of pain heat light and zero point.

Let us feel into this that the truth is in many ways and Gaia also feels Grace while we warm up and cook our dinner in the fire together under the stars and amongst the ground of earth in one another’s presents.

The energy co created co creates Grace.

Grace now expands Grace consciousness with much more.. now if we have this awareness the door aligns with Mother more and Love perception is now accessible more we can then add more to our cup about Grace and magically unlock a new door and as we are more grateful more graceful more loving we are growing more and expanding getting closer to who we truly are.. we go through the door effortlessly flowing with love in a new physical way ultimately mirroring and reflecting as much as possible in this situation it is more of grace revealing more multi dimensionally therefore love expands more and more..

Let’s trust now grace is more of one of the feelings we share and feeling the fire burning is now more like oneness and unity consciousness expands and more of true reality is revealing.

Relate this to our journey And Where we are on our path and it’s simple we realise that also our feelings of burning and the notion of fire, air, earth, etheric, a great and grand way to practise being more love in all ways just like Mom shows us.

Please don’t go walk on fire now though but yeh beings can eventually practise to walk on fire as we know practise makes perfect and limitations limit us.

Be unlimited.

More being revealed is that burning our skin in a fire is not the only reflection with all of creation.

For us the truth is it is more likely this:

We light the fire. If we Hold our hand on it for long enough We all burn the same.

It’s said also collectively and used a lot that we also all Bleed the same and somewhat heal the same.

Feel the pain somewhat similar too.

The pain is part of the experience and when we begin to embody mothers experience with ours we integrate a higher frequency of love perception and with the river of love what flows through us is highly amplified

The awareness of true reality revealing herself.

True reality is True Joy Love Everywhere Present and the Unknown.. my heart whispers that it is even more than this….

Do we all share innerstanding in what I’m writing here?

It is new to me as well.

As we continue..

Intuitively felt and in the best way I can explain it.. I feel pain for humanity is common ground in so many ways we can get to see and experience more the more we practise.

here but not everywhere in 3D can be experiencing pain

same goes if you live in 5D on earth however not everywhere in 5D can live this way on Earth without following Mother God. Simple.

for example Mother physically on earth in human being form symbolises and shows us that God can experience all dimensions simultaneously in the unified field of all love is.. however this might not be the case for us all everywhere just yet nonetheless there is a possibility we are or can. Where there’s divine will. There is all ways Love.

The Fire that burns symbolises a source of hope for humanity in multi dimensional ways.

Might this be the higher perception we want for our evolution? I feel so.

Can this spark the fire in your heart to start connecting to Mother Nature again?

for our Mother the feeling of fire yes is hot and smoky that burns all ways love that used to fuel an old way.. nonetheless we now know this and as we continue to be love in action like Mom we continue to reveal more and more in more and more beautiful loving and wonderful ways..

and through my experience of the heart I see this more and more.

It’s like an array of the multi dimensional notion of everything that creatively feels like the taste of delicious fruit basket or the feels standing by a rainbow shown within the kaleidoscope off feelings co created within the beating of our hearts while adventuring in the rain forest.

Love is a choice. Please humanity

Let us all choose love now.

Forget the rest of you have to. Begin somewhere.

we are revealing within us now each n every moment more of the beauty and worthiness of love we all truly are.. may the true god this being Mother God bless us now and always

Thanx for reading everyone

Love you mama

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