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Divine Updates-September 18th, 2021


Linda Li

The day is recognized as the Day of Reckoning in the higher realm.

There are a big number of souls who have been sent home at the moment. Some are leaving or have left because their soul contract is due. There are also souls who are being removed from the planet earth because the upcoming new earth IS designed only for ascended new human race. Any residuals from the other species are being evacuated from the planet.

The Divine says that in the upcoming time, the clearing will continue. The entire operation is under Father God. There is no chance that any soul can stay on the planet unless their soul contract says so. And that is the design of the new earth.

The Divine recommends us to stay in the heart and allow the Divine plan to unfold. Be the peace we are here to be and be the love that we are.

The Divine appreciates all your hard work, and thank you for your powerful love and light from your heart to the ones who are receiving them. Please continue your beautiful light work dear warriors. The planet and humanity need you and your powerful love and light right now.

Divine love and blessings to all.

Linda Li. So it is.

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