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Enormous shift into eternity

In these times, our connection to our soul and its creator are EVERYTHING.

The changes and shifts we are enduring are unlike anything ever experienced.








Virtually every aspect within the human container and experience is being blasted with waves of change.

Even from a societal standpoint. High strangeness and unpredictability. Day to day, Twilight Zone weirdness playing out.

But on the individual level, it is nearly overwhelming at times. Exhausting.

Strange sleep (or lack thereof) patterns and dreams. Moments of anxiety. Fatigue. Emotions all over the place from day to day.

Energies compressing in from the cosmos, in incrementally building fashion.

Sun, moon, central sun, Gaian frequencies building... Intensifying.

At the deepest level we are being rewired. Activated. Reconfigured.

Moving from switched off, carbon based genetics into, fully activated crystalline genetics. New strands also crystallizing, creating a new type of hybrid Human container and expressionary vehicle.

At the same time, a very ancient spiritual and multi-dimensional war is entering its crescendo phase. There is a long standing battle between light and dark forces. Conscious and unconscious beings. Ensouled vs soulless. A battle for the collective soul of humanity, and which path it is led toward.

You can begin to understand with these types of ENORMOUS shifts and alterations why many are literally losing their minds and acting out of character.

Lots of strange behaviors. Lashing out. Judgement. Projection. Superiority complexes. Heirarchical behaviors. Control programs. Even amongst the so-called spiritual and awakened communities.

The ancients saw all of this play out in prophecies and visions. It has been foretold for millenia by clans the world over.

The key to surviving. The key to holding on to ones sanity. The key to transcending.

It is all about spirit.

Embodying your immortal essence. Bringing more of this eternal aspect into the forefront. Letting your soul become the primary navigator and leader in your life.

Connecting deeper to this timeless aspect of self, as well as its Creator.

We are indeed spirit beings having a human experience. Our spirit is powerful beyond comprehension. It is connected to the entire universe and the creator behind it all.

Making our connection to this inextinguishable essence and our maker will play a crucial role in how we navigate, survive, and adapt to the increasing, enormous changes that are underway, and yet to come.

Talk to your soul and its creator continuously. Pray, from your heart. Your deepest inner child.

Ask to be guided. Protected. To undergo these blasts of energy with as little trauma as possible, in increments, so that you may adapt on all the multitude of levels they are changing you.

Ask the creator to keep your soul surrounded with spiritual protection and to keep your intuitive powers on point to continuously nudge you to your highest potential evolution and timelines. To embody the higher consciousness as much as possible, and to radiate this frequency into the collective, to also lessen the suffering around us to the highest degree we can.

Your soul, your spirit is the most important, highest priority for enduring what is to come.

No matter what happens, our state of consciousness is the only thing we are taking with us. It will ultimately dictate where one winds up. Keep returning to this, and anchor into it.

You are immortal spirit, moving through a tremendous morphogenetic dream projection.

Tone Mellard 💙🙏🏻


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