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Energy Report: Highway of 2022

By: Kwana Mikeala


Following information is Real-time happenings-occurrences, or in planetary/Collective field, or Quantum field, related to Ascension of the planet/Humanity. I do NOT do channelings, predictions, insights, wisdom, interpretation.

Present NOW:

1) Divine Solar PLASMA is the ocean of Light; on those ascension waves, we are stepping on the highway of 2022.

2) "Sooner or later" there must happen transformative switch point, from where Humanity as a Whole is integrating into the ENERGY in Upward ascensive Spiral - Vortex.

I wish I can show to you visual, it would be very useful for perception, but also, I trust, that this 'visual' is perceived through word form and frequency in this word form, like it has been with any Energy Report information.

More detailed about above mentioned:

1) It's not about linear time / date, example, that stepping is occurring exactly during September or September 16 is when it is occurring. No date, no time. Because, stepping is action; action done by Humanity - Collective Consciousness. Opportunity for this stepping is very much open, or in other words, you can picture for yourself illuminated open portal for it to happen. Everything IS prepared. That's why I used term "highway of 2022"; in the terms of the energy, vibration, environment, there is a huge difference between years - 2020/2021 and 2022.

2020 was already about New Solar Cycle, which in the meaning or amplitude of cycles greatly exceeds the Aquarius Age (~ 26 000 year interval). New Solar Cycle has no linear time limit or approximate 'years', but at the same time, this cycle is one of integration parts of a lot higher Environment of the Source (Solar) Mind.

New Solar Cycle is closely connected to the New Earth; because, the New Earth like a frequency includes / consist / vibrates in alignment with SOLAR Light-Energy.

3D experience for the planet and Humanity is OVER. Those who do not choose transition to 5D and higher environment is leaving / will leave. With it, there is no way for any 3D structure or system to exist; there is no way to be continued things-crime against Humanity. Human Collective already has said to it NO.

2) With - transformative switch point - is meant, that y/our individual choices or is giving power to the step forth for all Humanity, or… that these choices are 'holding back'/slowing down the step. That's why, there is a saying that good you do for yourself means that this good is done for everyone, because you went based on your deep Heart desire. 2022 is different environment; to be there is to CLEAR your inward Home (individually/globally) from Debris.

Debris includes : beliefs, programs, habits, fears, frames, limitations, illusions etc. Humanity can NOT take into 2022, energy garbage created during 2020 March - … It must be understood crystal clear.

Energy of 2022 do not tolerate disrespect to Universal Laws of ONE. To create NEW is to connect with Creation.

There is present the Energy of Golden Phoenix. REBIRTH. Use it; find the best interaction with this fiery but open winged Energy of Phoenix. There are Blessings on its wings for you. Fresh Breath

With Love I am there and waiting for you to join on Highway of 2022 Kwana Mikaela

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