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Energy Update-1/28/22

There is a great unraveling, dismantling of all illusion right now presenting itself ruthlessly that is being promoted by unparalleled inpouring of galactic plasma diamantine light. It is like a pulling away of the rug beneath your feet energetically, there is a whole new frequency band, that is being birthed, a shifting to a collective new octave of light, that we need to integrate and accomodate to and learn to navigate, because all known tools do not work any longer, all old patterns or behaviours can no longer exist here and it creates somewhat turmoil and chaos forcing us to review our engagement and interaction with others and with self.

All egoic self betrayal is being exposed, as soul is stepping in full force, uncompromising unappogetically. This dimensional octave is one of soul presence, no pretence can exist here, no lies, no deceit, all will be revealed and unravelled thru the illumination of the heart by soul presence. However the stronger the soul is presenting itself, the stronger ego will try to keep you in a no longer existing "comfort zone" and come in as distortion, creating imbalance... imfesting your thoughts, emotions and even your behaviours, so absolute diligence and focus is demanded at this time to not fall into lower egoic sabotage, that aims at preventing you from stepping into pure soul presence.

Soul will not and cannot allow to be compromised any longer in this new energy and so all that you do is required to be in true alignment with your soul, authentic, raw and real. So atm there is a stripping to the core that takes place... the egoic layers of protection are removed, ego dynamics exposed. You are being stripped naked and bare until the core of love.

Where are you not in balance.... where are you not acknowledging self, when are you withholding love to self or compromise self, where are you acting out of lack, where are you not in integrity. This will be exposed as wounds or just as an old conditioning imprint even if you are aware of the patterns, and it will until you embrace that aspect of you. Thus if you are triggered, be grateful, to be shown, where you are compromising self, where you are judging self and withholding love to self. Then pause and honor that part of your self, shower it with your love, acknowledge it and invite it into your heart. It is entitled to be loved and belongs to you. Whatever has caused it to separate from you does not matter, what matters is, that you embrace it here and now. Let it feel your unconditional love. Let it feel that it matters and has purpose. Let it feel your connection and the sense of belonging. Let it return home into your heart, back into wholneness.

Grace Solaris


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