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Etheric Surgery & Wake-up Testimonial

It was January when I woke up. There was always a part of me that was always “spiritually immune” to this ongoing lifetime of lies and deceit from the MSM and politics. But this was different. I couldn’t stop devouring information, a fire had ignited inside of me. I was hungry for the truth and I wanted more. The only problem was I didn’t know how to integrate this new-found knowledge into my life. You see, once you wake up to all the bullshit in the world, it’s not easy knowing all of that. It’s not easy coping with that. All of the heaviness associated with that kind of knowledge is daunting, and the walls caved in. Being raised in a baptist church, I could feel myself being attacked by negative entities left and right, I spent many days hiding away and literally questioning my faith, and then I was led to the 5D Team, at the time I needed them most. By late February I was brought to the 5D telegram channel. Through them I found all kinds of resources. Through their daily posts, I learned how to let love into my heart, and how to begin my spiritual path. I was on a constant path of learning for a while there. I began meditating, taking salt baths, and being completely focused on becoming a better me. I remember having a very distinct day around May, when I sat down and said, “Okay God, I want to commit to whatever kind of transformation you want to take me through to become my higher self.” It was then around June when I was led to some of their products on their website and their etheric surgeries. I booked my first one then and immediately began feeling its effects. I had scheduled my pre-surgery phone call for about 6 days out on a Sunday. My work week ends on a Friday- and what was unusual was that as my shift ended that Friday night I began to feel super ill- major flu-like symptoms- and knowing that those are a part of ascension symptoms, I intuitively knew my body was getting me ready for this surgery. I was linked with a beautiful soul who essentially has become my guide. Prior to our meeting she emailed me a wonderful guide to help know what to expect. When we finally linked up on that Sunday I was well into my weekend of blah. I explained to her what had just happened with my plague and she encouraged me to do a garlic cleanse and take a cold shower! I laughed and said but I’m running a fever, I don’t want to take a shower! She said oddly enough it might help, it balances out your chakras, and then told me how Mom was so adamant about those cold showers everyday LOL. So I took her loving advice and got my garlic that day and took that cold shower. I spent four days in bed with that flu. The whole time, and I even told my guide this, I felt this undeniable feeling of “yea this sucks right now but you’re being prepared for so much more!” Try being sick and excited at the same time, it’s a weird experience! When it was time for my post-surgery call, she gave me so many confirmations. Relayed messages to me from my angels, and all so positive and loving, telling me to keep doing whatever it was I was doing! I LOVED IT! It was even on that phone call I told her I wanted to get the angel-chip activation surgery next! She then advised me to wait a couple weeks so I could integrate. So I said okay Universe, I’ll wait until I feel led to do this. It was July when I booked my second surgery. And that’s when the real chaos ensued. Again, the very next day after my pre-surgery call, is when it all started. For this next part, you need to understand a little bit more about me. I’ve been with the same man for four years, he is also a conscious being on his spiritual path (another story for another day), he is a promoter and I am a bartender. Together we make an incredible pair and we are here on contract together. Two years ago, we landed in this small suburbia town. I began working at a local dive bar and made tons of connections that led us both to our next place- but