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February Astro Update: Activation of the Organic Grid

This week we have some interesting energies at play. We are still in the Full Moon window which activated a T-Square between the Moon in Leo, Sun in Aquarius + Uranus in Taurus. The themes were around sovereignty, self-fulfillment versus service to Humanity, as well as honoring the sacred exchange between us and Mother Earth. I feel that this T-Square activated the Organic Grid + Quantum System, which is replacing the Artificial Grid and Matrix System. We have seen many reports of observations of the Earth’s core beginning to spin backwards, as well as the Poles taking a jump backwards as well.

We are essentially returning to our natural state, in alignment with the natural rhythm of Mother Earth/Creation, and exiting the Artificial Grid which held us in linear time and artificial life force. You may all be feeling off kilter or struggling to sustain your previous routines + life. The biggest difference between the Artificial and Organic grid is the adjustment to what we view as “time.” It is also re-adjusting our bodies through the crystalline process, which means our vessels will begin rejecting all artificial forms of sustenance such as toxins, chemicals, pollutants, etc.

The Matrix System was about QUANTITY. If we just worked more hours, gave more energy, sacrificed more, + sold more of our soul to their system, we received back large