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DNA Upgrades into the 8/8 Portal

Your DNA is altering and changing as every breath you take affects the cells of your being. You do not have to rush out and have yourself enhanced, although a little body or energy work will certainly speed up the process. Breathing in the moment and using your intention will activate your inner power. Call in the Goddess, the source of life, the feminine energy, for she is truly missing in the imbalance of your world. She can help you live in balance as male and female beings, understanding that your ancestors spoke with the Gods and knew that they took many forms, that they were multidimensional shape-shifters, existing sometimes as humans, or animals sometimes taking the form of snakes, serpents, dragons, and reptiles.

The ancient legends are full of the tales of dragons and their ability to merge with the mineral kingdom and their preference for crystalline structures. They flew in the heavens and swam in the oceans and walked the Earth. They were your real ancestors. However, if you read books about these creatures, you might think that they were imaginary because you do not see them in your world today. Remember, your ancestors did not live in an electronically separated, meaningless world. They lived with Nature: A free biological technology of spiritual energy was around them, energy that had its own channels to surf, its own virtual realities.

Your ancestors understood, and your animals remember. Now you too must learn to implement this knowledge. It is time to come forward as a magnificent biological structure. As you read our words, think of your favorite flower and bird, and hear the bird calling the flowers and the plants to grow. The animals of the world and the sounds they make, the sounds of Nature, are calling you forth as well. When you replicate these sounds on tapes or in movies and videos, it is never quite the same because you cannot replicate Nature. It is essential that you explore the vibrations of Nature.

Your technological advances divert you in actuality from the truest understanding of who you are. Technology cannot replicate Nature, just as it cannot replicate love. These two experiences—Nature and love—are gifts that you can only seek out by knowing yourself and trusting the world around you. Using the love vibration in relationship to other living beings will teach you how important it is to love yourself. These are easy words to hear, but they are difficult words to truly grasp. Many of you are great givers of gifts. How good are you at receiving? If the idea of having others do for you, give love to you, take care of you, and help you out of the goodness of their hearts, is frightening, then perhaps you need to open up to this idea. It is fine to be sustaining, a prime supporter and provider for yourself; however do not shut out others in the process.

You will only get to know who you are by surrounding yourself with other people. As we have said, reality mirrors itself, and without other people what will you use for your mirrors? Remember, you choose when to be born, your own divine moment; you map yourself through eons of existence, and then by some fixation of reality, you forget. You forget so you can live. Periods of living with forgetfulness have their tests within corrals of being, and now the corrals are being knocked down because the winds of change are here to disperse your thinking, your perceptions, and your ideas of yourself.

You must learn to believe in your own uniqueness, your ability to create, for genius is sprouting inside of you. It is important to love yourself and love what has happened in your life, to vibrate with a frequency of acceptance and understanding and to find the lessons with- in experience. This attitude will create wellness in your being; for loving yourself enhances your immune system, changes your cells, and allows you to become immune to toxicities, because the frequency of love is the most powerful force in existence. When sharing ideas with you, we use the opportunity to trigger your consciousness into deeper exploration. As you read our words, understand that within them are hidden meanings and codes—like the hidden meanings and codes in the rays of the sun. Language holds a multitude of avenues of expression and understanding. . . . Barbara Marcniak, Family of light

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